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Happy first day of 2012!

here's to better days
filled with love and sweet laughter
balancing the dark

Did everyone have a good New Year's Eve? Mine was fun and interesting. ;) Now I can say I've been to a wedding on NYE.

We attended our first evening wedding last night, New Year's Eve. The groom is the hubby's friend from his high school days. Twas a second go around for both bride and groom. This was the first time I met the bride.

a pic in the early evening

The ceremony and reception were in the same room and we were seated at our tables during the ceremony. The wedding officiator used a microphone so that we could hear everything.

the "altar"

the view from our table

the bride on her way to the altar

the newlyweds

a family shot

The bride had a pretty dress. The train was detachable and came off after the first dance, I think.


The peacock motif was lovely. I loved the colors and found it an interesting choice. I wondered if they had chosen it for merely the colors or knew the story behind the peacock. (In Greek mythology, the peacock was favorite bird of Hera, the Queen of the Gods and the patroness of marriage. One could say that perhaps they were paying homage to the goddess and asking for her blessing?) The bridesmaids wore dresses of green and blue and the cake followed the theme as well.


The cake top echoed the engagement picture pose at the guestbook table.



The food was good. I had a glass of wine then switched to soda. I should have had more water! I had a monster headache by the night's end.


Not sure how I lasted until midnight but I did. The drive home was terrifying because of the fog and the road through the levees. I could hardly see a thing! But I got us home safe and sound. :)


A fun night that deserves more words than what I've written here. ;)
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