Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

how lucky are we

how lucky are we
to have known you
your generous soul
your easy smile
how lucky are we
to have loved you
your compassionate spirit
your gracious heart
how lucky are we
to have cherished you
with love and laughter
with tears and joy
how lucky are we
to call you family
a brother, a friend
now angel above

I had a splendid Thanksgiving! We went to Alameda to my aunt's house. I love being there with my family, chatting and eating and laughing. The time I spend with them I always appreciate and cherish.

Happy Thanksgiving!
me with my goddaughter and her mom

Got to spend a bit of time with my goddaughter. She drooled on me a few times. ;) Precious, just precious!

Happy Thanksgiving!
me and my mom

day327: thanksgiving with my niece
me and my niece

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

And oh yes, all the food was good. I had two plates. I tried to only take small portions so that I could taste everything. It worked. ;)

Twas a most lovely time.

We're not silly enough to do the whole Black Friday thing but we did swing by Bath and Body Works so that I could pick up some lotions and shower gels. I love that place!

day328: restocking

We also checked out Best Buy and picked up a couple of cheap blu-rays. The line was crazy long but it wasn't so bad. And now I have a nice stash of fragrant products.
Tags: family, photos, poetry
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