Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

stay forever paused

it will never change
the remnants fade
not even lingering
not even a whisper
so still
how can it never change
stay forever paused
frozen but not cold
without a breath
so still

The 49er-Saints game was crazy! Did I even breathe? I tried to ignore it in the middle quarters (and mostly succeeded) but had to pay attention in the 4th. I screamed, I cheered, I felt my heart drop and stop, I even teared up a little.  I love the adrenaline rush of football.  Neither team gave in or gave up. Great game!


I made myself breakfast of eggs, spam, and rice. I felt so Filipino while I was eating my meal. LOL

Watching the game...
Watching the game...

During the game I had a beer, some cheese puffs, then lunch of leftover chicken teriyaki. Yum!

In regards to the link I posted yesterday, I just wanted to say a few things...

One of my sister's classmates posted a link to the news story at FB and an interesting discussion ensued wherein someone brought up that the person was innocent until proven guilty and that we shouldn't label him a rapist, etc. Though he wanted to caution people not to believe the media, he seemed to be on the defensive and tried to make excuses for the behavior. On a couple of points, I tend to agree but the one point on which I will not budge is this - it is NEVER okay for a teacher to embark on a sexual relationship with a student. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

As for this particular case, I have not pre-judged and the surprise is more in the allegation itself. Although I will say this, if the authorities didn't think that they had a case, he would not have gotten arrested and charged. I will be following the case out of morbid curiosity and hope that justice is served...
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