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while I watch the Cardinals...

Holli at rest...

She's been wearing her new collar since last weekend. Isn't it cute? Flowers. LOL! The cutest one they had the store anyway. ;)

Mark Mulder is pitching and I'm taking pictures. Of my TV. Already one out. :D Now two outs... And now three outs. Wow, that was QUICK!

When I was filling out the paperwork for my TB test, the first question was "When was your last TB test?" I answered 3 years ago and it next asks where and I put SRJ. Then in parenthesis I added "employed there." I didn't want the lady thinking I was incarcerated! LOL!

The Cardinals are up now. David Eckstein. Little guy takes a strike. Then he grounds out to the shortstop. Bah.

I cleaned today. I don't like cleaning. I get all sweaty and such. Bah.

I'm still annoyed by the whole paying to text Canada thing. I didn't have to pay before, why now? 20 cents a message! Ridiculous! So my Canadian friend and I were chatting by IM and texts. She texted me and I replied by AIM ('cause you can IM to mobiles). Silly, eh?

Ohhhh! I just looked up and freakin' Albert Pujols hit a two run homer!!! I swear, everytime I look up during his at-bats, he hits one out. That day he hit three, I was channel surfing and each time I went back to the game, he hit a home run. Smashing! :D It was Albert's 11th of the season. Not too shabby.

Earlier today the tv show TIMECOP was on the Sci-Fi Channel. I only ever watched one episode of the show when it was on, "The Future, Jack, The Future." Why did I watch that particular ep? Because Mr. Bruce Campbell was a guest star! And guess which ep was on today. Right-oh! So I watched it all the way through. Memories.

1st inning over.

I bet I'll see that Patrick Fabian commercial while I watch this game. He's in a Hyundai commercial and I only ever see it on this particular channel.

Game on again. Already one out. :)

I was just visiting my friend's Karl Urban site and I see that Karl is going to be in CBS mini-series. Heck, I LOVE Karl Urban. Even though he's doing movies, he'll do tv too. And he's playing a Texas Ranger. How hot is that?! (Oh dear, did I just infer that Karl is hot? LOL!)

Top of the 2nd inning over!

I should think of a poem while I'm here writing. Hmmm...

I see you from afar
a mere mention
I can't help but smile
I will always remember you
with a thrill inside
I will always speak of you
with fondess I won't deny
I like knowing
I met you "when"
Before the stars moved
to shine on you
May you always keep
the twinkle in your eyes
promising something wicked
daring a smile
your sweetness too
may it surprise all you meet
And we'll watch from afar
cheering every feat...

One out in the bottom of the second, 5-0 Cardinals. The Cubs pitcher walked Mulder when the bases were loaded! Freak! Ohhhh, Pujols doubled in two runs, then made it to 3rd base from the bad throw to home. YAH!!! It's 7-0 now. :D Joyous. Only one out still!

There's the Patrick commercial!!! Ha, I knew I'd see it while this game was on. LOL! Pictures later, maybe. I'm a nerd. I took a picture of a commercial.

The hubby is napping. I think the dogs put a spell on him because they're all asleep too. The puppy is next to me. I'm not falling for the nap spell!!!

The inning is over.

I'm a total geek. LOL!
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