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TWITL 2020- Let's catch up

So, for whatever reason, my Wordpress plugin has stopped working to cross post here to Livejournal. Yes, I tried another plugin but that has also failed. As such, I will now merely post the links to those previous blog posts and then do the same in the future. I'm bummed I can't just cross post but such is life?

TWITL — week forty-two

TWITL — week forty-three

TWITL — week forty-four

iPhone 12 Pro Max — impressions — I really loved writing about my new iPhone 12 Pro Max!

TWITL — weeks 45, 46, 47, 48 aka TMITL November 2020 — National Novel Writing Month was fun, by the way.

TWITL — week forty-nine

And there it is. 

SK - gym

TWITL – week forty-one – fall break

We usually have two weeks for Fall Break but with the world the way it is now, the breaks for fall and spring are just one week each this school year. It’s not so terrible, of course. Not everyone even gets a fall break. It sort of saves me some vacation time since I only took two days off during this week of mostly skeleton crew at work. I worked three days and I’m now on my second three day weekend. It’s only Friday and I’m already starting this post. Go me! (ETA: Of course, this didn’t post until Sunday…)


All right, if you know me, you know that I am not a political person in general. Yes, I have my opinions. If you know me, you can probably guess some of them. If you don’t know me, you might be surprised. Or not. As you will.

This bit is not political. This bit is to remind you that it is your RIGHT and your civic duty to VOTE as a citizen of the United States. Just put on that mask and go out there and VOTE. Make a plan, if you must. Take the day off, if you must. Do whatever you need to do and VOTE.

Here in California, all eligible voters will receive their ballots in the mail. We can still vote in person, if we’d like. I haven’t personally voted in person in probably a decade. I am a permanent vote by mail voter. It works for me and the post office is right next door to my work. Or, as I have in the past, I can walk my ballot to city hall and drop it in the box. I know it’s not as easy in other places but if it’s that easy for you, please VOTE. If it’s not that easy for you, make a plan and stick to it.

And that’s all I will say about that.


I changed layouts again here at kiari.com. I might just be a little restless or something. I like the current layout except when you get down to the bottom, there isn’t a link for older entries. This means if visitors want to read previous entries, they’ll have to go the archives route. What am I missing?

My friend Paula has started blogging again (YES!) and she found a plugin that allows for public posting without the post showing up on the homepage. I thought I’d give it a shot and successfully posted without the post showing up on my homepage. I also disabled the push to Twitter. My posts go to my Tumblr automatically through IFTTT and I can’t find a way to have a certain category not post so if I don’t want the post to show up at Tumblr, I’m going to have to manually delete it. My posts also push to Livejournal (I have a permanent account there and want to keep it active) but for some reason, the post didn’t show up there, which is fine. The plugin I found can do some other finetuning so I might have to practice more with it before I figure out how I want to utilize it. It’s hard enough sometimes for me to post every week but there are times when I just want to vent via the blog and I don’t in the weekly post. You can find my not so secret posts if you subscribe for email updates (does anyone really do that anymore?), find the category name, or check the archive. If you’re curious enough, go for it.


This upcoming week should see the announcement of the next iPhone. I think I’ve already decided that my next phone will be the new iPhone. I’m just not ready to turn my world upside down by switching back over to Android. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks SUPER TEMPTING but the price is a definite turn-off and I think it’s a little too new for me to buy at this point. Still, I’m going to keep an eye on the whole foldable category. Maybe someday in the future, a foldable phone will be mine.


Saturday night chat

We had another CPN chat last night. (Yes, it’s Sunday now) So much fun! I had my rugby on as well because ESPN deigned to telecast the All Black and the Wallabies. I had been checking all week on whether or not ESPN was going to show the Bledisloe Cup and it wasn’t until less than an hour from game time that I found out it was going to be shown. So I turned on the match during the chat and my friends had to endure the random joy and resignation from me.

I love talking with my CPN friends. We talk about all kinds of things and it’s great sharing little pieces of our lives. We eat, we drink, we chat, we laugh. Sometimes we even talk about Aleks Paunovic. We’re all so different but we have fun in our chats. It’s especially nice that we agree on some important things so no pussyfooting around on certain subjects.


I told myself that I would choose my November novel this weekend and I’m still not sure which story I want to write. For some reason, I have three stories in mind, each with a different male lead in mind. So who do I want in my head for a whole month– Chris Hemsworth, Simon Kassianides, or Chris Evans?

