TWITL – week forty – fall break

We’re in the middle of fall break here, which is why I’m writing this post on Monday morning. I decided to take the Mondays and Fridays off, which meant a four day weekend last weekend (because I took the Friday off for the concert), a four day weekend for this weekend, and a three day weekend for next. Glorious time!


buttery popcorn
buttery popcorn

No Time to Die – I like James Bonds films in passing but as the years have passed, I’ve watched movies in the same vein that appeal to me more. James Bond harkens back to a different time and putting him in modern settings necessitated a change in his character that worked well but it could be said that other films are doing his kind of character better. Perhaps it’s time to appreciate him as a relic of the past instead of constantly rebooting him for another generation. All that said, I wasn’t planning on seeing Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond in the theatre. I was going to wait until it hit one of the streaming services and watch it from the comfort of home. T-Mobile, however, changed my plans by offering $4 movie tickets to the movie and who am I to resist such an offer? So I bought a $4 ticket to the IMAX showing and sat at the top corner of the middle section without anyone around me and enjoyed the nearly three hour showing of this Bond’s last hurrah.

I kinda loved it. I’m sure I would have liked it more if I had remembered more details from the previous films but as it was, I understood well enough the plot line and I enjoyed it. The cinematography was GORGEOUS. It was really a beautiful film, a feast for the eyes. Are Daniel Craig’s eyes really that blue? Is Ana de Armas’ hair really that shiny? Speaking of de Armas, she was woefully underused but I LOVED her time on screen. She was altogether goofy and cute and gorgeous and sweet and kickass. They could do a whole little short film on her adventures as Paloma and I would absolutely watch it. (And why am I just now remembering Knives Out? LORD.)

Daniel Craig was a good Bond, even if he did not physically match the Bond in my head (I think physically, Pierce Brosnan was my ideal even if I can’t remember ever watching his Bond movies). DC was a good Bond for these modern times and I’m sure I’ll appreciate him more when I go back and watch his Bond movies again. He certainly made me believe he was more than the womanizing, martini drinking, spy with a license to kill.

If you’re a James Bond fan, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to watch this movie. If you’re a Daniel Craig fan, same bit. If you’re a movie fan in general, this one is a good one to sit and enjoy. I certainly did.


I am so easy

So here’s my chance to say that Ben Barnes’ EP Songs for You comes out this Friday. The first single, “11:11” is already out and has been streamed over 1million times on Spotify. Good for Ben! I do love the song and I’m sure I’m going to end up loving the EP. I’m sort of easy like that.

Sully love

I still very much ADORE Sullivan Stapleton. He continues to demonstrate his good heart and always puts out positivity and hope in his IG posts. Also, his dog is adorable. I don’t think I’ll ever be indifferent to him and I really do love how he takes the time to read and like the comments to his posts. Definitely keeps me hooked. And after our fangirl kerfuffle with his former co-star, I appreciate Sully’s good nature and openness even more. At least I feel like he would be super sweet if we ever met. His co-star? Yeah, not so much.


What If…? (Disney+) – I enjoyed this first season very much. Is it getting as second season? I hope so! I’d love to revisit those versions of familiar characters again. I think they series plays very well for all kinds of fans but fans who have a good recollection of the films probably get a bit more out of it. And if you’re comic book fan, you probably get even more out the stories…

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) – The second season has ended and I think it was a good one. I loved getting to know the characters even more and even though I’m a little bummed about the turn of one of the characters, I understand it too. My favorite episode was the Christmas episode, which even now makes me smile a little.

Foundation (Apple TV+) – I read the first three books before the series premiered and I definitely understand the show more than I did the books. (Perhaps I should re-read them? I want to finish all of them first before I go back.) I’m definitely enjoying the show and the latest episode had me a bit on the edge of my seat. And lo, Lee Pace has mesmerizing voice.


