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Last night's fundraiser dinner...

I love crab feeds!!! Last night we went with friends to the TABU Fundraising Dinner. The dinner part started late. Salad, then pasta. (You know, they want to fill you up before they serve the crab.) Finally, the crab. Mmmmm!!! I LOVE eating with my hands and getting all messy. LOL!

As soon as the crab was delivered, hands grabbed! I usually grabbed a couple of pieces and worked on them. Lucky me, the crab was always dropped right in front of me. LOL!

I wore the bib

The raffle started after dinner. They were a whole bunch of beauty baskets and coffee baskets and such. We bought twenty tickets and I dropped them in a lot of different boxes. One of those tickets was a winner!

wine, olive oil, chocolate, almond stuffed olives, pecans...

I LOVE winning. LOL!

our raffle tickets and program

In the middle of the raffle, they did the 50/50 raffle. They made $1300 plus and the winner of the 50/50 got half of that. When the numbers were announced, it was the ticket ending in 126. Our first ticket ended in 127. BIG BUMMER!!! The spoils from that were over $600. And with that money, I could have bid (and won) this super sweet item:

An A's road jersey signed by several A's players, including: Barry Zito, Bobby Crosby, Rich Harden, Huston Street, Frank Thomas. I don't remember the others. It sold at $500. Darn it!

But, we did bid on tickets for the Giants/Cardinals in May and we won that one! Woohoo!!! I'm sure they thought we were Giants fans, but so not. I hope that Mulder pitches that day. It would be awesome. LOL! :D

If you want to see the full size versions of the above pics, they are here => TABU Fundraising Dinner

All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday night. I was tired by the end of it. And full. LOL!
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