It’ll probably be the story with Hemsworth because it’s the sequel to my current story but the other two stories have some interesting moments that want to be written. I just don’t know if I can plot out enough for either of those stories to take them to 50k words before November…


the latest piece from 1888 Design
the latest piece from 1888 Design

Yes, I bought another piece from 1888 Design. He had a sale and I couldn’t resist this one. It had been on the site for awhile and the green always caught my eye. So there it is, another piece with green in it from 1888 Design and of course, I love it. One day I’ll have to count how many pieces I’ve bought from him. I definitely have enough to wear something new everyday for a week or maybe even two…


  • The All Blacks and Wallabies ended their match with a tie. Oi! Good thing they have to play three more games. Hopefully they’re all televised so I can watch the gloriousness of rugby.
  • The San Francisco 49ers are playing right now and I’m here on the computer because I’m not up for the stress of their not so stellar effort. Alas.
  • Baseball season is over (for me). I’m glad the A’s gave me some extra days to stress over baseball. Even though they’re not going on, I’m still proud of their effort and look forward to next season.
  • One of my FB friends posted our third grade class photo and I scared the hubby (and maybe even myself) by naming most of the kids in the class (with last names!). Third grade was probably my favorite year in elementary school and perhaps that’s why I could name everyone. Now, if I could just find my copy of that photo…
this pattern

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cp glasses down

TWITL – week forty – little delights

We had a heatwave this week. The weather does not care that it’s now October. Oh no, we had triple digit temperatures or very close to for a few days. I would really love cooler weather. You know, the kind of weather where sweaters and light jackets are necessary would be super right now. I have this jacket vest I really like to wear…

When I turn on my work computer, I sometimes (well, most of the time) take a picture of my monitors because of the wallpapers. I usually end up posting the photo to my IG story with the caption “Starting the day with…” and I tag the people in the photo. Most of the time it’s my fellas but Sabina is often featured as well. I always hope that it brings a smile to the people tagged.

On Friday, I posted the above to my IG story. Henry Cavill probably never checks out his mentions. Well, he’s never looked at mine. (Not that I expect him to look. No, really.) Simon Kassianides does happen upon my posts now and then but he doesn’t usually say anything. On Friday, however, I received a notification that stopped me.

wait, what?
he mentioned me in his story?!

Umm, Simon mentioned me in his story?! Wait, what?! Yes, those were the thoughts going through my head. I did NOT immediately check out his IG story because I didn’t want to be too keen because if I looked, I’d have to comment of sorts and I wanted to be cool about it. Good thing for me, I have an app where I can check out IG stories without being “seen” and sneaky me did just that.

as seen on Simon's IG story
2nd to mum

When I saw his post, I gave that little fangirl squeal. Because what does a fangirl want the most from her favorite? Well, this fangirl LOVES a little attention thrown her way. And lo, that’s some kind of attention! It’s lovely and made me laugh a little. So I’m only second to his mum? I will take it. I’m in great company. Oh, and OF COURSE I had to post again to my IG story.

2nd to Mum
because of course I had to respond

I’m such an easy fangirl. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it but in my head, it’s a bit of a big deal. Again, I’m easy like that. I think it’s very sweet of Simon to give me a shout-out like that. I appreciate it and of course, it makes me like him even more.


National Novel Writing Month – I’m still not sure which story to write for NaNoWriMo. I was almost committed to one story but now I’m considering a different story. I need to choose soon so that I can figure out some basic plot points. The only thing I do know is that I’m writing a romance novel. I do so love writing romance novels…


  • Ballot received! I will be filling it out and submitting it this week. VOTE, people, VOTE.
  • I went to the salon on Saturday for the eyebrow wax. FINALLY! It’s been MONTHS. Good thing I wear bangs.
  • 1888 Design is having a sale (checkout code THANKUALL) and OF COURSE I had to buy another piece. One day, I’ll count how many I have and be slightly appalled. And then not because people compliment me on the pieces whenever I wear them and I love to tell them where to find their own unique pieces.
  • It’s Fall Break! In this weird time, it’s only one week as opposed to two. I’m taking Monday and Friday off from work. Two long weekends for me, yes!
  • And the Niners just lost tonight’s game. BALLS.
  • Caught the tail end of the Farmers Market on Saturday and had a couple of mimosas, mini doughnuts, sliders, a pint of beer. Restaurants are allowed to have 25% indoor capacity so we ate at the new spot downtown. It’s such a cool place. Can’t wait until they can be open at full capacity.
  • Ted Lasso – Such a good show! All episodes are now up on Apple TV+. I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I hope that if they do a second season, it’s as lovely as the first.
  • Lovecraft Country – Holy cow, the latest episode was crazy and gory and a bit scary. I was jumpy through some of it. Ye gods!
  • The Boys – We finally started watching the second season. I don’t know why I love how insane it is, but I do. I also love seeing Karl Urban work. It’s been such a treat following his career.
Saturday goodness
mini doughnuts and a mimosa
sliders at Imperiale Beer Project

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