Facebook and Instagram went down last week for SIX hours. I’m lucky because for me, it was just a nuisance and a little bummer but for others, it was likely a stressful time. From businesses and professionals to folks who use FB as a way to communicate with family and friends– I can see how the services going down for six hours was very jarring. Some people were too easy to dismiss what was an inconvenience for them without seeing how it could be a lifeline cutoff for others. Be nicer, people. If you’re the kind to mock and say things like, “Oh, just go outside,” maybe you should take your own advice and step away before you willfully hurt someone who might read your words.

my face during our CPN chats

We had our CPN chat this past weekend. It was our Zoom-aversary! We had our first group video chat a year ago. It was a way to socialize during the lockdown and it turned into so much more. I simply LOVE and ADORE those ladies so much and am so grateful that the wonderful Aleks Paunovic is the reason we fell into each others’ orbits.


We have so much fun, especially when Amanda samples her Universal Yum box. We get to vote on what she gets to taste, which is always a delightful moment in our hours long chats. We missed Rachel and Naye this time around. Susan dropped in later (she’s the one missing in the shot above). Thank you Paula, Rikke, Amanda, Kim, and Susan for another wonderful night of chatting. You all make me smile and I love hearing about life in your parts of the world.

And now to enjoy my day off by watching another episode of The Crown

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TWITL – week thirty nine – the other happy place

If baseball is my happy place, then concerts featuring my favorites is my other happy place. So Friday we headed to Sacramento for the first stop of the Blessed & Free tour. The headliner was Kane Brown but I was there to see Jordan Davis.

driving along 160
the view along 160

We left our place in the afternoon and as it was Friday, encountered the typical traffic. We arrived at a decent time, checked in at the Holiday Inn, then found that the Golden 1 Center was a short walk from our hotel. NICE!

mirror shot selfie
mirror shot selifes are a bit awkward, eh?

We were going to go the Yard House but the wait was too long, so we passed by Sauced, which looked pretty crowded. We ended up at Flat Stick Pub for drinks and a bit of food. We’d been to the South Lake Tahoe location and liked it and I liked this location as well. The nachos were yummy!

yummy nachos

The Golden 1 Center did their due diligence in checking vaccination status and IDs. My purse was apparently questionable in size and I had to refrain from rolling my eyes when I was told that he was letting me take it in. Right-oh, dude. We were told that masks were required at all times when in the venue (unless eating or drinking, of course), and most people were wearing their masks while walking the concourse. But inside the arena? Well, the masks were few and far between with the folks sitting in their seats and I ended up taking mine off as well. And of course none of the venue staff were going around telling people to put on their masks. Wouldn’t that be madness? But if everyone was vaccinated or negative for COVID-19 then theoretically the chances of getting it were slim, right?

aren't we cute?
aren’t we cute?

First up in the evening’s lineup was a group called Restless Road. I had never heard of them but I ended up very much enjoying their set. They had a great energy about them and a pleasing sound. (I ended up buying a couple of their songs on iTunes.)

Restless Road
I totally dug Restless Road

My reason for buying the concert tickets was Jordan Davis and he did not disappoint. He sounded great and had the crowd engaged. I knew all the songs in his set! I loved it! I even managed to record two whole songs that turned out rather nicely, audio wise. Video wise I had to contend with people walking by and all of that. I made sure to record a bit of every song so I think this is the set list, in order:

  • Need to Not
  • Take It From Me
  • Selfish
  • Heads Carolina, Tails California
  • Slow Dance in a Parking Lot
  • Cool Anymore
  • Almost Maybes
  • Church in a Chevy
  • Detours
  • Mary Jane’s Last Dance (Tom Petty cover)
  • Lose You
  • Singles You Up
  • Buy Dirt
  • Drink Had Me
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis, one of my favorites always

I’m so glad that Jordan was my first concert at the Golden 1 Center. It would have been cool to get another picture with him but you know what, I already have two with him and I’m perfectly happy seeing him on stage living his dream and gracing us with his music.

