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maybe you'll say no

maybe you'll say no
then step back and walk away
before I can speak

I have all this time to write and I'm slacking! I've fallen behind but I just keep plugging away because I want to hit the 50,000 word mark on time. Early would be nicer, of course. The story itself it veering into weird territory but I'm managing so far. :P

Joe Manganiello

He's the fella in my story. ;)

We watched his episode of Scrubs last night because I was curious. Little part but hilarious.

I'm really sad that Facebook is doing away with allowing importing outside content into the Notes section. I'm certainly not going to actively blog there but I do respond if someone reads my posts there. I don't like when they take away features like that. At least Google+ never had the feature so I can't complain.

Stupid Facebook.

Okay, time to write more of the novel...
Tags: nanowrimo, poetry
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