TWITL – week thirty-seven – brights spots

I bought a cheap webcam from Amazon this week and it arrived on Saturday morning just in time for a Zoom chat with my CPN lovelies!

These lovelies
Perhaps a I was bit… cheeky with my background?

CPN = Cuddle Puddle Nation (@CuddlePuddleNtn on twitter)… The fan account is dedicated to actor Aleks Paunovic. We’ve become friends because of our mutual adoration for Aleks and we’ve started chatting via Zoom. He dropped in on one of our chats once and we were super delighted. This is one of those wonderful moments when you become friends with people who just happen to adore the same person as you. Our chats are never short, so it’s a good thing. I love hanging out with these ladies. LOVE!

random shot of me
testing my webcam…

So having Zoom on my desktop with a webcam means that I can choose different backgrounds as well as better control the angle of the camera. As easy as it is to videochat on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, I can’t control the angle of the camera with those so I decided on getting a webcam. I found a cheap one that was actually in stock. It wasn’t supposed to arrive until Monday, then it changed to Sunday and then it was delivered just past 8 AM on Saturday. Lucky me!

orange skies
orange skies

Fires make smoky skies and one day this week the skies were orange. Sure, why not make 2020 weirder, eh? Certainly gave the day a weird vibe. This whole week was a weird vibe…


It didn’t happen. It’s been postponed. But it will happen. (Fingers crossed!)

dreary vibes
Mad Max, Blade Runner– pick your vibe…


  • Julie and the Phantoms (Netflix) – Hubby started watching this Netflix show and I got slightly suckered in. It’s cute! Plus one of my old favorites, Carlos Ponce, plays the dad. The songs are so catchy! (Wonder if he’ll sing at some point.)
  • Lovecraft Country (HBO) – I was right! I figured out something about something and I was right! (No spoilers but if you know, you know!) Such a weird and amazing show. If you can watch it, watch it!
  • I need readers now and I know that it’s part and parcel of aging but it’s still super annoying. I think it’s probably the reason I don’t write in my notebooks and such anymore. I need to get over needing to wear readers and just wear them. I bet I need to get readers for the computer too. One thing at a time…
  • “Almost Maybes” (acoustic) – Jordan Davis – Jordan released an acoustic version of his latest. Such a good song! And of course, it sounds great as an acoustic play. Give it a spin!
  • Apple has an event this week and I’m sort of excited about. Rumors are they won’t be announcing a new phone quite yet. I hope that’s not the case but who knows with them…
the red sun

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with Tyler

TWITL – week thirty-six – #TwoThousandMiles


Tyler RichTwo Thousand Miles – Tyler’s debut album dropped on Friday, September 4th. I LOVE that he announced it on Monday and we only had to wait until the end of the week to have it in our ears. Of course I love it. Of course I spent the whole day Friday just listening to a playlist of all Tyler. Of course I’m going to recommend the album. I love all the songs but right now, at this moment, the song in my head is “Real Love.” I first heard the song during one of Tyler’s IG lives during shelter-in-place and the lyrics echoed the feelings in the story I’m currently writing.

Two Thousand Miles

Sam Hunt – Sam did a livestream concert and I watched it and I realized how much I still adore him. It feels a little throwback with him though. Is that a strange thing to say? His music still makes me stop and he played a new song called “23” and I think he should release it. It was so good. (Click on the link to have a listen.) I love the vibe of the song. Sam is an exceptional songwriter and as much as people might want to dismiss him, he knows how to write songs that squeeze your heart…

Sam Hunt

Carly Pearce – “Next Girl” (single) – I love Carly Pearce so much that I bought this song without listening to it. Not one note heard before clicking “buy.” And you know what, it’s a fantastic song! Add it to your playlist. She’s fantastic and the song is catchy as hell.


I’m nervous. It’s happening. OMG! And that’s it, that the aside.


One of my favorite people at work retired and her last day was Friday. I wrote this and posted this on her last day:

I am seriously going to miss her! She is amazing and made work feel less like work. I could always go to her with work questions but she also listened to the other stuff too and I always appreciated it so much. I will miss how supportive she was and knowing she was there if I ever needed her. I’m so happy for her, most of all, because she gets to enjoy her family and plan her days as she sees fit…

one of my favorites


The Go-Go’s (documentary, Showtime) – We watched this documentary the other night and it reminded me how much fun their music was. I didn’t know a lot of their history even though I knew their hits. I loved a lot of Belinda Carlisle songs when she went solo. If you have Showtime, give the doc a watch.

The Kingmaker (documentary, Showtime) – This documentary is about Imelda Marcos. As an American with Filipino heritage, I came away from this with mixed emotions. I found it interesting and fascinating. I also thought that Imelda had many delusions of grandeur. She fancies herself and her family as saviors of the Filipino people? She talked about being a mother to all of the country yet she’ll kick out a whole island of people– her people– so that animals brought from Africa can roam free? It was disturbing to watch and it made me sad and angry that my parents’ homeland is still in such turmoil. But how do my parents feel about their homeland? Do they pay mind to any of the politics there? (Maybe not, as they don’t pay too much attention to the politics here at home.)

