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TWITL – week twenty-two – the world and such

if we admit this is love
has forever already started
if I tell you I can’t remember
not having you by my side
will you admit the same
if we take the next step together
something new yet timeless
will we weather all the storms
as well as the calm
if we admit this is love
do we bind our souls together
ready for anything
certain when faced with the unknown
knowing this is all we need

Avengers: Infinity War
Chris Evans as Captain America, just because…


Defending Jacob – The Apple TV+ show dropped the last episode of the series and we finally watched it last night. I can honestly say that if Chris Evans was not in the series, I probably wouldn’t have gotten past the first episode. I thought it was well done and well acted but I was not as emotionally invested in the characters. Were we supposed to make our own conclusions on Jacob’s guilt? Just because he was a little creepy doesn’t necessary make him a killer, right? Were we supposed to make a decision from the very detailed story he wrote? They did not demonstrate another instance where he wrote stories so does this one story mean that he was the killer? What would the jury have concluded? All of these are interesting and valid questions. I was hoping for something, even just one thing that was concrete, that could be argued either way so that the ambiguous ending was not so frustrating. I found the ending extremely frustrating. Did Andy believe his son was innocent? Did Laurie truly know that her son was a liar and therefore a killer?… Chris Evans was great on the show and his emotions kept me hooked even if his character’s actions frustrated me. I don’t know if it was the writing or the actress herself but I was a little cold towards Laurie until the last few episodes. Michelle Dockery is a capable actor so perhaps it was the way the character was written. And of course, Jaeden Martell was duly impressive. He was creepy as hell and yet, you could almost believe he might be innocent. He did a really good job. I also really liked Pablo Schreiber as Neal Logiudice. So well done.

Thor Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth as Thor, just because


“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – Not sure if this title is going to hold. Even though he’s had a couple of point of view chapters, he’s not really interacted with the two main characters in a meaningful way except in the beginning. Maybe I need to integrate him more into the story… I love getting to know my characters and their world. It’s probably not a coincidence that I use my city here as a basis for the town in my stories. Of course, it’s not like anyone is going to read my stories. Maybe…

Thor Ragnarok


This Chris Hemsworth thing is burning hot and bright. I can’t seem to stop doing screenshots of his various works. It’s just so easy and fun and really good for my writing. Is it going to be one of those lasting things or is he a distraction until I settle on someone else? I really don’t know. What I do know is that my Jack Whitehall thing has cooled considerably even though I still think he’s adorable. Hey, it was fun while it lasted.


The hubby switched to Android! This happens every few years. He decides he wants something new and he goes Android. This time around, it’s the Galaxy S20. Gosh, what a pretty phone! Before it was delivered, we watched a whole bunch of YouTube reviews of the phone, as well as other Android phones. I’m starting to wonder if it’s time for me to make the switch or if I should wait until the next iPhone? I’ll probably wait until the next iPhone unless the hubby’s phone entices me enough to want to switch to Android (though not necessarily his phone model)…

Thor Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston behind the scenes of Thor Ragnarok

The world at large…

I don’t talk about world events very much on my personal blog but perhaps this moment in time, I should reflect a little.

The murder of George Floyd was infuriating and cruel and rage inducing. Even though it is utterly heartbreaking to watch a man die on camera, I am glad that there were people there with the wherewithal to turn their cameras to the scene. We should all bear witness to such an act, to realize horrible people do exist. How can a human being do such a thing to another human being? How can you just disregard the very real plea in his last words?

I am glad that piece of garbage has been arrested and charged. I hope consequences fall on those other officers on scene, those men who did nothing to stop the cruelty and are therefore accessories to murder.

I worked for a sheriff’s department for eight years and I got to know many police officers during that time. I would like to think that those men and women who still wear the badge look upon that video with abject horror. I would like to think that if someone in their ranks pulled that kind of shit, they’d be on him or her in a heartbeat. I would like to believe that most of them don’t look on their fellow human beings as lesser beings but I know that this isn’t true. I know there are some out there who are so power tripped they think they can do whatever they want. I know that because they’re only exposed to the criminal element, they start to see people who aren’t criminals as potential criminals because of the color of their skin. I understand the ones who actually walk and drive the streets of a city see different things than we do. I understand that the fear can seep so far into them that they go too quickly towards suspicion and aggression.

