Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

phone switch

Two poems in one day. Go!

your heart betrays you
revealing every flaw
each break
each crevice
ready to shatter
slow to heal

let's hide away
from the light
from the day
nurse the hurt
aching inside
festering inside
wait for night
for sleep
for dreams
the secrets we keep
while we hide away

my lockscreen & my wallpaper

So, I'm using the iPhone now. I spent most of the morning downloading apps, arranging the phone icons, etc. Fun stuff! LOL So far, it's been pretty cool. :)

Watching Inception

Oh, and I caught Inception on one of the movie channels and just had to stop and watch it.

My head has been pounding all day but at least I can breathe!
Tags: poetry, tech freak chick
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