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do you dream of me
a figment calling to you
just out of your reach

this week's nine
nine IG posts this week


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I have hit the 100,000 words on this story. This is just a little crazy. It’s probably close to finished but I’m taking my time on it because I know that I’m going to end up going back to clean it up. The beginning is going to have to have a serious re-write (I didn’t have names for the characters for a lot of the beginning, so that was pretty interesting). Not sure if anyone is going to read the story but I think that wouldn’t really happen until I do a big edit on it.

Simon Kassianides in Pearson


Pearson – “The Rival” – Another good episode but oh so light on Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides). His storyline, admittedly secondary, will have repercussions on the other characters so why are we spending so little time on him?! Also, why is he always in bad lighting? (I say this as a fangirl who likes doing screenshots.) Can’t wait to see how the season ends and I do so hope that there is a second season because if the season ends with a major cliffhanger, I’m going to scream. Just sayin’.


Old Dominion – self-titled album (to be released October 25, 2019, available for pre-order) – So yes, I pre-ordered Old Dominion’s upcoming album because I seem to love every song they put out. This week, they released the song “Midnight Mess Around.” Holy sexy song alert! I am digging it. So let me say, give the song a listen and maybe go ahead and pre-order the album. The other songs that have been released from the album are pretty good too.

Leave Her Wild” – Tyler Rich – Still high on Tyler’s latest single. Give it a spin, add it to your favorite music streaming playlists, request it on your local radio station.

these two
these two make me laugh

In just a couple of weeks, it will be Fall Break for our district. Even though I don’t get days off during break unless I take them, I still look forward the breaks because work usually (hopefully) calms down a bit. I’m also looking forward to cooler days because I’d really like to wear my vest jacket. I’m ready for summer to give way to autumn…

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08 September 2019 @ 05:11 pm

when I say always
to me that means forever
this will never end

I know you see it
this week’s nine

Even though it was only a four day work week, the week just seemed to DRAG. It wasn’t too stressful, just a little wearying. The weather stayed under triple digits, which is pretty much a win these days. Now if we can just get under 80F most days, I will be quite content.

Travels with My Father
The Whitehalls – Jack and his father Michael

Travels with My Father – The third series of this Netflix show dropped on Friday and it’s such a hoot! It’s only two episodes (my only complaint, really) but it was a great watch. I love how ridiculous Jack is, how sharp Michael is, and how the comedy balances with the touching moments. Jack is such a man child but he’s so sweet too and it’s heartwarming to watch him with his father. I definitely recommend the whole series and if you’ve already watched the first two series, you MUST watch this third one. Some of my favorite moments:

  • Naked yoga – The first episode starts almost immediately with this. When Michael tell Jack that the others are better endowed than Jack, I had a serious giggle fit.
  • Wrestling – Jack getting thrown around while wrestling was a sight. And lo, his outfit!
  • The senior living community – Jack and Michael stopped by to check things out. I giggled when Michael mentioned that Jack liked older women. He seemed right at home tap dancing with the ladies and then later calling the bingo game.
  • Old west – Michael looked pretty classy in his sheriff’s uniform but Jack looked so awkward in his cowboy gear. He didn’t look too bad in the hat but the shirt? Oy!
  • Magic Mike – Probably my favorite part of series 3. When Michael realized it wasn’t a magic show, he didn’t stay. Jack stayed and had to watch his mother Hilary get taken on stage for a more interactive experience. Mrs. Whitehall was livin’ the dream! It was FANTASTIC!
Travels with My Father
the Whitehalls

I came home from work on Friday and I watched Travels with My Father, had dinner, then watched the All Blacks score a whole heck of a lot against Tonga. Definitely a great way to start the the weekend!

Another Life – The hubby pressed play on this Netflix show and we finished it early today. The show ended with a cliffhanger so I hope they have a second season. What did I think of this season? I thought it was well produced and well acted. I think my favorite character might be the AI, William, but I thought all the characters were well done and complex. Plot wise, it fell like two different shows– on earthbound and one space faring and sometimes the disconnect between the parallel storylines was a bit disconcerting to reconcile. I read a review or two when the show first dropped and they put me off. Now, after having watched it, I don’t feel like it’s the waste of time some might have said. Still, would I recommend it? Mmmm, I don’t know…

Pearson – “The Political Wife” – This episode was light on Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides) but a compelling chapter nonetheless. The mayor’s wife threw down some harsh truth on her husband’s mistress and got a bit of it back as well. Jessica was amazing, as always, and her assistant had to face some truth as well. I really do like the show a lot, much of it due to Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson. The characters are infuriating and sympathetic at turns but I find that most of my frustration stems from the female characters (other than Jessica, whose journey is fraught with complications but she faces them in her awesome way). I don’t feel emotionally connected to the women of the show. Most of the time I want to smack them and tell them to get their shit together. Am I supposed to feel this way? Maybe I am. Will these women break out and claim their power? Maybe my frustration is how the female characters won’t HELP EACH OTHER. You have Jessica’s cousin who pushes her away because of her pride. You have Keri, the mayor’s side chick, who doesn’t need him yet sticks by him because of love. You have the mayor’s wife, who’s struggling with her illness as well as her husband’s infidelity who also stick with him because of what? You have Yoli, Jessia’s assistant, who won’t ask for help until it’s utterly dire. They’re all fighting against the system and each other and I have no sympathy for them because they frustrate the hell out of me. The one character who’s moved me the most is Nick and we don’t even know all of his backstory yet! I’m glad I’m watching the show because I feel like all of this will come together in the end. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what I will do…

Travels with My Father
Winston is kinda creepy, isn’t he?