I sometimes wonder if I get a pass in certain situations because 1) I’m female, 2) I’m Asian, and 3) I’m usually with my husband, who is white. I have been so lucky in my whole life to not really have been targeted because of the color of my skin. Either I’ve been around good people or I’m a bit naive. It’s probably the latter, even at my age. This is not to say that I haven’t been racially profiled, because I have. When I was a young adult, my sister and I were once pulled over because we were in a tinted vehicle and my sister, who was driving, was wearing a hoodie. It was night and the cop who pulled us over probably thought we were a couple of black youths. My sister wasn’t driving badly, we didn’t have a busted tail light or anything like that, but we were pulled over because of how we looked. Simple as that. And thank goodness we were female because the cop had no reason to detain us since we obviously did not match the description in any way. Also, what self respecting young man would drive a tinted STATIONWAGON? I remember feeling apprehensive but not scared. I never thought it could have been my last day on earth. But if we weren’t two Filipina girls but two young black men, might it have turned out differently?

I understand the rage right now. I understand being tired of explaining the very real fear and apprehension and ANGER. I watch the news and hope that people don’t hurt each other. I watch and know that those wreaking destruction are using the protesters as cover for their nefarious actions. I know that there are people protesting and there are people looting and destroying and I know they’re not one and the same group. I want most of all for people who deny the racism and the police brutality to open their eyes and see the big picture. No, not everyone is racist and no, not every cop is on a power trip. So let’s protect the innocent people, let’s hold those who protect and serve to the highest standard. There must be consequences to these abuses. But there must be hope too that we can change and change for the better…

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TWILT – week twenty-one – new muse and other musings

Let’s start with the other musings first, just in case you don’t want to hear about the new muse quite yet…

The weather is heating up. We’re going to have triple digits the next several days and I am not ready for it. I was really digging the cooler weather last week. Alas! Thank goodness for a/c, I tell ya.

this pattern
the latest pattern shows a little change?

Shelter in place is still in effect and it’s not as overwhelming as it was in the early days. Maybe it’s because I have a routine that involves going to work twice a week. Maybe it’s because I actually don’t mind being at home all the time. I’ll be glad when life opens up a little more. I miss going to the bar after work. I miss knowing that if we take a drive somewhere, there will be facilities to use. I miss going out to eat. I miss going to the library.

my latest piece from 1888 Design
my latest piece from 1888 Design

My latest piece from 1888 Design arrived and I LOVE IT. One day I was checking out 1888 Design’s IG story and there was the piece. So beautiful, so green. I just had to have it. I commented on the piece and Nathan messaged back and gave me a price. I couldn’t resist and I just had to buy it. I love ALL my pieces from 1888 Design but I know I’m going to wear the heck out of this one because it’s just so lovely.

Sam Hunt’s tour was cancelled. ALAS! I knew that it was going to happen so I wasn’t surprise but damn, I am really bummed about it. I will say that even if the concert had gone ahead as planned, I don’t know how comfortable I would have been to go to such a big show. I’ve started the process for a refund but it’s probably going to take forever.


Bad Times at the El Royale
Chris Hemsworth as Billy Lee in Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale – I finally sat down and watched this movie. We bought it a long time ago on digital and one of the reasons (for me) was Chris Hemsworth. Plus it looked like an interesting film, which is was. I enjoyed it very much. It was weird and mysterious and a bit crazy. Hemsworth played a charismatic and creepy cult leader. The whole cast was spectacular but I found Cynthia Erivo particularly fascinating.


Snowpiercer – After finally watching the movie, I was looking forward to this show, especially since Aleks Paunovic is in it! He showed up in the second episode and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. I liked the movie but I can tell that the show is different, which is all right by me…

Defending Jacob – We caught up on this Apple+ and there’s just one more episode. The best thing about this show is Chris Evans, of course, even though I find his character’s actions and motivations a bit off. I am so accustomed to crime shows that have a clearer view of the characters and in this show, the characters are flawed and don’t make sense sometimes. I do like Evans in the show and he’s really the main reason I’m watching…


