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So I’m in the middle of a slight fever, stuffy nose, plugged ears situation so if this post is addled, now you know why…

A cider at Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider
a cider at Brentwood Craft Beer & Cider

So wow, fangirl drama. How much do I wish I could just let it all out right now? SO MUCH. Suffice to say that yes, even with time and experience behind you, you will still meet people who will utterly betray you and your friends for their own selfish gains while accusing you of selfish intentions. Yes, that really happened. And just to be clear, this is not music oriented (most of my fellow music fans have been nothing but amazing). I suppose this is the risk of banding together with fellow fans to create a place for other fans– some people just aren’t in it for the same reasons as you.

Now I wonder what damage has been done to our endeavor. Will we be given the benefit of the doubt or has the person who began the drama ruined our good intentions? Only time will tell…

we shall see...
yes, we shall see…

I can’t believe I went all winter without getting sick and now I’ve got the whole plugged ears, stuffy nose, hacking cough thing now. I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to get better but we shall see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I’m well enough to go to work…


Game of Thrones – So, it’s over. We watched the season finale and I’ve had a little time to process it and I will say that I thought it was a good ending. The whole season was an ending, wasn’t it? Looking at it that way, maybe those people complaining would re-think a few things… I think it ended the way it needed to end…

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my latest piece from 1888 Design
my latest piece from 1888 Design

My latest piece from 1888 Design arrived on this week. I can never resist a sale and the last one was a 50% deal. I still haven’t used my special code yet. Too bad I can’t combine it with the random deals. One or the other! I’ll have to use my own code one day just to show my appreciation for even having my own.


The weather is warming up but the winds had kept us on the cooler side most of the week. I suppose last weekend’s winds were a bit much because the tree above looked like that on Monday morning. Yowsa!

One more season of Blindspot!
One more season of Blindspot!

I’m happy that Blindspot is getting a fifth and final season because more Sullivan Stapleton on my TV is always a good thing! And I’m glad that they know they’re going to end so that it can get a proper send off. So congratulations to Sully and the Blindspot crew!

behind me, the nieces
the nieces behind me

Yesterday was my niece’s First Communion (yes, another First Communion). Fun times again! I really do enjoy spending time with my family and catching up with everyone. This time it wasn’t a usual mass (just one reading and no gospel), which made it a shorter time. I liked that bit. But lo, the kneeling portion was not fun at all. When did I find it intolerable to kneel?! Yowsa.

Hollywood stylin' cousins

I am super digging this photo with my cousin. I think we look a bit Hollywood, eh? It was warm and bright outside of the church. I think this is the first time in a long while that my hair is shorter than my cousin’s. Maybe?

There’s my friend Paula standing next to Henry Cavill again. I just had to show it off because I’m so happy for her and just a smidgen jealous. Just a tiny, itsy bit jealous. Mostly I think it’s amazing she got to stand there with him and have a few words. She said it was only 30 seconds but that’s still 30 seconds more than I’ve ever had with him.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! In all your ways, you’re doing your best. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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05 May 2019 @ 08:59 pm

I had another short week at work because I took my birthday off! If you can take off from work for your birthday, I always recommend it.

bday cake at work
birthday cake

The lovely folks at work had a cake for me for an early birthday moment of celebration. So sweet…

On my actual birthday (May 3rd), I stayed up to watch the Crusaders end their game in a draw. I was actually happy because they had been trailing for all of it so a non-loss was good for me! Later, I headed out to watch Avengers: Endgame for viewing number two. After the movie, I went over to the library for a bit before meeting the husband. We had dinner at BJ’s then went home. I wanted to take a nap but it ended up being my bedtime. I guess I was tired!

I did troll from some birthday wishes from the fellas and a few of them happily obliged. Of course, makes me love them more. And one who didn’t respond at least LOOKED at my instagram story. I’ll count that as a win.