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I am so very close to 100K words on this story. I really don’t know how I’m going to have enough in me to write 50K or more words for November but I am determined so there’s that. As for this story, I’m still trying to figure out what kind of story it really is. Will I break it into three parts or more? How about short stories? I already know of parts that I want to either take out or flesh out. I adore the main characters and really love writing them…

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02 September 2019 @ 06:13 pm

the days will soon cool
but summer will not let go
without heated lulls

Yes for the long weekend! Yes to the lazy days! It’s September now, which signals cooler days to me but I know that living where we live, the cooler days will be lucky to happen before the end of the month.

Simon Kassianides on Pearson


Pearson – “The Immigration Lawyer” – Who knew that I’d like this show enough to watch it in real time with commercials and all? (The only other show I watch in real time is Blindspot and that’s definitely because Sullivan Stapleton is my top favorite.) This past Wednesday’s episode was another good one, especially on the Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides) front. Every time Simon is on screen, he makes the most of it. He might not speak much but when he does, his words have weight. I would definitely recommend this show and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for everyone in the coming episodes…

Travels with My Father
I must know why the Whitehalls are thusly dressed…

Travels with My Father – The trailer for the third series of this show dropped this week and it looks like a freakin’ hoot. Jack Whitehall and his father Michael travel the US and I will freak out if they came close to my part of the California. Seriously. The third series is live on September 6th. Guess what I’ll be doing next weekend!

Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall on A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own – I have the British game show on my list of things to watch because (surprise) Jack Whitehall was on that latest episode. I will be doing screencaps, of course, because doing screencaps of Jack Whitehall is my fangirl life right now.

The new chromebook
my new Chromebook


So, it was time for a new Chromebook. My first one was getting rather long in the tooth. First the keyboard’s space bar worked only if one side was hit just the right way. Second, the Chromebook warned me that the current security update was the last update it would be receiving and that it might be time for a new Chromebook. Yes, my Chromebook suggested that I get a new Chromebook. At least it was honest?

A bit of research and an eye on price led to my new Chromebook. I’ve had it for about a day and I am liking it quite a bit. I can download Android apps to this device, which so far has been a hit and miss sort of thing. For instance, I can download Instagram but I can’t log in to the app. I’ve deleted it and tried at least five times now and no go. Alas!

My new Chromebook can bend around to become a tablet, which I don’t really need since I have an iPad but it’s pretty handy nonetheless. And yes, that means that my Chromebook has a touchscreen, which of course will mess me up when I use regular computers that are not touchscreen. Ha!

As much as I’d love a fancier laptop, the Chromebook does exactly what I want and need it to do. I have other devices to round out my digital life. (Probably too many devices?) This one fills the need with writing on the go with a keyboard and more desktop experience. Plus the battery is supposedly 10 hours (which I should never really need)…

Tablet tent
tent style


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – Yes, I’m still writing this story. It’s over 90,000 words (my longest story EVER) and I’m not even finished yet. I think when I get to the editing stage, I’m going to end up breaking the story into two or three acts. It’s a super ridiculous story but I am so enjoying writing it. It does make me wonder if I’ll have enough to write the 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month, which is just two months away. I am thinking of writing a prequel of sorts to this current story because I do adore the characters a lot and I’d love to explain their backstories. Can I stretch their stories before they meet (again) to 50,000 words?

my last nine IG posts
my last nine IG posts


So I’ve taken to posting my IG with a pattern. You see it, don’t you? My IG is unabashedly fangirl centric at this point. I cannot help it. I will say that as much as I post Jack Whitehall (and it’s pretty much every day except one weekend day), I get the most hits for Sullivan Stapleton. He gets more likes than Jack and Simon and even Henry. It’s interesting to me. I almost forgot that if I want a little lift via social media, post a shot of Sully…

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We saw Tyler again on Friday! As always, a good time not just seeing Tyler but seeing my friends and spending a bit of time with them. There’s just something about sharing the good times with friends, eh?

the band
the band

The show was at the Foothills Event Center in Grass Valley. The main ballroom served as the event venue and a small stage was set up at the far corner. Not sure if it sold it out or not but the capacity would have been 299 or so if they had.

with these beauties
with these beauties

We met up with our friends before the show for a bit. We were in the venue before everyone we knew though and I went straight for the stage and planted myself near the front. During the wait, I got to chat with Tyler’s grandfather (@tylerrichgrandpa on IG). We talked about how he was called out on The Highway about not having official Tyler gear. (Of course, he has official Tyler gear!)

Temecula Road opened up for Tyler. They were very good– great harmonies and stage presence. I didn’t take any pictures of them but suffice to say they’re a pretty good-looking trio with a great sound so that should do them well. I’m going to keep an ear our for them for sure.

Temecula Road at Green Valley
Temecula Road after their set (can you find me in the crowd?)

After Temecula Road, it was time for Tyler and the band! I was pretty close to the stage and it was great! Tyler sound great, the band sounded great, and it felt good being so close and being part of the crowd with my friends and with fellow fans.

Tyler & the band
Tyler & the band

After the show, we waited out the crowd. Tyler met with the fans and we hung out chatting with his grandpa and with each other. When it was time, we all got our moment with Tyler and get our pictures with him.

the lovelies!
love this crew!

As always, it was wonderful to see Tyler again. He’s great on stage and the band is stellar. I hope he releases an album very soon. I want more songs to memorize! I’m always glad we get the time to chat a bit and I know the day will come where I might not be able to get that selfie with him. So I treasure the ones I’ve already gotten and I’ll always be grateful for any chance I get to at least say hello. (It would have been great to have seen Sabina too…)

with Tyler Rich
doing the #TylerRichValerie hashtag…

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yes, so long ago
so much time has truly passed
fading memories

the haka
the haka before the All Blacks/Wallabies game

I stay up late on Friday night to watch the All Blacks play the Wallabies. Thankfully, the All Blacks won and I went to sleep quite happy. The Rugby World Cup is in September, which I think is why The Rugby Championship didn’t go as long as it usually does…

Simon Kassianides in Pearson – episode “The Former City Attorney”


Pearson – “The Former City Attorney” – Another good episode of this show but not enough Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides). Good thing he did an Instagram Live because we were treated to about 40 minutes of Simon chatting and answering questions (he answered one of mine!) and just being all around fantastic. He is rather lovely and I hope he does more IG Live sessions. He was fun to watch!