CH in Extraction

“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – Guess who’s playing my main male character… Yes, Chris Hemsworth. While I was pondering on who should play my main male character (Henry? Sully? someone new?), my friend Rachel suggested Chris Hemsworth and BOOM, he’s the main fella of my story. This led me to realize that I own a lot of Chris Hemsworth movies and maybe I should do some screenshots (because that’s what happens when I start to fangirl HARD) and some 1000+ screenshots later, here I am, quite INSPIRED. The story itself is chugging along and when I get stuck, I just do more screenshots. One of the reasons I watched Bad Times at the El Royale was so that I could do screenshots (324, in case you’re wondering). of his many looks, my character looks most like his Extraction character, Tyler Rake, pictured above…


Star Trek
Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk in 2009’s STAR TREK

It’s not very often that I pull a fella out of the archives to start fangirling him yet here we are. So I thought I’d give a little rundown on my “why” for Chris Hemsworth…

Star Trek – The 2009 movie was the first time I saw him. I remember thinking, “Why isn’t he the one playing James Kirk? Yowsa!” His time in the movie was short but memorable and I remember CRYING at the end of scene. In the right mood, I can still cry at the end of that scene even now…

Thor – Obviously, a lot of people know him as Thor in the MCU movies. When the movies started coming out, I found myself gravitating towards Thor out of all the other MCU characters. I know, we all love Captain America but I loved the Asgard scenes and the like. The third Thor movie is my favorite and is probably in my top five of all the MCU movies and so much of that is because of him.

Extraction – I really dig movies like this one and the whole vibe of the movie reminded me of the Strike Back series so seeing him in this kind of role was an eye opener. When I was doing the screenshots for this movie, I realized that as gritty and dark it is, I like it. I think this movie is part of the reason that I’m now fangirling for him but in truth, he was always there.

Chris Hemsworth has made me cry and made me laugh and I’m not one to resist. So here we are with my favorite Chris… (Well, besides Chris Conrad but that’s another story for another time…)

as Kevin in Ghostbusters

And poetry inspired by my story…

you don’t want to hear it now
so I’ll whisper to my heart
I am yours
just call to me
I am yours
just reach for me
I am yours
just dream with me
I am yours
just whisper to me
you can’t hear it now
unless you listen to your heart
I am yours
the notion echos
I am yours
the revelation waits
I am yours
the answer you seek
I am yours
the other half of your soul

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TWITL – week twenty – laughing with love

The week ended with lots of laughter and I think I didn’t realize how much I needed it. So to my CPN lovelies– THANK YOU for Saturday night. And extra thanks to Aleks Paunovic for bringing us together.

The CPN Zoom


“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – Yes, I’m writing a new story! I was sitting at home after work, playing games on my phone and this story just started acting out in my head. It’s a romance (of course) and I’m not sure why I’m calling it Marcus the Junior Matchmaker when Marcus isn’t actually the main character. He’s the third main character but not sure I’m going to give him POV chapters. We shall see… The main male character is being played by someone I haven’t used as a main character so this will be interesting. I think it’s weird and interesting how much of the plot is in my head…

Blindspot S5e02


Blindspot – The second episode of the season had me emotional for some reason. It was Patterson. She almost made me cry. What the hell? It was good episode and I cannot wait until Madeline Burke gets hers. The whole thing is so maddening!

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – This show is so well done but I wouldn’t call it a comfortable watch. So many things infuriate me but it’s not because the show isn’t fantastic. It just brings to light attitudes that I know exist but just aren’t easy to watch. This iteration of the show is not as subtle as the first series but it’s fascinating nonetheless. Natalie Dormer is doing such an amazing job playing so many different characters. The different plot threads have gotten me hooked…

01 - Pilot
from the pilot of The Player


  • I just figured out I can do screenshots of my iTunes movies/shows on my desktop computer. SO COOL! I also figured out that I can NOT do screenshots if I’m playing videos on Chrome but I can when I’m playing videos on Firefox. SO WEIRD. I’m pretty excited about the ability to screenshot my iTunes stuff…
  • Barry Zito had his birthday on the 13th and I did a quick photo edit of our one picture together from 2002 (OMG) and posted to my IG story. He saw it (because I tagged him) and then he reposted it to his IG story with a thank you. How sweet!
  • I’m finding it a little difficult to keep my focus when I work from home. I stay at my desk with my work stuff open (email, Word or Excel, OneNote, web browser pointing to the work website). I try to keep a routine so that it feels like work but it’s not easy. And I truly have it easy compared to other people. I need to be more mindful…
  • I cooked on my own for a Hello Fresh meal. It turned out decently. I do not know how people can cook every day after a day of work. No wonder we’ve never taken up cooking. It just seems easier to order something or go out. I know, I’m spoiled.