The headliner was Kane Brown and we stayed for probably half or so of his set. Of the songs we heard, I only knew one because we had heard it on Sirius XM on our way to Sacramento. We didn’t stay long enough for the song of his I do know. Production value of his stage show was excellent and the music sounded great. He had decent stage presence but to my ear, his voice is rather flat with little range.

full venue
so many people

We ended up at the Yard House for after show drinks and a super late dinner. The lobster garlic noodles were freakin’ YUMMY. Was I just super hungry after waiting awhile for our table? Nah! It was delicious.

Lobster Garlic Noodles at the Yard House
Lobster Garlic Noodles = YES

All in all, a really lovely night. And it was a great call staying the night at a hotel in walking distance of the Golden 1 Center. Now we know where to stay for those concerts and other events there.


I’m not sure how I didn’t mention this last week (because it happened last week) but OMG, Ben Barnes looked at my IG story!

Ben Barnes, be still my heart
love the fangirl thrill

Look, I know he’s never going to actually comment on anything I post but it’s truly enough for me that he even took that moment to check out my IG story. I hope it gave him a smile or chuckle.


Venom: Let There Be Carnage – I’m going to say it– I liked this one more than the first movie. It was funny and sweet (sweet?, yes, sweet), crazy in fun way, and violent in a slightly kid-friendly way (PG-13 can be a bummer). I love Tom Hardy and he’s always a treat to watch. The plot was pretty straightforward and a welcome change from the whole “save the universe” stories. It’s a fun movie and I loved it. Also, that mid-credit scene was BONKERS. I’m still thinking about it. IYKYK

go see Venom: Let There Be Carnage


It’s fall break, which means two weeks off for the students. Good for them! For me, it means I can take some time off. I decided on taking the Mondays and Fridays off, which ends up with me having three long weekends. Glorious!

I scheduled my third COVID-19 vaccination shot, along with my flu shot, for today (Sunday) and now my left arm is a little sore. Good thing I have tomorrow off! I’m sure I’ll be fine. Not going to lie, I feel good about having that little extra boost of the third dose. While other people want to decry being told to get vaccinated, I feel very LUCKY that the vaccine is free for everyone and I wonder why anyone who can get it won’t get it. Oh, I’ve read all kinds of reasons people put out there but I haven’t asked anyone I know why they won’t get the vaccine. Their reasons don’t affect me. I’ve done my part. Nothing I say to them will change their minds and their reasons will sound like nonsense to me unless they have real, medical reasons for not being able to take the vaccine.

heading back home...

If you made it to the end of this post, good on you! Be well and be safe, wash your hands, keep your distance, wear that mask, and get that vaccine if you’re able.

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TWITL – week thirty-eight – autumn begins

The first day of autumn was the middle of this past week but the summer weather is still going strong. I’m hoping the triple digits are behind us but we shall see.

last home game of the year
Let’s Go A’s!

We went to our first baseball game of the season, which happened to be the last home game of the season. We were in a suite, which was actually space converted from being the dining area for a once ago restaurant. Great view!

great view

Great pitching dominated the first part of the game then the Astros tied the game in the fifth inning before taking the lead in the sixth.The A’s tied it up in the bottom of the seventh and so it went until the ninth inning. The A’s scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth off Mark Canha’s single, which scored the runner on third. I love that #20 won the game because I was wearing my #20 jersey. LET’S GO A’s! Such a great way to end the last home game of the season.

in our A’s gear

The weather in Oakland was definitely a welcome change. When we got back home to Brentwood, warmer temperatures greeted us. Alas.

galaxy watch3

Galaxy Watch3 – I only lasted three days wearing this watch. I liked it but it’s not as functional when not using a Samsung phone. It’s really too bad because it’s such a good looking watch. Some notes…


  • Nice, easy on the eyes, watch face. I loved wearing a circular watch again.
  • Health features at the ready – able to check my steps or heart rate without digging too much into the watch


  • Can’t unlock my phone via the watch (expected)
  • Alerts sounded on both phone and watch even when connected
  • I had to manually connect the watch to the phone via bluetooth after charging the phone
  • Weather app had to be manually refreshed to show current temps
  • Screenshots of my watch face saved to the watch but couldn’t be sent to the phone

Four more days of work then Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Jordan Davis in Sacramento to start a four day weekend. I’m excited to have some time off!