Fangirl musings

Michael & Jack
Michael & Jack

Jack Whitehall added a new video to his YouTube channel this week in his Tales with My Father series. This one was “How I Got Into Boarding School” and it was rather entertaining. Jack’s father Michael is funny in that dry way and the two of them together is rather a treat. Of course, I watched and took screencaps because that’s where I am in this whole Jack Whitehall thing. I’m doing all the easy screencaps (those that I do on my phone) before moving on to doing screencaps from Travels with My Father and Good Omens and Bad Education and whatever else I find on the streaming services. I still have Bounty Hunters to go through as well as Decline and Fall. I don’t think I’ll go far back as to do screencaps of Fresh Meat but who knows at this point. I’m trying not to go overboard but I will say that I am really enjoying this fangirl thing for him. It keeps me occupied and I sort of love that I haven’t gotten his attention at all. (Although his mother has liked two things of mine and that makes me a bit anxious.)

Simon again

Simon Kassianides has fallen back into my good graces mostly by being so amazing on Pearson and liking my comments on his posts. I know he’s trying to nurture whatever fan attention comes his way but I’m still a bit giddy whenever he does notice my comments. He doesn’t go so far as to actually like my posts but I don’t mind. When he answered my question during his Instagram Live, I was dutifully excited by hearing him say my online name. It would have been even better if he had called me by my real name but I’ll take what I can get.

Frankie and his human
Frankie & his human Sully

Sullivan Stapleton posted the above picture of him and his puppers Frankie. How freakin’ cute are they?! Too cute. I sort of miss Sully and his show Blindspot. They have one more season left. I wonder what Sully will do when the show is off the air. Will he do some movies? Will he get another show? Maybe someone will cast him with his Strike Back buddy, Philip Winchester and they’ll be two totally different kinds of characters. Like teachers or something like that. Or maybe a sci-fi story. I’d love to see that!

Oh, Listworthy5, my regard is sinking into indifference. I don’t have that fangirl passion for you anymore. When I post, I do so out of duty. My words of support feel empty. Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself that I still care. Do I still care? It drives me a little mad that you have thrown your support towards someone who is a hypocrite and a phony. Is the attention from that “fan” really worth it? Why have we been so polite as to not air out our grievances? Even trying to muster that anger is a chore. I still do what I do because I adore the people in my group. They are my friends. Part of me hopes I will get through this and find that spark again for you but right now, my heart just isn’t in it…

Other things I could say

I had other words for this week’s posts but I will save them for another time. A sort of melancholy has taken hold of me and my mind lingered on the past a bit this week, specifically of my time working for the sheriff’s department. I found my page recounting my last days there and it’s amazing how much I detailed. I’m glad that I wrote about it even if I don’t remember everything about those days. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since my last day there. I don’t miss it (who would miss working at a jail?!) but I do miss some of the people (and the money)…

I've turned Jack Whitehall into a watch face
Jack as a watch face

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maybe this will stop
maybe you will fade away
maybe you will stay

Jack Whitehall
From “Who Do You Who Think You Are”

This week I learned that I can send files from my computer to my phone or iPad through wifi using VLC. I know, how did I not know this sooner?! Well, now I know and now my mobile and tablet are going to suffer from all the stuff I end up sending to them. Ha!

Simon Kassianides on Pearson


Pearson – “The Deputy Mayor” – This episode saw some great Nick D’Amato moments. Simon was so fantastic, especially in that confessional scene. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that kind of emotion from him in a role. I cannot wait to see more. Yes, this show is worth 1) staying up past my bedtime and 2) watching ads. Watch it!

The Boys – We are slow watching this Amazon Prime show. It’s good! Karl Urban looks like he’s having so much fun. It’s a crazy show to be sure. Watch it!


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I’m still writing this but it’s a slow go now. I’ve written almost 80k words. Yowsa! I might use the female character for my November story. She has some good back story that could possibly go 50k words. I’m still having fun writing these characters, as ridiculous as the story is.


August is such a hard month at work. NO DAYS OFF! Well, I’m taking a day off for a concert but this month is still a chore work-wise. Such a drag sometimes…

I found out that someone I worked with died. Not sure how, she was found. I hadn’t talked to her in a long time but it makes me sad to think she’s gone from the world. What had her life been after I left our common work place?…

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the rush of the thrill
shifting the moment to this
perfection so still

St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship ring
World Series ring

We went to our first baseball game of the season yesterday. A’s vs. Cardinals. I actually thought about which jersey to wear (I have a Mulder jersey for both teams) but I settled on my A’s jersey since it was an A’s game. Plus it just didn’t feel right wearing a Cardinals jersey in an American League ballpark (or so I thought to myself). We had suite tickets and it was our first time in one of the football suites. It was pretty cool. We had a great view of almost everything but the outfield. It was a good time watching baseball.

Oh, and the World Series ring? That one belongs to Aaron Miles of the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals. I asked him if I could take a picture of it and he obliged. Thank you, Aaron!

And yes, the A’s won!

Play ball!
Let’s Go A’s!

School started out this way. I know, so early! But after August (the only month of the school year that doesn’t have a holiday in it), it’ll get better. It was a challenging first week in a few ways.