And poetry to end the post…

it wasn’t just the drinks
bubbling and mixing
with laughter and freedom
it wasn’t just the music
pulsing and weaving
every step drawing you close
it wasn’t just the night
shocking and cool
after the heat of the crowd
it wasn’t just the ride
intention in every mile
to that place called home
it wasn’t just the promise
whispered on my skin
ramping up the anticipation
it was the two of us
turning one night
into a prelude
it was the two of us
exchanging the heart
of our souls
it was the two of us
no longer searching
because it was forever

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300roae-Themostikles starlight

TWITL – week nineteen – the days slipping by

Even though my birthday was a week ago, I received a birthday card from Barry Zito! I’m on his mailing list and provided my birthday and address and this past weekend the card delivered. Pretty cool beans! I posted a shot of the card on my IG story and tagged Barry and he ended up reposting on his IG story. How sweet is that? SO SWEET.

Thank you, Barry Zito!
Thank you, Barry Zito!


Extraction (Netflix) – I forgot to mention last week that we watched this Chris Hemsworth movie on Netflix. SO GOOD! It had that Strike Back vibe that I just seem to enjoy so much. A definite recommendation if you like action and intrigue and all that crazy stuff. I thought it was very well done.


Almost Paradise – We caught up on this WGN show and I’m really enjoying it. I LOVE that it’s set in the Philippines and that the characters are fully formed and not stereotypes. Yes, there’s the familiar formula of the case of the week but it’s fun to watch and it makes me feel good to see people who look like me. I don’t have to suspend so much of my disbelief. I can relate to the characters on a deeper level and it feels like such a gift. It’s a good show that I definitely recommend to anyone.

L.A.’s Finest – We bought the first season of this show that stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. I like it! It’s super kickass, the characters are flawed but always trying to be better, and there’s action to go along with the drama and there are even some laughs. I love seeing Sabina too! It gives me a thrill seeing my friend on the small screen. She recurs on the show and it’s always a treat seeing her.

Blindspot – The fifth and final season has begun! It started with the bang and wrought some tears along with the intrigue. It’s so good to have Sullivan Stapleton on my tv again. He makes the show for me and always has but I have come to appreciate the others on the show. I’ve finally accepted the Weller and Jane as a couple. It took me awhile. I think I wanted Weller to be a bit like Damien Scott so it colored my perception of Weller for a long while. I’m glad the show is back and I’ll be sad when it ends. For now, I will savor the each episode and look forward to a good end.

Blindspot S5e1
Sully on Blindspot


I’ve stopped the daily posts of Jack Whitehall. Not sure if anyone has noticed but I’m pretty much just going to do Mondays (Man Crush Monday), Wednesday (Whitehall Crush Wednesday), and Fridays (just to end the week on a high note). I might post one during the weekend as well but I’ll leave that up to my mood at the time.

the pattern
the latest pattern

Simon Kassianides seems to have paused his daily poetry readings but he has been working on a YouTube show called Safe Six. It’s ridiculous and hilarious and I’m a little surprised that Simon can make me laugh as much as he has with his show. The man is talented. It’s a fun little show and adults with a sense of humor should check it out. So check it out!

Super Rugby in New Zealand might start in a month! I hope they televise it here because I am sports starved right now. I NEED SOME SPORTS!

And here’s the end of the post…

I don’t mind
not knowing the day
the calendar might say
as long as I’m with you
I don’t mind
not knowing what’s next
yet feeling so blessed
as long as I’m with you
I don’t mind
not knowing the time
without reason or rhyme
as long as I’m with you

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TWITL – week eighteen – memory lane into May

May the 4th Be With You!

when the watch says HBD
my watch wished me HBD

Yesterday (May 3rd) was my birthday. I am 49. Just writing it like that is super freaky to me because it’s such a big number. What is 49? I suppose it’s me now. I never thought about how it should feel so I suppose for me, it’s however I’m feeling. And I’m feeling grateful and blessed. I have a wonderful husband, loving family, and amazing friends. I try to see a bit of beauty every day even in all the craziness. And my lovelies, the world is full of craziness these days, isn’t it?