Saturday morning
Saturday morning

On May the Fourth (yes, I had to do it), I had a quick appointment at the salon then we went to watch Avengers: Endgame. Yes, my third time seeing it but the first time for the husband. Seriously, I enjoy the movie very much and why do I still cry at the same parts?!… We also did a little shopping. I bought a couple of books (yes, real books) and a Star Wars figure (Val from Solo).


Today (Sunday) was my goddaughter’s First Communion so we headed to church. It was a long mass and the children were too cute in their dressy clothes. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to church (probably another First Communion) and it always strike me a little how they’ve modernized some of the responses. I don’t mind. It’s just a little different. After mass, we had lunch at my cousin’s house. It was very lovely spending time with family…

Happy Anniversary!
we met four years ago

April 30th marked four years since I first met Tyler Rich. I couldn’t help posting the above collage. I have more shots of the two of us but those four are from the first four times we met. Did I know that he would be a star when I first met him? I knew that he had that special something, that he could go far and he proves it every day. He is so special and he’s living the dream. It’s amazing to witness… (Now go check out “Leave Her Wild”!)

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Let’s start with the Make It Sweet concert!

Make It Sweet
my new baseball cap and my concert ticket

I had a VIP experience with Jordan Davis but it was cancelled due to illness. He was still able to perform for the concert and if I hadn’t known he wasn’t well, I might not have noticed.

Here’s my rundown of the concert:

  • Mitchell Tenpenny – WOW. Strong voice, great energy. I only knew a couple of his songs but I enjoyed them all, especially “Telling All My Secrets.”
  • Jordan Davis – I’ll admit that he was the main reason I wanted to go the concert and even though he was unwell, he gave it his all. I couldn’t help singing along to (almost) all his songs. He did a great job and I’m glad he powered through to perform. (He ended up cancelling Sunday’s performance at Stagecoach. Such a bummer!)
  • Old Dominion – They put on the best show! I LOVED every second they were on stage. I sang along to most of all their songs and at one point the microphone failed and the whole audience carried the song until Matthew got a new mic. It was funny and awesome. My favorite part was when Trevor, Matthew, and Brad sat and went through some of the hit songs they’ve written… I loved how most of the audience sang along to all the songs. It felt good singing along with everyone and the band.

This was probably one of my favorite concerts in recent days. I enjoyed it all so much. Everyone put on a great show…

Friday night movie
Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame – No spoilers from me! If you’ve invested your time and heart into the MCU, then you’re going to see this movie. I’m definitely going to need to see it again a couple of more times in the theatre… I saw the movie on Friday, deciding on going to see it about an hour or so before show time. The auditorium was pretty packed but the crowd wasn’t too rowdy so that was good. I did have to get up during the movie but I don’t think I missed too much (plus I was fast).

Leave Her Wild
“Leave Her Wild” – Tyler Rich

“Leave Her Wild” – Tyler’s new single is out! GO GET IT! It’s so good. I love it so very much. Could this be the one that goes to the top of the charts? I have a feeling it could be…

Game of Thrones – What can I say about episode 3? It was exciting and dark (not just in theme but visually quite dark) and gut wrenching and satisfying. I cried towards the end when Bran said, “You’re a good man.” The tears just streamed down at that point. Oh Arya! Such a freakin’ badass! “Not today.” Of course, the next question is now what?


Monday I had the day off to go the DMV. I know, EXCITING, eh? (NOT!) But how’s this for efficient– I received my license in the mail on Saturday! After the DMV, we had breakfast at Katy’s Kreek then checked a bookstore and a comics book shop before having beer at Mike Hess. A good way to spend a Monday!… The weather was a little too hot for my taste. Why can’t we have temps in the 70s for like a month before hitting the summer heat?…

My birthday is coming up (on the 3rd) and I might troll my fellas for HBD wishes. We shall see. Already got an early one from Chris Conrad because I hinted in a tweet that my friend Rachel would appreciate a shoutout from him for her birthday since he was her favorite back in the day. He obliged (because he’s a total sweetheart) and assured me that he was sending me something autographed. I’m just happy at the prospect, he can totally take his time with it…