Simon in Pearson


Pearson – I stayed up on Wednesday to watch the latest episode. Yes, the show is that good. Gina Torres is fantastic to watch and I very much enjoy how kickass she is. Not nearly enough Simon for me but every week they show a bit more and hopefully by the season’s end we have a better sense of his character. So far, I am intrigued…

these two
it’s fun watching these two

Jack Whitehall has a new video up on his YouTube where his father talks about the day he was born. It was kinda hilarious. They’re so much fun to watch…

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how the memories
flutter in sweet reverie
with just a gesture

so wonderful & unexpected!
so wonderful & unexpected

The above vest jacket was delivered to me this week. I was expecting a package but had no idea of its contents until I opened the box and took it out. When I unrolled it, I seriously squealed then tried it on. I was overwhelmed by such excitement and utter delight, then humbled that something from the days of Young Hercules had found its way to me.

How do I say thank you to the person who sent it to me? Words seem a little inadequate but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was just happy you thought of sending me anything but this just filled my heart. It reminds me of my convention going days and meeting you. It reminds me of those days hanging out with my friends and having fun talking about the shows and our favorites (of course, you were one of our favorites). The shows inspired me, entertained me, and I made lifelong friendships because of them. I was just a fan but now I have something from the other side, the side that created the shows. This vest jacket crossed an ocean and time to become mine so again, THANK YOU. I love it and will treasure it. I’m also going to wear it once the weather cools down.

the buttons say Xena Hercules
Xena Hercules on the buttons


Perpetual Grace LTD – Get to watching this show! It’s the reason I started a subscription to EPIX. And to be perfectly honest, I was set on watching it for Chris Conrad but OF COURSE the show is rather excellent. It is so well done all the way around. I’m behind a few episodes but what I’ve seen so far has me utterly hooked…

Pennyworth – Another EPIX show! And lo, a rather good one. I’m digging the show a lot and I’m dutifully intrigued. Since I don’t care about the canon of Batman, if there are things that aren’t quite right to the Batman stuff, I don’t really care because Alfred Pennyworth and his youth are more interesting to me than any adherence to any of that.

The Boys – We’ve watched a couple of episodes so far and I’m hooked! Of course I am, Karl Urban is in it and you know how I adore my favorites. It was funny, while we were watching the second episode, I commented on one of Karl’s IG posts and he ended up liking the post. It’s amazing how I can still feel a thrill over something like that. I think it keeps me young, eh?

Pearson – I must really still like Simon Kassianides to watch this show with ads. Well, the show is worth watching the ads, I’m glad to say. I hope he appreciates the love, ya know? (Okay, maybe he does. He actually RT’d me the night it aired and I lamented about having a bedtime.) I am enjoying this show. Gina Torres is a force and I love watching her command that screen. Oh yes, and Simon’s accent for show is starting to grow on me…

how cute are Frankie & his human Sully?
Frankie & his human Sully

Sully posted a little video of riding his bike with his doggie Frankie on his back. HOW FREAKIN’ CUTE ARE THEY?! So damn cute!!!

a screenshot of Jack
one of too many screenshots of Jack Whitehall

I posted the above pic to my IG on Friday and got a like from his mother. Oh dear. Well, I suppose that’s what happens when you hashtag a person, eh? People will find you.


I changed my IG bio a bit, taking out reference to Listworthy5 and adding Simon Kassianides and Jack Whitehall. At least I know the fellas I mention in my bio appreciate me (or don’t know me at all, which is fine to me). I don’t need to mention Listworthy5 in my personal bio.

After receiving that pretty cool vest jacket, I realized that my time is better spent on people who appreciate the fangirl love. I know I say that I don’t care for the attention back but I do appreciate even the slightest of notice, especially in light of a group effort. At the very least, it would be nice for our group to be noticed by the subject of our adoration. It really irritates me that he bestows attention upon the person who tried to steal our years of work and effort. The irritation is starting to turn to indifference and at this point, I wonder how long I can hold on. I’m tired of the negative energy and trying not to focus on it but part of me also likes the balance of it.

The vest jacket reminds me that I am lucky for the fantastic fangirl moments I’ve experienced in my life, whether back in the Xena/Herc/Young Herc days or the days now with social media and concerts. The happy moments make great stories. The sad disappointments by the hands fellow fans are the cautionary tales.

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visit me in dreams
tell me what comes next for you
drop some hints my way

I will seriously never learn my lesson because it’s Sunday evening and I’m writing as I watch tv and wait for dinner to finish cooking. We’re watching a cheese-fest of a movie called Boa vs Python. The best part about this movie is David Hewlett. Oh, and we watched Flash Gordon earlier. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that one and lo, it’s super cheesy. But fun!

the haka
All Blacks doing the haka

Twas the first weekend of the Rugby Championship. South Africa won over Australia. I was able to watch the All Blacks vs the Pumas live during the day since it was played in Argentina. The All Blacks won. Yah!

Before the rugby, we ventured out to the farmers market. It was interesting being there so early. The weather was great but none of the watering holes were quite open yet. I still managed to have two mimosas before we walked back home.

so delicious
salted caramel apple mimosa

We had jersey day on Friday so I decided on my All Blacks one since it’s been ages since the last time I wore it. We had lunch at the park, which was a lovely way to break up the day.

in my All Blacks jersey
in my All Blacks jersey


Veronica Mars – season 4 – One of the surprises from Comic Con was the announcement that the fourth season of Veronica Mars was now on Hulu. We watched over the weekend and finished it today. For the most part, I liked it very much. It was fun seeing the character again and trying to figure the big mystery.