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TK - Savages

TWITL – week thirty-seven – musical bright spots

I almost named this post “the final straw” but how melodramatic is that? Explanation perhaps at the end.

listening to "11:11" in the car

“11:11” – Ben Barnes – I’m easy when it comes to my fellas so of course I’m adoring this new song. I’m just happy I’m liking something other than country music (which of course I still LOVE). Give the song a spin or better yet, watch the lovely video starring Ben Barnes and his Westworld co-star Evan Rachel Wood.

“Bottom of the Bottle” – Anna Bergendahl and Tyler Rich – This song definitely has a pop feel to it. I like it! Another one to spin.

29: Written in Stone – Carly Pearce – I’m not sure when I got to the point of just buying Carly’s albums without listening but I never regret it. And so it is this time. I was listening to it while doing my overtime the other day. It is SO GOOD. She is such a great songwriter. And she has a voice I can play all day long. Give her album a listen. It really is a wonderful country music album.

mrs. rich and mrs. noble

Galaxy Watch3 – I’m trying out this watch with my iPhone because why not? I like watching tech videos and the lot and since we have this, I wanted to see how I’d like it. I might challenge myself by wearing it and only it for a week. Think can I do it? We shall see. Maybe I’ll do a little review of it for my amusement.

Strike Back

Good things come to an end. And this thing that started out as something fun and good, bringing inspiration and friends, has run its course with me. I made allowances for this one, more than I probably should have. Perhaps that last straw wouldn’t have been such if it were not for the fact of that melodramatic fangirl incident from two years ago. Has it really been two years already? It most definitely has. Out of sheer stubbornness and loyalty to my fellow fangirls rather than actual regard for this particular one, I continued my part of our collective endeavor. I stopped earlier this year, mostly out of lack of inspiration. But this past week, I finally pulled the trigger and let go.

One day I’ll watch his work again and I’ll enjoy it not because of him but because of the action and the other actors. I’m confident that I can separate him from his characters and only see his characters. Well, at least the particular one that caught my attention in the first place. I’ll test myself someday.

I have no regrets about the fangirl attention I shone his way. I truly enjoyed his work and the little bits of himself he shared along the way. But life is short and I’d rather shine my fangirl love elsewhere…

oh, this bunny

Still working that overtime and it’s been interesting for sure. I don’t mind that it’s tedious but lo, it’s tedious. It’s a challenge too and that’s another part that I enjoy. I’m sure I’ll like the added dollars to the paycheck…

Stay safe, my gentle readers. Wash your hands, wear your mask, keep your distance, and get that vaccine if you can.

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TWITL – week thirty-six – what we remember

As I write now, it’s September 11, 2021. Twenty years since 9/11. I won’t post this today but I thought I’d take that moment to pause, as one does on this day but I suppose especially this day twenty years later.

What did we learn from that day, from those days after, from that moment in history? People say, “Never forget.” I want to say, “What did we learn?” What did we learn about ourselves, about our place in the world, about our community, about our nation?

When people say, “Never forget,” do they mean for all of us to whirl back to that moment twenty years ago to relive the fear, the despair, the sorrow, the rage, the confusion? I haven’t forgotten that day but I certainly don’t want to remember the grief and pain, the silence, the numbness. Who wants to relieve the trauma and the loss?

Not me.

So what did I learn? I learned that even after such horror, we picked ourselves up and tried to put the pieces back together. We went back to work, we called our family and friends, we shared stories, we listened. I learned that the daily routine was precious in its own way. I felt guilty of being relieved that the people I knew were safe. I relished the odd silence of the clear skies. I worried what would happen in general and was glad when life became somewhat normal again. I worked at the jail at the time and the routine picked up again after a week or so.