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This past week marked our 25th anniversary. It’s rather amazing to be married this long. Marriage is love and joy and work. Yes, work. But it’s the best kind of work. We’ve had more good days than bad and I would not trade any of it. I seriously count myself as lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He puts up with a lot of my nonsense and he loves me. I do love him so very much. My one and only…

anniversary appetizers
anniversary appetizers

We had dinner at Black Angus for our anniversary. It was delicious and lowkey as we both worked that day. We had appetizers, salad, the main entree, and dessert– I was so full by the end of it!

pretty flowers
spring flowers

I’ve been taking pictures of the flowers I’ve been seeing during my day. So may pretty little blooms! I think it’s important to appreciate the beauty that exists in the world. It’s there if you just let it shine for you…

my new Tyler Rich cap
my new Tyler Rich cap

My latest Tyler Rich purchase! This is my third Tyler baseball cap. I like it! It’s sort of killing me not knowing when we’re going to see him again but I do know that we will see each other again. I’m so glad my friends/fellow fans are sharing their video clips and pictures. I miss him though. I want to be in the crowd singing his songs with everyone else. It’s such magic even just hearing it in those videos online…


Game of Thrones – I’ve been laughing a lot more since the season opened. I think it’s because we know these characters so much. This second episode of this last season felt like a lot more placing of pieces for the next big action sequence. I know that all these characters will not survive to the end and I am savoring every moment with them. I hope we get an episode with more focus on the Night King, something more substantial than the hints here and there we’ve had in the past seasons. Who was he? What is his objective?… I did like the song at the end. So pretty…


Just the other night, I started thinking of a scene for a story that I haven’t started writing. Why does this always happen? Why can’t I focus on the stories I’ve already started writing? So maddening!…

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Ohhh, spring time. I do love the warmer air, the cool breeze, the bright sunshine. I like the cold morning, the slight heat of the day. I wish our springtime temperatures were our summer temperatures. Knowing this tolerable warmth will soon give way to the stifling summer just spoils it a little for me.

this is our album cover
our album cover – we’re so serious

We cooked dinner with our friends twice this past week! We’re all trying to eat healthier so we’re giving this a try. It’s a good thing to make dinner and hang out with good people. The food was delicious! First night we had chicken, second night we had seafood. Yum!

The Delta
The Delta

I ended the week with a meeting, which was rather nice. I liked getting out of the office and seeing folks from the other sites. Oh, and learning new things! I do like learning new things…


“Layers of Entanglement” – I started this story ages ago and I went back to it for a re-read. I wish I had kept notes on what I had intended for the story. The story is one part sci-fi/fantasy, one part fangirl wishful thinking, and another part romance novel. I have an outline but when it comes to the sci-fi/fantasy part, I didn’t note anything. So frustrating! I want to start writing it again just for fun. Well, it could be fun if I can figure out the sci-fi/fantasy layer.


Game of Thrones – OMG, it’s back! And OMG, it ends after the last episode. We didn’t watch the previous seasons as we intended but we did watch last season’s last episode for a little refresher. So Episode 1 of Season 8 was… long awaited! I’m still trying to process everything I saw. I loved it all! I’m trying to savor this last season and not feel so impatient for the next episode. It was great seeing the character come together. As one of the reviews I just read noted, this first episode set the players in place for what lies ahead. I laughed a little, I teared up a little, I gasped a little– I loved the tug of emotions… My favorite part had to be the dragon giving Jon Snow the look. You know what I’m talking about…

dinner at home
dinner at home

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07 April 2019 @ 09:19 pm

I don’t know why I wait to write on Sunday nights. I think back on the week and don’t remember so much. Is it a blessing of sorts? Is it just the lull of the season?


Blindspot – Finally caught up. I still enjoy the show and its twists and turns. I like that the Weller marriage is grounded in experience and emotion and they don’t show the romantic stuff so much…

Grisse – We’re watching this one right now. It’s interesting! I wonder how it will end…

Warrior – Now that Strike Back has ended its season, this new show has begun. We’ve watched the first episode and I like it!