Pearson – Of course I watched this. Gina Torres is rather amazing but I’m going to watch the show for Simon Kassianides. Like that’s a surprise, eh? Anyhoo, the first episode was nicely done and hooked me enough to want to watch more. Of course…


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – I’ve slowed down way too much with this story. It was inevitable, wasn’t it? But I will finish it, I am determined! It might help to watch more of the person who’s inspiring the main fella…

yeah, this one

Also, I was only a bit jealous of all the folks who were at the San Diego Comic Con. All the fun stuff coming out of there just gave me a twinge of envy. Oh, and every Henry photo just made me sigh a bit…

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whispers softly sing
such sweet elusive secrets
drifting through the breeze

My vacation is over. As I write on this Sunday evening (why do I wait until Sunday to write my blog?!), I go back to work tomorrow after eleven days off. I was super lazy but it was great!


Spider-Man: Far from Home – I’ve actually seen this movie twice now. How could I forget to mention that last week? I obviously enjoyed the movie to watch it twice. I loved the locations and the plot (though I did figure out certain things). I would definitely recommend it!… For the second showing, I watched at our local AMC in the Dolby Cinema auditorium. So fancy! Definitely the way to watch movies. But lo, the price for a seat it expensive…

Shazam! – We bought this movie and I liked it a lot! I’m sorry that I didn’t watch it in the theatres. I adore Zachary Levi and he was so good in the movie. Definitely recommend it.

Too many photo edits of Jack Whitehall
Funny faces from Jack Whitehall


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – Even though I had all this time off, the writing stalled big time. I miss the frenzy but now I’m trying to actually think of how I want to write the rest of the story. I think I’m in the second act of the story and I’m ready to get to the third act. I still very much adore the characters so very much…


While on vacation, I did go out a couple of times. I had pho one day, sushi another day. Otherwise, I stayed in most days, tried to write, enjoy the a/c as the days were hot. Oh, I did go to the library one day, which I should have done more than once. Oh well!

One of these days, I'll tell the story
I should tell the story of this tattoo

I should write the story of this tattoo someday. Maybe after the first number one song?

Oh, and yeah, still totally on this Jack Whitehall thing. Watched a couple more episodes of Bad Education. The first episode of second season was HILARIOUS. And a bit revealing. Ha!… My IG is probably going to turn into a bit of Jack Whitehall appreciation account. I’ve already edited a bunch of photos that I want to post over the next week. I should probably add some Sullivan Stapleton pics so that it doesn’t look too lovefesty for one fella…

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let me savor this
the minutes languid and sweet
spinning lazy dreams


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – working title – My writing pace has slowed, which isn’t surprising. I’m close to 60,000 words but the story is far from over. The story feels almost episodic, which confuses me a little but I’m going with it because the characters demand it. They want me to tell the story this way and I must oblige. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s obviously a romance. The steamy scenes aren’t as descriptive as I’ve been writing, which I find interesting but it’s not a bad thing. No one else will probably read the story but I’m having the best time writing it. I’ve gotten quite comfortable writing in the first person and I think I’m starting to prefer it. Probably means I should switch to third person for my next story, eh? As written so far, “I’ll Dream of You Again” is probably about halfway finished.

Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall


Jack Whitehall – Here we go. I’m admitting that this one is my current Muse. It started with Good Omens (if you have Amazon Prime, GO WATCH THIS SHOW)– Jack plays Newt Pulsifer and I thought he was simply ADORABLE. I told myself, no, you don’t think of him “that way.” I checked out some of his stuff on Netflix and he made me laugh. Then I started writing my current story and Jack just happened to fall into that character. So I’ll admit he’s my latest Muse but that doesn’t mean he’s going to a Listworthy or anything. He’s SO YOUNG! (Not that age matters but…) So there it is, Jack Whitehall is my current Muse…

Listworthy5 – I’m still in a strange limbo about this one. I’m still posting the IG photos and a little to the twitter but is my whole heart in it? Do I still adore him in the same way? Enough of my heart is in it but my adoration has certainly shifted. I’m still in it to participate in our group but a lot of it is because I’m stubborn and will not be run off by a challenging incident. I hope to learn and grow from the whole thing…

4th of July
4th of July Parade in Brentwood

I’m on vacation! My first day of vacation was July 4th. I thought I’d do something different and take the week AFTER 4th of July off from work. We had the 4th and 5th off (since they were Thursday and Friday, respectively) so extending my long weekend into a whole week was an easy decision.

We woke up early so that we could set our chairs in a good spot. The parade was a fun watch, a bit on the short side but that was all right. Later in the day, we headed to my cousin’s place in Pleasant Hill for dinner then fireworks. Good times, good times!

4th of July
Fireworks over Contra Costa county


Stranger Things 3 – Yes, we binge watched this during the weekend. No spoilers! I will say that I enjoyed it more than the second season. I think knowing the characters and the world made it more enjoyable.

Blood & Treasure – This is a fun show! It’s adventuresome and intriguing and fun. The leads are good looking, OF COURSE, and the female lead is super kickass! I’m glad we started watching it and I’m also glad that it’s getting a second season. I love summer shows!

In the Dark – I’m reluctantly watching and reluctantly enjoying it. Is that weird thing to say? The lead actress has hooked me though and I’m digging the mystery of the show. What happened to her friend? Will we find out? I have my suspicions so we shall see…

Bad Education – This was a British show starring Jack Whitehall (hence me watching it). I’m almost finished with season one. I’m not sure how to describe the show. Jack plays a young teacher who has a good heart but terrible instincts. It’s fun to watch him stumble. He’s sweet but clueless. He’s probably the worst teacher ever…

Jack Whitehall
Jack once more….

I have a celebrity crush type, don’t I? Jack seems to be of the slightly dorky variety but he makes me laugh and I like that…

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Saturday night we saw Tyler Rich in concert! It had been almost a year since we last saw him so I was pretty excited for this show. It was made a whole lot more fun by getting to hang with the G Bar gang!