How did I spend my birthday? I woke up before 7 AM and had a rather hearty breakfast before 8 AM. Jack Whitehall and his father were on IG live cooking while I ate breakfast. I took a nap at some point and instead of making dinner, we ordered out and had Mexican food. My birthday dinner was the night before– fish and chips from Vic Stewart’s. Otherwise, we didn’t really do much during the day. I had enough time to respond to all the lovely birthday wishes sent my way online. Oh, and I watched Tyler and Sabina’s IG live brunch. I love those two! They’re so much fun to watch, especially with a glass of wine.

mocked by my calendar alerts

Saturday, May 2nd, we were meant to be in Los Angeles to watch Jack Whitehall’s show at The Orpheum Theatre. I allowed myself a moment of resignation and lamentation. Would I have been able to meet Jack? Would I had been able to get him to say Happy Birthday to me while taking a picture with him? Maybe not. But I would have been able to sit and laugh while watching him be ridiculous. Instead, I was home in my shorts and t-shirt. I did watch an episode of Bad Education just honor the fact that I was supposed to see him live. Alas.

Five years ago
five years ago with Tyler

Five years ago on April 30th, I met Tyler Rich. I was excited and nervous while waiting in line. He had posted on his social media that he would be coming out before the start of the show to say hello to the fans waiting. When he finally came out, I wondered if he would have enough time to get to us. I’m sure I amused my line mates but I really did want to meet Tyler. When the moment finally came, Tyler put me at ease because that’s how he is and we took a picture or two or three together. He was passing out cards with his social media links and I still have that card somewhere. When it was time for his show, I made the conscious effort to take few pictures or videos, instead enjoying the moment through my own eyes and not through the phone screen. (I made up for it the second time I saw Tyler by recording every song like a total lunatic.)

Who knew that meeting him would open my world to new experiences and new friends? I am utterly grateful to Tyler for so many things but most of all, I am grateful for the love and friendship he inspired. And I am so glad to call him my friend. He will always be My Spell Breaker…

Jack in the kitchen


Strike Back – We finally finished this last season. I very much enjoyed it and will miss it for sure. I really did love watching the new crew even if I did miss Scott and Stonebridge. If you want to watch a super kickass show, I will always recommend Strike Back. The Scott and Stonebridge years were my favorite but you can’t really go wrong with the Wyatt, McAllister, Novin years. You will laugh, you will cry, you will jump in your seat, your heart will race and at the end, you’ll want to do it all over again…

Prodigal Son – Holy crap, what a season ender! Someone tell me this show is getting another season because I must know what happens next. If it doesn’t get another season, well, it ended with a definite HOLY CRAP moment and how many shows can say that? Seriously, it’s getting another season, right? Yowsa!

Westworld – I very much enjoyed this season so much more than last season. I loved that we were in the “real” world and I loved not knowing what the hell Dolores was doing but I enjoyed the ride nonetheless. The season finale managed to have big moments and quiet moments and moments that just squeezed the heart. So well done.

my OT made this for me on my bday...
bday gift from my OT

And here’s a poem I wrote during the week…

don’t admit a thing
keep it close
just below a whisper
don’t open your heart
keep it locked
hide away the key
don’t tell the tale
keep it secret
as if it isn’t real

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TWITL – week seventeen – warming up

The weather is getting warmer and I’m not ready for it. It’s only April and we’ve already hit the upper 80s. It doesn’t really help that we’re basically stuck at home and can’t go out to hang out. Alas.

the pattern
the latest pattern

We’re supposed to wear masks when out in public. I wore mine at work when I visited the other building and it was a bit warm for it. I’m glad I haven’t gone anywhere that requires me wearing a mask for a prolonged amount of time.

I had my first Zoom meeting for work. It was nice “seeing” everyone and touching base. Even though the students aren’t attending school physically, we all still have our work to do, whether it’s from work or home.

I also had a Zoom meeting with my sister and cousins. It was lovely chatting with them and catching up with them. We’re trying to make it a weekly thing, which is really nice. We try to keep the chats within the forty or so minutes and I think next time I might write some stuff out as an “agenda” for myself. We shall see!