Random musings

I read a book this week. I should probably read more. Maybe it’ll help with my writing… My Muse is keeping me guessing on what to write next for my story. So frustrating!… Farmers Market on Saturday meant a couple of mimosas for me!…

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It was a nice week mixed with a day off and quieter days at work. I like the way the work days flow when the kids are on break.


Immortals – Finished up this series on Monday. What can I say about it? I thought it was entertaining and well done. The actors were so pretty and the dubbing wasn’t as distracting as it could have been. The fashions were interesting but it added to the campy feel at times. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would, as long as you don’t have a huge expectations and just sit back and enjoy it.

Strike Back: Revolution – The season finale was pretty exciting. I found the whole season to be super entertaining and I would definitely watch it again (even without “the boys” aka Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester). I enjoy the banter between the characters as well as the action. I also liked how when they were in the Philippines, they had actual Filipino being said in the dialogue.

Justified – The hubby is watching the show from the beginning and I’m half paying attention to it. I’ll probably pay more attention when Greg finally appears. I know, what kind of fangirl/friend am I that I didn’t watch when it was actually airing?

movie time
second time watching this one…


Captain Marvel – Yes, saw this one again. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. It makes me want to watch the other Marvel movies again…

Robin Hood – This movie was on sale and I just had to have it. I liked it well enough. It ended as if there could be a sequel. I wonder if they have one planned…

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald – This movie was also on sale. It’s definitely a middle of the trilogy movie and now I want to know more. I’m wondering if the reveal at the end was a bit of misdirection?

that filter with the new hair
still loving that snapchat filter…

Got my hair cut! Nothing too crazy but it’s definitely shorter. It feels lighter. My stylist curled my hair and the next day I straightened it. Not sure which look I like better but I’m glad I can go both ways with it…

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25 March 2019 @ 12:11 am

This past week saw a day off from work, the first day of Spring, a half-day Friday, and finally watching Captain Marvel! I also started writing in cursive in a blank book because I want to practice handwriting that way…

flowers at work
flowers at work

I thought about walking out to the library or to the movies on Monday but instead I stayed at home and didn’t do much, which was actually quite nice. I started watching the Netflix show Immortals, which is probably why I didn’t go out. The show is mostly eye candy goodness but there’s enough for me to keep me hooked.

me with purple hair
the purple snapchat filtered version of me

I am so digging this one Snapchat filter that gives me purple hair and smoother skin. It looks like I’m wearing make-up that I’m not wearing. I’m a little in love with what it does to my face. The joys of technology! The filtered photos make for great profile pictures.

The days working passed pleasantly enough. I had to cover the front desk for lunch but I didn’t mind so much as it gave me a break from the stuffing of envelopes and such. I walked over the the library a couple of times. I do so enjoy the walk and the time away from the office.

ticket to Captain Marvel
ticket to Captain Marvel

Friday was a half day of work and then the walk to the movie theatre to watch Captain Marvel. I had a small popcorn, a cup of water, and my usual seat in the auditorium. Most of the other movie goers were children with their parents or teens with their friends.


Captain Marvel – I almost cried when the movie opened. You know how Marvel movies start with flashes of the comic books and such? Well, this one opened with flashes of Stan Lee’s cameos in the movies and I felt decidedly teary-eyed… I liked the movie! I loved how it tied in with the other movies before it and alluded to the movie coming up in April. I thought Brie Larson was great in it. I think I’ll be watching it again in the theatre…

Mute – Alexander Skarsgård is in this one and I enjoyed it! I liked the futuristic feel and the twists I did not expect AT ALL. It was dark and a little dreary but had me hooked from the opening minutes. It was a bit of a bummer that Skarsgård didn’t speak most of the movie but it did give him a chance to play the characters through his movements and action. Paul Rudd was good in it and Justin Theroux was unrecognizable and unexpected…

Outlaw King – Not sure why it took me so long to watch this one as I am a Chris Pine fan but we finally got to it. I thought it was well done. I enjoyed watching Chris in a gritty sort of role. He played his part well.