My Spell Breaker
my tattoo & Tyler Rich

We drove up to Lake County to visit with the G Bar gang at our friend’s house. It was a long drive for us (and super twisty!) and I was feeling pretty car sick for a portion of it. Not good times but the rest of the evening made up for it. Hanging out at our friend’s lovely place was fun! We got to catch up and play with kittens and have some food and drinks.

our group shot
the gang

The venue was the Cache Creek Vineyards and Winery. It’s a lovely spot and makes for an intimate concert experience. Tyler’s show was the first sold out show of the venue! SUPER SWEET!

Jackson Michelson on stage
Jackson Michelson

The opening act was Jackson Michelson. He was good! I got to meet him after his set but didn’t get a picture. Ooops! He was very nice. And he sounded great on stage.

Good time at the Tyler Rich concert
a snapshot of a very good night

Tyler came on stage just as the sun was setting. He began with “Just Like That” and we were off! He was on stage for over an hour and it just seemed to fly! Tyler’s stage presence has just gotten better and better. He sounded so great! I loved the new songs and sang along with the old songs. I was part of the “pit” crowd, almost at the front. It was fun being there with people I know. Everyone was so enthusiastic and it just made me more enthusiastic. Twas a joyful time!

Sabina joined us in the crowd and we shared the biggest hug. I missed her so much and told her so. She really is the sweetest person ever and I do love her. I know she (and Tyler) were super sad but they let our love for them comfort them, I think, if only for a little bit. She stayed in the crowd with us, taking pictures and watching Tyler. She still gets that loving look on her face when she’s watching him. So sweet.

I love her
with Beans

Tyler ended the show with “The Difference” and we all sang it loud! It was a great way to end the musical portion of the evening. Sabina was still with us but had to leave, promising to come back to visit with us. I took the opportunity to buy a koozie from Churro, who was working his ass off the whole time.

When I think of churros, I think of him...
when I think of churros, I think of him…

There were a few of us who had green room passes but we all ended up going up to see Tyler after the show because Sabina led the way. It gave me a chance to give Sabina her card and Tyler his letter. I also got pictures with Tyler, as is our custom. Sabina also took individual videos of us in regards to our thoughts on the song “Leave Her Wild.” I participated, of course, and she asked me about my Tyler tattoo and I told her the long story, which she loved.

with Tyler
with my favorite

It was a great night that ended with a long drive home and an ill advised stop at Taco Bell. We watched an episode of The 100 then basically crashed sometime in the 3 am hour. Good times, good times…

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you cannot deny
the sweet thrill awakening
this inspiration

pretty ring
a new ring

The Art Wine & Jazz Festival was this weekend here in town. We checked it out on Saturday and I just had to buy the ring above from one of the vendors. I love the colors. So pretty!


Always Be My Maybe – Finally got to watching this Netflix film. It was so good! I really enjoyed it. And OMG, Keanu Reeves’ bit was hilarious! I really liked the chemistry between Ali Wong and Randall Park. They did such a great job on the movie.


  • Bought some Tyler Rich items the other day because he has new merchandise! When I bought the stuff, I thought, it’ll be awhile before we get to a show and I want new Tyler stuff, so let’s buy some. So buy I did. Then guess what? The hubby bought tickets to Tyler’s show next week! I wonder, will I end up buying more merch at the show? HA!
  • Give me a week or so and I’ll actually officially proclaim that I am fangirling hard for this one. I think I want to track my whole process of turning fangirl for someone new. I started a sort of essay about it (which will be more fun to share than the essay I posted during the week).
  • Speaking of the essay on Listworthy5, it seems that I could probably write another one about the hypocrisy of people and their condescension and how sometimes the “good guys” get a little screwed, even if it’s just for the moment. My lovelies, taking the high road will ultimately reap better rewards but it’s a bittersweet journey…
  • When Simon Kassianides’ new show starts, I bet I’m going to do screencaps at some point. It feels inevitable. And oh, he posted a totally beefcake photo on his IG and I just had to make it my lock screen. Gorgeous, super gorgeous.
  • Chris Conrad, now seen on the EPIX show Perpetual Grace Ltd., is a total sweetheart and everyone should follow him on twitter. Also, how do I get him follow me on twitter?! (No, he doesn’t have to follow me but it would ROCK if he did…) He’s one of the nicest people and I wish I had a picture with him. Maybe someday? Perhaps we’ll meet and talk Young Hercules and rugby and New Zealand. I think I’d just be happy to hear his stories…


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – working title – My characters have names! The story is utterly and unabashedly ridiculous but I’m trying to ground it a little. The first layer of the story is definitely romance novel fodder fueled by a bit of fantasy. I’m peeling away now to make the conflict a bit more internal with only light external stuff. We shall see how it goes. I want it to be a fun story too and obviously being ridiculous is yielding results because my daily average of words written is insanely high. I often say that writing is a compulsion for me and this is a prime example of it. I have so far written 37k words. INSANE! But I’m so loving this flow of creativity. Thank you, Harry Connick Jr, for the soundtrack to the story and to you, my Muse, for somehow inspiring all these words from me.

I like when he likes my comments
his likes make me fangirl happy

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18 June 2019 @ 10:36 am

I started writing this a bit ago, maybe a week after the action all went down. I have hinted about it and I’ve finally decided to post it. I feel that it needs to be out there in the universe…

If you don’t know me…

Before social media, in the time of fan forums and fan created fan sites, I found myself hooked by the Herc/Xena fandom. I learned so much about interacting with fellow fans, how I wanted to portray myself online, and the perils of being part of a group as a fan. I attended various conventions and met my fellow fans in person along with the actors and actresses from our favorite shows. I befriended like minded fans who are still my friends to this day.