I learned that we as a nation were quick to focus on an enemy and if that enemy looked like people here in the US, those people would get the side eye or worse by some. Usually worse. We really do love to “other” our own people and even now, twenty years later, we’re still doing it.

So no, I haven’t forgotten. How can anyone forget such a day? But I wonder, what did we learn?…

this squirrel

It was a hot week. The weather doesn’t care that it’s September. And it really is still summer. I’m looking forward to sweater weather. I want a little chill in the morning, maybe the need for a light jacket. It feels like it’s always going to be hot.


Elementary (Hulu) – We finished the first season and started the second season. I love the twist of Irene Adler and Moriarty. Nicely done. JLM really is a fantastic Sherlock and I totally get why the show lasted so long on tv. Lucy Liu is great as Watson. She’s close to being my favorite Watson.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) – This isn’t one of those shows I need to watch right when it drops. I can wait to watch the episodes. Doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the watch because they definitely are worth it. I love that this show is funny and touching and sporty. If you have Apple TV+, this is definitely a show to watch.

this bunny

Two days this past week, that rabbit was sitting in our front yard in that space between the bushes and the house. It freezes if it realizes that I’m watching it. It doesn’t move and has given me the chance to take pictures of it. Not sure who it belongs to and who’s feeding it but it’s not ours and we aren’t feeding it.

The 49er game just ended and apparently they wanted to make it exciting at the end? WTF

My overtime work has been tedious but not difficult. I like knowing that I’m doing something useful but I like even better that I’m getting paid time and a half for it. Extra money is always welcome!

Is it too soon to start brainstorming for National Novel Writing Month? Not at all! So yes, I am starting to think about what story I want to write in November. I’ve started some character sketches and plot considerations. The beginning is a bit clearer than the middle and end. I need to work on that for sure.

story ideas

Here’s to a good week ahead to one and all. Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, and if you’re eligible, get that vaccine. We all want “normal” and those are steps to get us there…

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TWITL – week thirty-five – Happy Labor Day

I do so love the three day weekends. August feels like the longest month, work-wise, because there are neither holidays nor breaks in all that month. It’s just work on the weekdays and then the weekend. It’s always such a relief to get through it.

I started working overtime this week. I know, me, overtime? I’m the kind who yes, usually gets to work a bit early but I’m also the kind who is out the door come the minute of the end of the work day. Ever since we started doing regular COVID-19 testing, I’ve been starting work early but consequently leaving work early as well. So no over time in that way. I was offered an assignment that would be done off hours, thereby overtime, and I took it. It’s a bit tedious but it’s relatively easy and I don’t mind doing it. It’s basically pulling data from one place then entering it elsewhere. I know, so exciting! I’ve been doing a couple of hours a day after work and then I did a few hours this weekend.


Saturday we headed out to get the truck washed then downtown for some drinks and a bit of food. It was good to get out but after a few drinks, I was ready for a nap! It was nice to leave the house for awhile to enjoy other people’s air conditioning.

Sunday, I visited the salon, took a quick walk through Ulta, then sat down at the movie theatre for a showing in the Dolby Cinema auditorium. By the time the movie started, I had strangers sitting on both sides of me and most of the auditorium was full.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (in theatres) – SO GOOD. I already want to see it again. The movie was action packed, funny, beautiful, engaging, and adventuresome. I laughed, I almost cried. I loved the action as much as the quiet moments in the movie. It was a fantastic introduction to a new MCU hero and I am all for it. I really do want to see it again. As an MCU fan, I definitely recommend it. But even if you aren’t well versed in all the MCU lore, I think it’s a great standalone movie. GO WATCH IT.


Elementary (Hulu) – We started watching this the other day. I’ve always liked Jonny Lee Miller but somehow never managed to watch this show while it was going through its run. I like what we’ve watched so far. He’s a great Sherlock Holmes. (I think Benedict Cumberbatch will always be my favorite Holmes.)

late summer leaves

Sometimes when I actually have something I’d like to document but I can’t, I wish I had a more anonymous blog. I have other places where I can post that would not lead to me but I figure if I can’t say it here, why say it elsewhere?