Happy Birthday Philip Winchester!
the Fans of Philip crew wishes Happy Birthday to Philip Winchester

Sunday, March 24, marked the birthday of Philip Winchester. We the crew of Fans of Philip passed along our best wishes from our respective social media profiles both fan-oriented and personal. I posted the above from the Fans of Philip instagram and hopefully he saw it (I think he probably did). I enjoy being part of the Fans of Philip crew and it’s interesting being in a collaborative group. And it’s nice to know that Philip appreciates all our efforts even if it’s not always clear that we are a group as opposed to just one person…

Happy Birthday Philip Winchester
HBD from me

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18 March 2019 @ 01:39 pm

I remember when I looked forward to spring. It was this swell of excitement for the fresher air, the warmer days, the blue skies, and the bright sunshine. I didn’t like the lull of winter after the holidays. I didn’t care for the cold days or the longer nights.

I started my weekend with wine and garlic parmesan popcorn
Friday treat – garlic parmesan popcorn & a glass of Pinot Grigio

But now I feel as though winter doesn’t last quite long enough. I don’t get many days to wear my heavier jackets or sweaters or beanies. I want more days to sit on my couch wearing sweats and a hoodie. I like going out wearing jeans with a zip up hoodie or sweatshirts. Such are the seasons, they fly so fast.

The last full week of winter has passed. The weather was cool and windy but clear and sunny. I stuffed a lot of envelopes and expect a bunch of signed paperwork back to me in the coming days. The last day of 3rd quarter was Friday and the students are now free for two weeks. Lucky them! Of course, that means I’ll be taking days off here and there. I plan on eventually watching Captain Marvel.

Brentwood Farmers Market
Week Three of the Brentwood Farmers Market

Saturday was the first Farmers Market without rain. Joy! We missed last week but went out this weekend because I wanted some kettle corn and a mimosa (or two). It was great to see all the people out for the market. It was still just First Street but I expect it’ll open up to Oak Street soon enough.

Mimosa #1 on Saturday
Mimosa number one

I had my two mimosas (the one above and another one). I bought my kettle corn (the big bag because the other one from week one didn’t last the whole week). We ended up having breakfast at MJ’s. I had the corned beef eggs benedict. It was very good.

breakfast at MJ's
breakfast at MJ’s

Sunday was the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl. I didn’t buy a ticket but the hubby did. I got to enjoy a couple of his drinks while he ordered beer most of the way. The midori margarita at the Iguana Bar was good. We ran into my cousin and his wife and daughter. It was so great catching up with them! We saw them when they were headed to one of the bars then we found them again at their second bar. We probably should have taken pictures together but it was so crowded. Next time!

Stuffed salmon at Sweeney's
stuffed salmon at Sweeney’s

We ended the pub crawl with dinner at Sweeney’s. I thought I was going to get the corned beef and cabbage but I ended up with the stuffed salmon. It was so good! All in all, a great weekend of walking and eating and drinking– all without driving because we can walk to downtown!


My Crusaders didn’t play this weekend. Their match was cancelled because of the terrorist attack in Christchurch. When the news hit, I was shocked then angry then heartbroken. You know the world is a sort of wreck when a place like New Zealand experiences such a hateful event. I have faith that they will come out of this stronger. They will do what needs to be done to prevent such a thing from happening again…

I finished Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and I already want to read it again. I borrowed it digitally from the library and now I’m contemplating buying it as a paperback. I confess, I read it because I wanted to have some background when I watch the series on Amazon Prime (May 31st)…

Caught up on Blindspot and got a like from Sully on my comment to his St. Patrick’s Day post. Ahh, the little things…

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10 March 2019 @ 09:55 pm

I make notes everyday on the day’s events. Sometimes I use what I’ve written for topics here. Sometimes I just write off the top of my head.