I stretched out my creativity by writing fan fiction (go on, ask me about the Temple of Ares) as well as maintaining fan sites for different actors or singers. I was one of many Kevin Smith (“Ares”) fansites and the one for Erik Thomson (“Hades) as well as William Gregory Lee (“Virgil;” he let me use his name as my URL). I even had a Ryan Gosling site! I gathered up articles, screencapped tv and movie appearances, even recorded sound bytes! All in good fun, of course.

I don’t know when I stopped updating my sites. It was a gradual slow-down. Kevin died. Erik’s work was in Australia and I didn’t have the means to watch some of it. Greg’s gigs were few and far between and I eventually let go of the URL. I switched web hosting providers and lost some of my site files that way. My site turned into a blog, which works better for me now, I think.

I don’t have active fan sites on my own domain now but I am still a total fangirl. I just choose to show my fangirl love via social media. I do screencaps of my favorites and show them off (hello, Sullivan Stapleton). I’ve written my Listworthy posts, which are basically love letters to my favorites. I’m part of the Jacob Davis Squad (spreading the word on singer songwriter Jacob Davis), I can be found in various Tyler Rich fan groups, I’m all in for Jordan Davis. The aforementioned groups are loosely organized and I’m more a member just doing my part to spread the word than an actual driving force. And I’m happy with it. (Although it helps that I’ve met Jacob, Tyler, and Jordan and seen them perform live.)

Behind the scenes of a particular unnamed fandom

Then there’s Fans of Listworthy5*. (This isn’t about publicly calling out anyone and I don’t want to affect any tenuous relationship we might have with Listworthy5 so I thought I’d not mention him by name even though if you know me and my affiliations, you know exactly who he is and what the group is…)

We are a group whose purpose is to spread the word on actor Listworthy5. We support him and his work. We interact with fellow fans, hopefully in a positive manner. We have a blog as well as accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and even Pinterest. The Twitter and Facebook accounts probably get the most interaction and traffic due to their function while the Instagram posts get a fair amount of likes.

My friend started the endeavor and almost five years ago, she asked me if I would like to be part of it. After some reflection, I said yes. Yes, I had to take some time to consider it because I knew it would be a commitment and it had been a long time since I’d actually set myself to be more active as a fan. I wasn’t sure I could keep up but I wanted to try because why the heck not?

The Kickass Show (starring Listworthy5 and Listworthy6) was winding down at that point and we wanted to keep the attention active on Listworthy5. The Twitter and Facebook accounts were steady but could use more attention. The IG opened up about six months after I joined. We brought in another person, then another. One of them left then we added two more. We were a group of five for a year and a half or so until very recently.

What does it take to be one of our group? First and foremost– trust. When my friend asked me to join her, she trusted me. When we expanded our group, we trusted those invited. This is supposed to be fun and informative otherwise why do it? Contrary to what people might think, we aren’t doing all of this just for his attention. Do we want his attention? Sure! Are we willing to sell each other out for it? Umm, no. Do we want meaningful dialogue with our fellow fans? Of course. We’re not in it to stroke our own egos. We’re in it to share with each other and with our fellow fans.

When you’re in a group promoting and sharing the love for the favorite, you operate within certain parameters. Who sets those parameters? In our group, for the big decisions, we defer the one who created the space. More often than not, if a majority of us feel the same way, she will defer to us. But it’s supposed to be a group effort, especially in terms of the big things. My personal philosophy is this– you shouldn’t know if it’s one person or fifty in terms of who’s posting from our accounts. We speak with one voice, perhaps bringing our own flavor now and then. But we do for the group because we respect one another, Listworthy5, and our fellow fans.

The incident aka it’s not all sunshine and roses

One of our members took the initiative and worked the connection already established with Listworthy5. She managed to score not just one but three interviews with him under our auspice. The interviews were long and full of information. His responses were thoughtful and personal– just what fans love to read to learn about their favorite. It was a great thing for our fan group– not just for us behind the group but for the fans who adore Listworthy5.

Just after the third interview was conducted, this particular member decided– without consulting any of us– that she was going to take full control over the Twitter account. She changed the contact information and the password in an attempt to lock us out, even though IT WAS NOT HER ACCOUNT TO TAKE.

Let’s stop right here for a moment. Let’s think about this. This particular member– not the founder, mind you, but someone who’d been with us for at most a couple of years– decided to take a part of our fan account for herself without consulting any of us. She didn’t reach out to the founder or any of us. She just decided on her own that she was going to take the fan account for herself. And she expected us to be okay with it.

We invited her into our group. We trusted her to do RIGHT in the name of the group. In her statement to us as to why she was taking over the account, she said, “Your motivation is attention from” Listworthy5. She accused us of not doing enough work. She took credit for the current status of the twitter account. And she ended thusly, “You’ve not been blocked from the page just from acting as an admin. Please do not choose to get ugly or hateful through the page. It will only reflect poorly on you and that would make this all the more sad.”

So the person who actually got personal time via interviews with Listworthy5 believes that WE are the ones only motivated by attention from him. The person who locked us out of OUR group account is telling us not to get “ugly or hateful” through the page. Isn’t the act of locking us out just a little ugly and and a touch hateful? Oh, and were we supposed to be happy that she didn’t BLOCK US from the account that she DID NOT create?

She banked on our own honor and civility, assuming we’d not call her out publicly for what she had done (we have not said anything publicly). She thought we would just swallow the bitter pill of her betrayal without action (we had plenty of words about it). She thought she could still be part of our group but have the twitter account all to herself (otherwise, where was she going to post the interview that rightly belonged to our group). She thought she could say nothing when we demanded the account back since it was not hers. She thought she could disrespect us and just get away with it.

The fallout

The lockout did not last long. We were able to take back the account the same day (she did not give it back– she just wasn’t as clever as she thought she was) and we changed all the passwords to the other sites. She thought she locked us out but we ended up stripping her of admin rights to our group.