Tyler Rich
Tyler doing his thing

The things that keep me sane in this utterly weird time include:

  • Having a routine… I wake up at around the same time every day (0630 hrs on Tues/Thurs and 0700 on Mon/Wed/Fri) and I think it’s keeping me even-keeled in many respects. The office days are easier to fall into routine. The work at home days require a bit more effort but I’m finding I’m doing it well enough…
  • Simon Kassianides’ daily poetry readings… I look forward to his posts because 1) poetry and 2) it’s Simon reading poetry. His readings are seriously a bright spot to my day…
  • Writing a poem everyday… I write a poem every day, screenshot it, then post to my IG story. Since my writing has been taking a break, it’s good for me to keep up my creativity in some fashion so poetry it is…
  • Hello Fresh meals… We’ve been doing those Hello Fresh meal kits and I’ve actually been having fun with it. I’ve never spent so much time in the kitchen! We do the meals together, which is definitely a good thing because I’d be lost and frustrated if I had to do it all alone. Our oven busted earlier in the week but it was fixed on Friday, thank goodness! My tummy definitely appreciates the “real” food as opposed to the fast food, so that’s definitely a good thing…
Jack in Alfie Wickers mode
Jack in Alfie Wickers mode

TV things, bullet style:

  • Strike Back – We’re finally catching up on the last season and it’s been pretty good so far. I will always have a very special place in my heart for the Scott & Stonebridge years but this last crew did such a great job of creating new stories and compelling characters. I will always recommend it…
  • Tokyo Vampire Hotel – We started watching this Amazon Prime show the other day and it’s weird and intriguing. There are subtitles, so we have to be in a particular mood to watch the show. Still, it’s super interesting…
  • Westworld – I’m digging this season a lot. The plot lines are tighter and easier to follow though I wouldn’t mind a twist later. Such a well done with a surprising amount of heart at its core…

And one of the poems I wrote this past week…

you say you’ve always known
the whispers of my heart 
like a book to read at leisure
but you only skimmed some parts
you never read each line
you thought you knew the gist
but it was just the surface
there was so much that you missed
I suppose I could reveal
the threads between the lines
share all my hopes and dreams
but will that make you mine?

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SK - beanie

TWITL – week sixteen – reasons to celebrate

I’m so grateful I have a routine that involves leaving the house twice a week to work in the office. I think it’s keeping me from going stir crazy. I’ve had to figure out what work needs to be done NOW and what can wait a little. Consequently, I have lots of filing to do whenever I’m in the office. I can only do so much paperwork at home…

This past week was actually a good one. The highlights include:


Iris – My goddaughter turned nine this week! Where have the years gone? I still remember when she was a baby. I can’t wait to give her a hug next time I see her.

Alexys – My niece turned six this week! This lucky little lady got a parade drive by her house to wish her a Happy Birthday. How sweet is that? So sweet! My sister took video and Alexys looked to excited and happy.

Rich's Bi$ches - Zoom party
Zoom party with my fellow Rich’s Bi$ches

My fellow Rich’s Bi$ches had a Zoom party to celebrate Tracy’s birthday and Tyler’s first GOLD certified song for “The Difference.” It was so great “seeing” everyone and catching up. Lots of laughter and a little bit of music and so much love. It felt good to be together chatting…


Happy Anniversary to us!
Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Thursday. I genuinely marvel at how many years we’ve been married. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that we got married. We have definitely had more good days than bad and that’s certainly something to celebrate.

We ordered dinner from Shirasoni and it was so good! Perhaps on the pricey side but I am so grateful that we can get good food delivered. After a full work day, it was nice to come home and have dinner delivered.

yummy dinner!
anniversary dinner


Parasite – We finally watched this one and WOW. It was a really good movie and I would definitely recommend it. It was dark and funny, brutal and thrilling, violent and dreary. Somehow it wasn’t a total downer in the end but it was definitely thought provoking. So many layers leaves you wondering what the hell happened and how you’d react in the same situation.


It’s a little frustrating how slow my re-write of “I’ll Dream of You Again” is going. Part of me wishes I could just re-write without consulting what’s already written but most of me likes having a reference for the story. I would LOVE to have the story finished by the year mark but lo, that’s not going to happen at the rate I’m going…

I’ve been writing a poem everyday. Not sure how long it will last but let’s say as long as Simon Kassianides reads a poem everyday (or posts one of his own, as he did this week), then I will write a poem everyday.