mac & cheese, fancy like
fancy mac & cheese

Lent began on Wednesday. I saw a few posts from people who said that they were giving up social media for Lent. What does that mean? Does it mean they won’t read it or post to it or both? When I participated in giving up something for Lent, I usually gave up something that was more a vice than virtue (drinking soda was the favorite). Do these people view social media as more a negative than a positive? I’m seriously curious. I understand the people who say that it’s good to unplug but those who give up social media for Lent give me pause…

HBD to this little guy
Wasn’t he cute all those decades ago? He’s still pretty cute these days too…

The hubby’s birthday was Friday and I posted the above photo to my Instagram. It’s one of my favorite pictures of little boy version of him. He still smiles like that!


Bohemian Rhapsody – We watched this movie last weekend and I really enjoyed it. I loved the way the music was weaved into the plot. It led me to listen to some Queen music throughout the week, which is pretty much an awesome thing…

Aquaman – We pre-ordered the movie and it came with a digital copy so we watched it. It looks so good on 4K! And the movie is just as fun at home as it was at the theatre…


me, filtered and such
me, filtered and such
  • I love using the filters for my selfies (see above)…
  • I keep re-reading my 2017 NaNoWriMo. I think I want to edit it and make it worthy of reading by other people (I’m the only one who’s read it)…
  • One more week of work then Spring Break for the kids out here…
  • Seriously love that Sully and Simon are taking to liking comments on their posts. It’s a fun little thrill for a bit of joy…
  • I didn’t wake up in time for this weekend’s Farmers Market. Alas! But it was a bit rainy so maybe it was best I stayed home…

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03 March 2019 @ 09:21 pm

This weekend marked the first Saturday of the Farmers Market. Even though the weather was rainy, we walked to downtown. I bought a cheeseburger Zombie and kettle corn and croissants. I had my first mimosa (lavender). So good! It was a lovely day.

first mimosa of the season
The lavender mimosa

So if you’ve been following this blog or just paying any sort of attention to my random fangirl postings on social media, then you know I had this thing for Simon Kassianides. It was Listworthy serious (which is pretty serious in my world of fangirling). As with most of my fellas (except Sullivan Stapleton and the never Listworthy but definitely top three Henry Cavill), my regard for Simon tapered off to a much cooler, not so all consuming fangirl sort of affection. Some of the coolness (okay, a lot of it) was due to the fact that he had a girlfriend. Wait, that sounds like I’m a nutjob.

Let me preface this with this inherent truth – I do not care if my fellas have wives or girlfriends. I don’t like them “that way.” I adore the fellas because they’re amazing actors or singers or just do a damn good job of entertaining me. Add to the fact that I am quite happily married (he’s amazing and awesome and merely rolls his eyes at my fangirling antics) and there is no reason whatsoever for the significant other of my fellas to view me as anything more than an enthusiastic supporter of their boyfriend or husband. Got that?

Sometimes, if the girlfriend or wife is awesome and amazing, I end up liking them too. (Case in point, Sabina Gadecki, one of my favorite people.) Most of the time, I pay no mind to the girlfriend or wife. Very few times, I somehow got noticed by the girlfriend and then blocked. (Jealous or insecure much?!)

So Simon’s ex blocked me on one of the social networks after I had followed her and commented like TWICE on her posts. I’m not sure WHY she blocked me but she did (I was only complimentary in my comments) and I did not appreciate it at all. I hate to say it but it did color my regard for Simon. How could it not? He proclaimed affection for a person who decided that blocking a stranger from her public social media account was a smart thing to do (as if I couldn’t find other ways of seeing her public account). Did she really think I wouldn’t notice? Well, I did.

I still kept track of Simon through his posts, of course. I rolled my eyes every time she happened to appear. And I lowkey checked out the public profile she opened up later just in case he happened to appear in her posts. (To be honest, I don’t like looking at her face and it was a chore to look through her profile just to catch a glimpse of him.) I stopped posting pictures of him or even mentioning him on social media. But I was still watching him.