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MoS - profile

TWITL – week thirty-four – will you reach out in whimsy

if I whisper your name
will you hear it on the breeze
an unfamiliar voice
soft and low
will you reach out in whimsy
curious and open
then laugh at the notion
yet still wonder
at the longing that clings
gentle upon your heart

It’s been awhile since a bit of poetry so I thought, why not? I should write more poetry…

So my previous entry posted to Livejournal so I guess that plugin is working again. What the heck?! But truly, I am glad because my LJ is apparently forever (I have a permanent account) and I should use it, even if it is a crosspost from my main blog.


Kung Fu (HBO Max/CW) – We finished season one and I must say, I loved it. I loved how Asian and how American it was. I loved the supernatural, mystic stuff. I loved the well rounded characters. I love the feeling of family, the mistakes made by everyone, by the obvious love of family. It was funny, exciting, sometimes a little cheesy, action packed, and a treat to watch. I’m glad it’s getting a second season and I look forward to seeing what adventures await.

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) – I really do enjoy this show a lot. I’m never in a rush to watch it but when we sit down to it, it keeps me hooked. I loved the Bantr twist at the end of episode six! How are they going to play that in the next episodes? Should be fun to watch!

What If…? (Distney+) – Episode 3 didn’t quite pull at me as much as the previous two episodes but it was a good watch. I wonder, do all the episodes happen in the same timeline? Or are we jumping different threads of reality?


Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins – I enjoyed this movie, especially in context of it being a GI Joe movie, even though it didn’t seem like a GI Joe movie. Does that makes sense? I like Henry Golding and he was all right in this movie. His character seemed to lack a bit of vibrancy. The other characters were more interesting and compelling. And I say that as someone who likes him so take that as you will. I liked the look of this movie and the action was fine.

F9 – I think I missed one of the Fast and Furious movies but does it really matter very much? The latest installment had the prerequisite action and fast cars with a decent, if slightly ridiculous plot. It’s a fun watch and draws on previous movies and characters. It was entertaining. How many more of these movies are they going to do?

The Green Knight – I’m not sure how to take this movie. It’s beautifully shot and well acted but maybe I wasn’t in the mind space to appreciate it.


While we’re doing COVID-19 testing for district employees, I get to go into work early and therefore leave early. It’s only a difference of half an hour but there’s something about leaving work “early” that’s rather nice. My schedule is adjusted three of my five days of work, which isn’t super noticeable except when it’s time to leave. I do love leaving “early.”

I voted and it was counted

I voted and it’s been counted! Civic duty done.

My writing is at a real standstill right now. My creativity is in a fog. I’m trying to prep for National Novel Writing Month but I’m not feeling it right now. Do I just need to write on the fly in November? Is that something I can do without even some kind of light outlining?

she's twelve!

My niece is 12! Where has the time gone?! It doesn’t seem that long ago when she was that chubby faced baby.


This unboxing of the Thom Brown Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is super cool. Check it out:

I don’t know why I keep watching videos of phones that I will never buy but I can’t help myself. I guess I just like knowing what’s out there. Also, I wish I were a tech review like the ones I watch. How fun to review all kinds of gadgets!

And someone (not me) is getting a new phone! It’s another iPhone but after scoffing at the size of mine, the hubby is getting the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’ll be weird to have the same exact phone. We haven’t had the same exact phones for a long time, it seems…

11:11 pre-ordered

Yes, I pre-ordered “11:11.”

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Alec and Zack

TWITL – week thirty-three – smoky skies

I just noticed that my WordPress is publishing to my Livejournal again. Well, it posted my previous post. Will it do the same for this one? We shall see… I had randomly clicked on the link to my LJ and was surprised to see my latest post. As I scrolled, I saw that my last post at LJ was for week FIVE. I don’t think anyone reads my LJ anymore but I like to crosspost to it because I have a permanent account and might as well use it, I say!

smoky skies

This whole week has been skies filled with smoke. The rising sun has been that orange hue most morning and we had a few days of that Mad Max/post apocalyptic tinge. It didn’t help that it was rather warm too. Alas.


