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TWITL 2020- Let's catch up

So, for whatever reason, my Wordpress plugin has stopped working to cross post here to Livejournal. Yes, I tried another plugin but that has also failed. As such, I will now merely post the links to those previous blog posts and then do the same in the future. I'm bummed I can't just cross post but such is life?

TWITL — week forty-two

TWITL — week forty-three

TWITL — week forty-four

iPhone 12 Pro Max — impressions — I really loved writing about my new iPhone 12 Pro Max!

TWITL — weeks 45, 46, 47, 48 aka TMITL November 2020 — National Novel Writing Month was fun, by the way.

TWITL — week forty-nine

And there it is.