It took me a couple of weeks or so to notice when she was no longer appearing on his social media but I did eventually notice. It seemed to happen around the same time as when he was filming the Suits spinoff Pearson. I thought that might be why until I went to his profile page and saw certain photos were no longer there. I thought it was interesting.

Nowadays I find myself paying a bit more attention to him than before but I haven’t gotten to the point of doing screenshots much less posting about him. (This doesn’t count since I’m not going to tag him or anything.) But wait until Pearson starts. I’ll probably be back with screencaps and such. I’m that kind of fangirl…


Still writing “In My Bed” and I still don’t have names for any of the characters. I have over 10k words written. Is that a little crazy? Maybe. I’m also writing in a non-linear fashion but trying to keep the story linear. It’s interesting not having names yet but it’s also keeping the story tight. I’ll have to give them names soon…

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24 February 2019 @ 09:48 pm


“In My Bed” – I’ve been working on this story for awhile but the characters have no names yet. I started with the end and then some of the middle but it’s slow going. Perhaps I’m merely feeling a bit uninspired…


I read a romance novel that was written back in the 1980s and I was struck by how dated it felt while reading it. I say this as one who likes to read Pride and Prejudice at least once or twice a year. The point of view in this ’80s era romance novel was third person with all of its focus on the main female character. It was written by the author of my favorite romance novel at the time and I wonder now if I read that favorite novel now if I’d feel the same about it as I did then. I have a feeling not.

Happy Birthday Tyler!
Happy Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday to Tyler! His song “The Difference” is now in the top 20 for country music! How amazing is that?! I’d love for the song to go to number one.

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18 February 2019 @ 07:52 pm

The weather was a little wild, a little stormy this past week. It was only a four day work week but it felt a little long but not because most of our building was at a conference. There was a sort of quiet to the office that helped with the monotony of the work.

Kevin Smith as Ares

This week marked the 17th anniversary of the death of Kevin Smith (“Ares” on Xena and Hercules). I loved seeing the simple remembrances from people who worked with him. I loved remembering those conventions when I met him as well as remembering those times hanging out with my friends. It amazes me that even now, seventeen years later, I can still think of him with so much love and only a touch of melancholy. I am grateful for him because of the friends I have to this day. I can still hear him in my stories…

Rugby begins!
Super Rugby has begun!

Super Rugby is on! My Crusaders won their first match. Yah! I am so happy that it’s rugby season. I love watching on Friday night or a very early Saturday morning. It’s always strange when the games are on during the actual day (those are the ones in Argentina or the last game played in South Africa). I love hearing the different accents and recognizing the names of the players and officials…

Alita: Battle Angel – Yes for $4 movie tickets from T-Mobile! We saw this on Friday night after work. Alita was well done in technical terms– the special effects looked natural, the action was exciting. When I had seen the trailers, I think I expected something different from what the movie showed us. I don’t know anything about the manga either so I went in watching the movie with fresh eyes. I enjoyed it for the most part.

love the likes
I love the likes a bit too much

This means he reads the comments on his posts, right?

Have a great week, y’all!

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This past week reminded me of my first days in my most encompassing fandom– the Herc/Xena days. I suppose one could call me a Xenite but really, I was all about the male guest stars. They were my focus. I loved the shows, wrote role playing stories that took place in that universe, and attended the conventions. Meeting the different actors made me appreciate them on a personal level and my adoration expanded to not just their characters but to their work before and beyond the shows. It was the early days of fandom on the internet, before social media, before smartphones.

It was a heady time. It was a time full of lessons that resonate even to this day.

KSOFC Brunch 1998
KSOFC Brunch 1998

I was part of my first (and I think only) fan club. I wasn’t part of any inner circles those days though I do remember sitting down for drinks with my friends and some of the behind the scenes folks (a producer and show writer, I believe), so I did have my moments. I was in it to connect with other fans and maybe, just maybe make friends. And on that score, I made some great friends who are still my friends now.