Simon reading poetry

And here’s a poem I wrote this week:

close your eyes
fall asleep
meet me
in your dreams

I’m waiting there
beyond the mist
one sweet sigh
you’re almost here

yes, it’s me
calling out your name
just reach out
I’ll take your hand

just fall asleep
I’m waiting here
beyond the mist
in your dreams

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SK - beanie

TWITL – week fifteen – what keeps us sane

It’s nice having a sort of routine now. It’s a weird routine but I feel less aimless, I suppose. Part of me wishes that I had chosen two days in a row to go in for work but I know it’s better to be in for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

this pattern
the pattern


I have been seriously slacking on the writing front. You’d think with all the time I have at home, I’d have more inclination to write but it’s been the opposite. I can’t seem to focus on my main story (the one I’m re-writing) so I’ve been reading my other unfinished stories to see if one of them lights a spark in me. So far, no go. At least I’ve been able to write a poem everyday, even if I do fall into the haiku too easily…

technology rocks
first zoom with sister & cousins

I had my first Zoom chat with my sister and cousins. Technology rocks! Yes, my background was Jack Whitehall. Ha! It was nice talking with my sister and cousins and we have another chat set up for the end of the week. Maybe I should use a different background next time. Maybe…

the work monitors one morning
the work monitors one morning…

Easter didn’t feel much different to me since we haven’t been doing family stuff for that holiday. Still, I felt bad for the families out there, including mine. My aunt has a big family and they usually get together on Easter and have fun times. This has to be the first time in MANY years that they didn’t have their big party. Alas!

And here’s a poem to end the post:

we keep trying
to smile
to laugh
to understand
in this strange time
this new reality
this crazy world
this heightened stress

we keep trying
to balance
to share
to embrace
what we can
this shared adventure
this isolation
this near desperation

we keep trying
to rest
to rejuvenate
to recharge
for the future
when we can touch
when we can hug
when we can heal
… so we keep trying

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st - bones again

TWITL – week fourteen – this new normal

The stress is still there but it’s so constant that it’s settled into the background now. I went in to work on Wednesday, found out I’m supposed to work remotely, then was asked if I could come in twice a week to answer the phone. I got to choose the days and I’m going for Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as any other days I might need to go in to do work at my desk. I’ve decided that if I go in on days other than Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll only work the mornings. I’m glad to have a sort of work schedule as it gives me a chance to do something “normal” and I get to be out of the house. Not many others are working at the office so the social distancing is easy enough.

Yes to Sam's new album!
yes to Sam’s album!


Sam Hunt – SOUTHSIDE – Sam’s second album went live on Friday and I’ve been listening it at intervals. It’s really good. I wondered if I was over Sam but apparently I’m not because every song I hear just makes me stop and savor. I can’t wait until I know the words to every song. It’s going to happen…

Jack cut his own hair on IG live


Jack Whitehall – Jack went on IG live to cut his hair (with guidance from a stylist) and did a rather good job of it. I was surprised and worried and utterly entertained while I watched him. I was hoping that he’d save his IG live but alas, he did not. I’m glad I took some screenshots while I was watching.

Simon Kassianides – Simon continues to be a daily bright spot with his poetry readings. I love poetry and I adore Simon so the combination of the two is rather dreamy. He’s thinking of reading Homer’s Iliad. I hope he does it!


War of the Worlds (EPIX) – The first season ended on a damn cliffhanger! I was half watching it but by the last few episodes, I was paying more attention. I kept yelling at the characters and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. A set of the characters spoke French and it made me wish that I was learning French instead of German. Maybe I’ll make it my next language.

Prodigal Son – I am so digging this show — the weekly mystery, the underlying storyline. I don’t like starting a network show that might or might not get another season but this one really caught my attention from the first.

love these ladies!
Saturday night goodness with these ladies

Cuddle Puddle Nation – vid chat no. 1 – I joined the group chat a little late but I was so glad that I did. I got to “see” my friends and “meet” the CPN I hadn’t met before. We just chatted and laughed and shared little bits of our lives with each other. We were brought together by our adoration of Aleks Paunovic and this is such a good thing. I love when loving something/someone means meeting and befriending like minded people. It’s so lovely…

dinner the other night
Southwest Chicken Sausage & Rice Skillet

Hello Fresh – This shelter in place has had us cooking more! We started doing Hello Fresh and I’ve actually had a good time with it. The food has been rather delicious and filling (at least for me). It’s fun cooking together and it’s so much better than getting fast food. Hopefully we’re learning some good habits and when this shelter in place is over, we’re still cooking at home…

