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travesty of the soul

You're such a shame
a travesty of the soul
ungrateful to the core
selfish in the end
Didn't you ever learn
a gracious heart
soothes the pain
undeserved by fate's hand?
Where is your compassion
your regard at least
for the blood that runs
inside your own being?
You are forgotten
in conversation
your name unspoken
Happier days
shine without you
But surely someone still cares
still wonders about you
still hurts from the turn of your back
Such a pity for them
And one day you'll realize
Such a loss for you...

Both the A's and the Cardinals won today. Yeehaw! :D I'm particularly glad about the A's because I love them so. LOL! But that's nothing new, eh?

My fingerprints came back clean (doy!) and I start anew next Monday. Yeehaw! ;) I'm excited and nervous, but glad for this latest adventure. :)

Omigosh, PRISON BREAK! It's getting good, but what next?! Is it really going to happen? You know, the "break" part? And holy crap, Michael and Sara!!! ::thud:: (Yeah, I'm trying not to spoil, just in case.)

And the above poem? Well, I don't know where it came from. I only know what inspired me and I don't know why I thought of it now. So strange. Maybe the person will read it one day and realize the hurt caused. Not to me, but to people I know.

And that's all I want to say about that. ;)
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