Brand New Cherry Flavor (Netflix) – We finished this show over the weekend. It was so WEIRD but entertaining. It felt a bit half cooked in parts but the performances were great. I sometimes think I’m not one for horror but I find that I do watch some of it in certain instances. This show is definitely not for everyone and is most certainly for adults…

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) – The last episode we watched was the Christmas one and as always, that show is just a heart squeezer. I really enjoy it even though it’s never a show where I feel like I must watch when the latest episode drops. Does that make sense?…

What If…? (Disney+) – Two episodes in and I’m really enjoying this one. The second episode with T’Challa was so uplifting yet I couldn’t help feeling that melancholy at hearing Chadwick Boseman’s voice. I don’t think I’ve even watched Black Panther since he died though I’ve seen him in the other Marvel movies where he appears…

Kung Fu (HBO Max/CW) – We watched something like six episodes in one day! Then, looking at the list of episodes, realized that we’re missing episode ten and eleven. Maybe it was just a glitch? Otherwise, who the heck are we supposed to watch those episodes?!… I LOVE watching movies/shows featuring Asians, especially Asian Americans. But I do resist watching them sometimes too. I think part of me just doesn’t want to be disappointed. Well, I’m not disappointed by Kung Fu. It’s very well done with rounded characters and an interesting plot. It’s also a bit “CW” with the focus on the pretty and youthful but that’s a tale as old as time. It’s a fun show and as much as they say they’re in San Francisco, I know they’re not but let’s pretend. I do love how they drop names of real life cities in the Bay Area even if the places look nothing like the places they mention…


Reminiscence (in theatres/HBO Max) – Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, and Thandiwe Newton star in this movie. It was a moody piece, with a noir flavor. I liked it but I totally understand the less than favorable reviews it’s likely gotten. I think because the song “Where or When” also plays a big part in the movie, I became mesmerized by the movie. It felt a lot like Inception but mostly in the look. I was comfortable in the world created that I gave a pass for the slow bits in the movie. I guessed a couple of the plot points which of course delighted me but also bummed me because I like to be more surprised by such things. After the movie ended, I was glad to have watched it but definitely glad that I didn’t spend the money to see it in the movie theatre. So take that as you will…


Ben Barnes – How can I say someone I’ve known about since STARDUST snuck up on me? Such is life of a fangirl, I suppose. On Friday, his 40th birthday, he announced his upcoming EP, Songs for You, as well as the first single, “11:11,” which will be released in September. He shared a snippet of the video and is it too soon to say I’m already in love with the song? I find it super interesting that he has a song called “11:11” when one of my other favorites (Tyler Rich) has a song called “11:11.” What are the chances?

We’ve got 2 Broke Girls on the loop now, which means when we have the tv on and we’re not actively watching something, we just click on 2 Broke Girls and let it play. Well, the hubby clicks play on that show. I usually switch and click on The Big Bang Theory. I’ve watched most of 2 Broke Girls but on this third run (I think we’re on our third loop), I happen upon eps I hadn’t seen. We’ve gotten to the Randy episodes, which means lots of Ed Quinn, usually shirtless. I would say it’s ridiculous how topless he is on the show but then that might sound like complaining, which I assure you I am NOT.

Ed Quinn can still make me giggle

I took a picture of the tv when Ed was on the party bus and I posted it to IG story and tagged him, of course. It made me giggle when he reposted it to his IG story. So cute.


I really like my phone. Dare I say I love it? I love the battery life, the photos it takes, the great quality of video it shoots. I love the design, the color (Pacific Blue), the solid feel of it in hand. It’s great phone and the best one I’ve ever had and I’m perfectly satisfied that it’ll be my phone for next couple of years.