And here’s a poem to end the post…

the music 
binds us
winds us
lifts us
connects us

the music 
we sing together
we love together
we laugh together
we cry together

the music
takes us
breaks us
makes us
never forsakes us

the music
we share together
we keep together
we find together
we dream together

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TWITL – week thirteen – the way days blur

I’m not sure why I didn’t start this post during the weekend. Then again, what is a weekend when you spend everyday at home? The days have really just blurred together and every time I think about what day it might be, I have to confirm by asking the hubby or looking at the calendar. Small things compared to the rest of this whole situation.

It’s not so hard, is it, adhering to the shelter in place order? It seems like such a small thing for all of us to do to get flatten the curve. You can still go outside for short bits for exercise and such, as long as you do the social distancing. Why do people think we can’t or shouldn’t do all that we can to get through this?

the pattern
the pattern

As you can see from the above picture, I screencapped William Gregory Lee and Charles Mesure and featured them on my IG. To my delight, Charles received a more than fair amount of likes. Who knew so many people had great taste? At the very least, Greg and Charles provided some variety to my IG. Love that!

the day I went to work
work face

So I go back to work on Wednesday. I’m not sure what that will look like but I think first off, I’m going to wear jeans with the thought that we won’t be open to the public. I do have a fair amount of work on my desk right now and it will definitely keep me busy for the coming days. I did go in one day last week for a few hours. It wasn’t so bad since no one was in my building. I practiced my social distancing when I did go to the front building for couple of things. It was nice to speak with a couple of my co-workers.

season one finale of Picard
Santiago Cabrera on Star Trek Picard


Star Trek: Picard – The first season finale aired. I thought it was a good ending and my favorite scene made me almost cry. I thought it was a proper end to one of the characters (I won’t say who just in case). On the whole, I found the first season of Picard to be immensely satisfying. I enjoyed it very much even though it’s different from TNG, which is my favorite Star Trek series. My heart will always be with that series but I am looking forward to next adventures.

Tiger King (Netflix) – I kept seeing people I follow talking about this show and we decided to watch it. By the end of it, I thought, WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST WATCH?! Yes, it was entertaining. Yes, it was a train wreck. Yes, we couldn’t stop watching. The CRAZY thing was seeing someone familiar in episode 4. If you know, you know… None of the “main” people featured were particularly sympathetic and I kept wanting the tigers to turn on the humans. I feel like those big cats were plotting the demise of their human caretakers. You could see it in their eyes…

The English Game (Netflix) – This was an interesting mini-series about the beginnings of football (or soccer, as we call it here in the US). I thought it was well done, though it apparently takes some liberties with the timeline. Nonetheless, an enjoyable watch, especially if you like football.

The Mentalist – I’m a little sad we got to the end but I did like how it ended. It was a good show (from what I saw of it). Greg’s episode was all right. His character deserved what he got in the end. My friend is turning into a silver fox, I must say.

best nine so far
current best nine

The stuff keeping sane during this time…

  • Tyler & Sabina – The live IG stories have been so entertaining and wonderful! I love them so much. I love the acoustic sets and the Sunday brunches.
  • Simon Kassianides – Simon has been reading a poem every day and I will keep telling the world how much I love it. It’s super lovely that he’s keeping up with it and how can one resist poetry recited with an English accent? One cannot resist, especially if the one is me.
  • Jacob & Jordan Davis – They did a live IG story and it was SO GOOD. I’m so glad I caught it. I loved seeing my Jacob Davis Squad girls in the chat. And the boys sounded great. Such a treat!
  • Jack Whitehall & Jamie Redknapp – These two did a live IG story as well and the bits that I saw were great fun. I need to finish watching it because those two are a hoot.
Jack during Jamie's live IG
Jack whilst on lockdown

Baseball was supposed to start this past weekend but of course, it did not. On Opening Day, I wrote the following poem:

the stadium is empty
the air is still
the sun shines bright
the skies are clear

no churros
no nachos
no popcorn
no hot dogs

the bleachers are empty
the field untouched
the concessions shuttered
the dugouts deserted

no diamond
no bats
no gloves
no bases

the parking lot is empty
the ticket windows closed
the game is postponed
the start of the season unknown

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