Did I crave some attention from the actual actors? OF COURSE. Whether it was getting that autograph at a convention or a photo with a favorite, I absolutely wanted those moments. I had my favorites and for them I created fansites. Some of the sites were one of many for a particular actor but a couple became the only ones for the particular actor and eventually they trusted me enough to personally reach out. I even call one a friend.

The Ray Bradbuty Theater
Erik Thomson in The Ray Bradbury Theater “By the Numbers”

I did those sites on my own— the webspace was on my dime, the screencaps and sound bites were on my time. I found articles and interviews and posted them, always careful to give proper credit. I even posted a few fan contributions. I wanted to share my favorites with other people and I loved when fellow fans allowed me to share their experiences on my sites. My sites were my pieces of appreciation for my favorites and in a couple of cases, I earned their attention as well.

William Gregory Lee as Zack on Dark Angel

I never “worked” for any of my favorites but one allowed me to use his name as the URL for my fansite and I felt an obligation to keep that site as up-to-date as possible. We chatted a lot and he sent me photos and news whenever appropriate and I dutifully posted. I enjoyed our interactions and keeping up the website but eventually his work had many lulls and I moved on to other things.

One of my favorite parts of being part of the Xenaverse was the role playing stories. I played in the Temple of Ares and we all “shared” Ares in our stories, most of us not claiming him as our own but understanding he was a god who shared himself with his priestesses. (Just go with me on this.) Our loose rules including not marrying any canon characters to our characters (as our characters were not canon being more “Mary Sue” and the like), claiming canon characters as our own (no, they weren’t devoted exclusively to our characters), using the canon characters contrary to their storylines in the shows. Most of us adhered to these loose rules and a lot of us, when using the other priestesses, were respectful to the relationships established by those priestesses.

Of course, we had some folks who didn’t want to play within the confines of the rules. Not all of us had the same vision of the temple and those people wrote stories that were contrary. Sometimes it didn’t matter. Sometimes the stories were one-offs. It was only a problem when someone used our role-playing characters in their own stories without allowing for what those characters had already established. We didn’t always handle it in adult ways and sometimes people would leave, to be never heard from again.

Strike Back
Sully on Strike Back

In recent days, I have been loosely attached to some fan groups. Nothing totally official but I have been blessed (and I do not use that word often) by associating with like minded fans where mutual respect is paramount in our dealings with each other and our chosen artist. I have also been part of groups where someone has let ego get in the way. I learned to look beyond the pettiness and to the artist. He (because let’s be honest, I back the fellas more ardently than the ladies) is always my guiding force. He doesn’t need to know the behind the scenes conflicts. He doesn’t need to know when one of us isn’t acting in the best interest of the whole group. He doesn’t need to know that no matter how ONE might purport to be the main driving force, there’s a group operating under the banner. No, he only needs to know that we ALL adore him and support him in his endeavors. He only needs to know that we are there for him.

I have been guilty of wanting all the love for myself. Why else create those long ago websites for my fellas? I wanted to feel the shine of their attention. And I was lucky enough to have that. Along the way I learned that just because that shine went to someone else didn’t mean that it was being taken away from me. I learned to be grateful to be able to share in any of it. I learned that the friendships borne out of the mutual adoration was just as important if not more so than getting the attention of that favorite. Now when I “work” by linking to an article, tweeting about the latest role or song, I do so because I want others to feel what I feel. I want them to feel the magic of that favorite, the joy of their work, the beauty of their creations.

a candid shot of one of my favorite moments
one of those fun fangirl moments

When I work with fellow fans, I do so with the hope that we’re all on the same page. Sometimes it works out and sometimes there are conflicts. Much of the time, it’s about ego getting in the way instead of the primary directive– shining light on the favorite. When conflicts arise due to ego, it needs to be called out, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. How we all react to being called out or to the calling out is the test. Do we lash out in pettiness or do we step back and take stock?

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