But lo, how interesting are the foldables right now? Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (what a mouthful) is super cool as unfolds into a small tablet. It looks like they definitely improved that outer display. But for me, my eyes and longing focus on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. It is The One that could have made me try Android again. If that phone had come out last year when I was in the market for a new phone, I might have jumped ship and gone for that Flip. I wish I knew someone who had one so that I could touch it and play around with it for a bit. It feels like the days of going to the store for some hands on time with devices are long gone.

I like watching tech review videos so here are a couple reviewing the Z Flip3:

I like TheUnlocker’s videos because he uses the device in a regular day while showing us the sights and sounds of New York.

And of course, always enjoy Michael Fisher (MrMobile) and his reviews. His enthusiasm for foldables makes me want one.


I like my Zoom background

We had our CPN Zoom chat on Saturday night. It’s always so great chatting with my friends. I was jealous of this month’s Universal Yum’s box. Everything sounded so yummy!

Here’s to a good week. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Wear your mask. And hey, get that vaccine that was just approved by the FDA. Please.

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TWITL – week thirty-two – cousin time

This post is late because I spent Sunday afternoon/evening hanging out with my cousins. So why not talk about that?

My uncle and cousin live in Las Vegas and they were out this way for a shot visit. It’s been a couple of years at least since we’ve seen them so it was a great time of eating and catching up. I never thought so when I was growing up but now I see the resemblance between my uncle and my dad.

I had to head out to Pleasant Hill on my own, which meant picking up the lumpia at Mabuhay then getting gas at the new 7 Eleven gas station here in town. While I was pumping my own gas, I realized that it’s been a few years since I’ve actually pumped my own gas. Does that sound spoiled? I know it does. Yes, the hubby is the one who usually fills the gas tanks on our vehicles. And I really can’t remember the last time I pumped my own gas. I only drive a couple of miles a day, so the need for gas doesn’t usually come up until the weekend and at that point, the hubby is driving said vehicle and he fills the tank while we’re out and about.

After getting gas, I headed out to Pleasant Hill. It was my first time driving the Edge on the freeway and a fair distance. I had the a/c on and the music loud. The traffic was light (as it should have been) and I arrived in fair time.

I love hanging out with my family. We sit and chat and snack. It’s so relaxing. The preteens (four girls!) played on their Nintendo Switches. I didn’t take many pictures and our group picture was actually taken on my cousin’s phone! I should really try to remember to bring my tripod so we can take full-on group shots.


I snacked so much that by the dinner time, I filled my plate with smaller than my usual portions. The food was good, of course. I even had some Prosecco (while snacking) so I was definitely mellow. Also, I figured out that I like Prosecco.

As it was Sunday night, I had to leave earlier than I probably would have had I not had to work the next morning. Hugs all around then off I went. Once I was on Hwy 4, I felt better. There’s so much construction on the freeway and I always hate doing that one merge near the drive-in. Oi! It was still to warm to have the windows down so I chilled with the a/c and loud music. I was in Brentwood soon enough.


CODA (Apple TV+) – This was a rather lovely movie and by the end of it, I was glad to have watched it. It’s well done, sentimental, heart squeezing.

HISTORY OF THE WORLD, PART I – This is a movie from 1981 that I’d probably seen in bits and pieces over the years. We bought it online and watched it and oh my, it’s a freakin’ HOOT. I’m glad it took me this long to watch it. I’m not sure if my younger self would have appreciated it as much…


August is such a crazy month in my family in regards to birthdays. It’s a bit amazing how many birthdays we have this month. The crazy thing is that I still know most of them without looking at my calendar. Go me?…

August is also a crazy month in terms of work. It’s the one month where we do not have any holidays. We work the whole month. It’s the only month of school without a holiday or break. BRUTAL. And I am definitely feeling it right now…

I’ll end this now since it’s already Tuesday. I’m sure I missed something.

I hope everyone stays safe! Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, and get that vaccine so we can all hug and laugh together. <3

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