So what happened to that third interview conducted under our group name, you might wonder?  Well, she posted on her other fan site as if it had been done for that site and not ours. She even re-posted the previous interviews to that particular fan site, the only concession noting that the interviews had been originally posted on a previous date but not WHERE they had been originally posted.

Here’s the thing– there were signs that she would go off the rails at some point. Re-reading the previous interviews, she injected a lot of her own personal experience into the questions. She conducted then posted the second interview without letting us know. She deleted photos (of Listworthy5!) that were cross posted from the IG to the twitter account because they did not go with HER vision yet she retweeted her other fan site’s posts when they had nothing to do with Listworthy5. She demanded that she be the only to post to the twitter account. For a lot of her time behind the twitter account, half of the posts did not DIRECTLY involve him. She accused us of not doing enough work yet we were too polite to tell her we weren’t comfortable with all the non-Listworthy5 posts on the twitter account.

Trying to shut us out by claiming an account that didn’t belong to her was a baller move, albeit one that backfired on her. From her statement to us, I could tell she thought she was doing the right thing by stealing from us. When we were trying to tell her to give back the account, we challenged her to create her own fan site. We didn’t care as long as we got our account back from her. She used her position as a group member to ingratiate herself into Listworthy5’s good graces. He will never take sides (and I don’t want that from him) but she framed her decision as one made *with* him. I’m personally suspicious of that notion but I’m a little naive at times.

(IMO, it just doesn’t seems like a good idea for an artist to choose sides in fan disputes, especially, if in his eyes, no one has done HIM wrong. You know what I mean? He doesn’t need to know about our “in-house” conflicts.)

What’s happening now?

Perhaps this is my way of getting my part of our side out in the open. Listworthy5 won’t read this but maybe the people who might have taken the former member’s side (and why are there even sides?) will see this and have a more complete picture of what went down.

Our trust was broken.

We were betrayed.

Respect was shattered.

Maybe it sounds melodramatic to state it as such but we were all genuinely hurt and angry by her actions.

What matters for our group is to continue to promote Listworthy5 and his work. We do this out of love and we want it to be fun as well. Knowing that we have even a sliver of his attention is enough (for me, at least). Knowing other fans appreciate our efforts is the best reward. Sharing our love and adoration for him– in fun ways, in serious ways, in thoughtful ways– is the important thing. We are a group because we want to bring different facets of fan adoration to the mix. The recent kerfuffle was merely a blip that could have been avoided if not for the ego and self righteousness of one who obviously believes there’s only one way to “fan” and that’s HER way.

Lesson here – there is more than one way to “fan.” There is no wrong way as long as there is respect for the artist, the fellow fans, and yourself. When you’re gathered into a group to promote a particular artist, there must be respect for your fellow group members. The artist appreciates it all if he’s worth anything. Making him choose between fans is disrespectful not just to him but to fans who have worked just as hard as you. Being a fan isn’t a contest– it’s enjoying the artist and your fellow fans. No fan is better than another. We’re all different. And that’s a good thing.

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first you’ll deny it
dismiss the rush of the thought
falling all the while

What, a bit of poetry to start? What madness is this? I miss writing my bits of poetry. You’d think I’d be inspired enough at least once a week so perhaps this is my start to it. Yes, let’s make it my start of writing a poem (even the little haikus) with every weekly post. Shouldn’t be too difficult…

a frose
utter yummy

I started a new story on June 10th and I’m about 11,000 words into it. The main characters have no names yet. It’s a romance (but of course) about an older woman and a younger man. (It was inevitable that I’d write such a story.) My creativity seems to really kick in when I listen to old Harry Connick Jr songs (which stems from watching Harry in that Cheers episode he was in). I’m not sure why Harry is helping me with the story but I’ll take it! I love when I’m writing a story without knowing why. It just feels good to write. Now, if I can just figure out names for the characters! I *might* have a name for the main female character as well as the main male character’s parents (right, I don’t know why I have names for them already). I am not even close to granting a name for the male character but I might be close. (Perhaps I should call him Harry since Harry Connick Jr is influencing my writing of this story.)

I’m including all my other muses in the story in different roles which is a bit fun. I might have to change their countries of origin or ethnic backgrounds to hide their identities. Or maybe not. Who’s really going to know who they are unless they know me? (And none of those characters have names either so one is “the ex” and the other is “the Aussie.” I know, how original!)

Neil Gaiman posted this and I just had to save it
Neil Gaiman posted this in regards to Good Omens and I just have to share…

Everyone should watch Good Omens! Also, read the book.

So who is the inspiration of this latest story? A new Muse! It was time for a new one, which means that I’m fangirling a bit for a new fella. I don’t want to make a big deal about it since I have no idea how long it will last but since I am using him for my new story it might mean that it’s going to last long enough to finish the story (fingers crossed). As I don’t know if this is just flash thing, I’ll leave him unnamed (a bit like the character I’m writing) for now. Suffice to say he’s impressed me enough to have me write him as the main male character…

Go watch Good Omens!
No really, go watch GOOD OMENS!

On the other fandom front, I still have that essay I might share since I’ve spent so much time on it. I might need to go through it to make it more vague. Perhaps my fellow fan group ladies should read it. I want it vague enough for a passerby to not know what the heck I’m talking about but still to be able to get the gist of it, the feelings of it all. I feel as that it all needs to be said in some sort of detail. It just needs to be out there.

Happy Birthday Sully!
because how could I not share a shot of Sully & his puppers Frankie?

I still this it’s an odd coincidence that Sullivan Stapleton shares his birthday with my own dad. It’s weird, right? It’s weird. Anyhoo, hope that Sully had a lovely birthday and that all our wishes made him smile because the thought of him always makes me smile…

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