Lovecraft Country (HBO) – I’m enjoying this show. I love how the weirdness of the supernatural stuff counters the reality of that time in history. There are some interesting layers to the show and they all mesh together in good ways.

The Vow (HBO) – This documentary on the NXIVM group is an eye opener. I knew a little bit about the group (mostly because of Allison Mack’s involvement) but each episode just adds more to the story. I am fascinated by how these articulate and intelligent people fell into such a group.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Henry and the mustache in Mission: Impossible – Fallout


National Novel Writing Month 2020 – I know, it’s super early to be thinking about this but I am thinking about it. My default has been writing romance novels (because I do so have so much fun writing them) but I’ve been toying with writing the sci-fi epic, this time from the other planet’s perspective. I have thoughts on how to tackle it and it’ll almost be a mirror of sorts to the first story I wrote. I like the symmetry of it. I also like that I already have an idea of how I’d like the story to progress. Maybe. And yet, a new romance novel would be fun to write too, especially if I finish my current story by then. Speaking of…

“Marcus the Junior Matchmaker” – This story is going so slow! I don’t know why. I’ve lost momentum but I keep trying to write in it at least a few times during the week. Also, I still need to have more of the character in the title. Or I need to change the title.

The Avengers
Thor, for no reason at all…

Random Musings

  • This triple digit weather is not my favorite thing, especially in September. Shouldn’t I be able to start thinking about wearing sweaters and the like? No? Damn.
  • I am ready for a new phone. I love my current phone but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth for me. I’d like something new. The CRAZY thing is that there are Android phones out there that are catching my eye. Of course, the cool stuff I wouldn’t mind having cost SO MUCH. I miss the days when we were early adopters and spent money without much thought (even though we should have thought a lot about it).
  • I wish I had more experience (or any really) in video editing.
  • Remember that letter I wrote to that unnamed Listworthy? I wonder, what would I say to him now if I had a chance?
  • Elsa Pataky just posted a Happy Father’s Day to her husband, Chris Hemsworth on her IG and it’s him with one of the kids having a bubble bath. Why do I love her so much for doing that? Also, SHOW OFF!
Give “Real Love” a listen…

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300roae-Themostikles starlight

TWITL – week thirty-five – rest in power

This world is at such a crossroads. Hit after hit after hit and you just keep going. You work, you play, you love, you laugh, you cry, you break, you remember, you mend, you live. Above all, you live. You wake up, you take a deep breath, you hold on to that peace just a moment longer, then you start your day, you start a new moment of your life.

Chadwick Boseman’s passing has hit me hard. I think it’s very much an echo of my friend Joselyn’s passing. I think of how they both died of cancer, how they both said nothing to the world at large, powering through in private as neither of them wanted to be defined by cancer. I cried for Joselyn because she was part of my life, a voice I heard almost everyday, our moments pieces of sunshine in my daily life. The choke of tears for Chadwick were for a reminder of Joselyn’s passing as well as his.

Avengers: Infinity War

Black Panther will be the one movie of his that had impact for me. I’m sure I’ll get to his other movies in due time but MCU chick that I am, Black Panther is it for me. I felt such a connection with that movie. I felt the dignity, the power, the magnificence, the truth of the world of Wakanda. I wanted it it to exist. I wanted to visit such a place. I wanted to it to be real. I wanted a leader like T’Challa– a person of wisdom and humanity, always good-intentioned but with faults yet always willing to learn and grow.

My heart and love to his family and friends. As a fan, I am heartbroken that I will not see him take the mantle of Black Panther again. As a human, I am sad that such a light has been dimmed far too soon.


Rest in power, King. May a sliver of your grace live on in all of us…


Now on to a cautiously positive note, my friends and I might have an opportunity that I can’t quite discuss yet. Do I say more, drop hints? No, I think not. I will say that I wish I were more tech savvy as far as video editing and such. It seems like it should be an easy thing but when you don’t have the right tools or background, it can seem quite daunting…


Cobra Kai (Netflix) – Yes, this show is on Netflix! We have already watched through season one and we’re in the middle or so of season two. It’s a good show, especially if you grew up in the 80s and saw The Karate Kid when it came out. Flawed characters and misunderstandings abound, which of course makes for good drama…

Lovecraft Country (HBO) – Super fantastical show. It’s freaky and intriguing. I definitely recommend it. The supernatural elements combined with the racial tensions gives the drama an extra layer…


Rogue (digital retail) – This MJ Bassett movie was action packed, filled with explosions and moments of heart. I enjoyed it well enough. Megan Fox was pretty good in it and Philip Winchester seemed to be having a good time in the role. When it hits your favorite streaming service, give it a watch…

weekend hair
weekend hair


  • My niece’s birthday was Friday. She’s 11. ELEVEN! Where has the time gone? Seriously, I must know. She is smart, inquisitive, athletic, and curious. I love her very much and wish that we didn’t live so far away…
  • On Saturday we went out again in the late morning and I had a couple of mimosas and then a cider. Add in some Taco Bell and my nap later in the day entertained with super weird dreams…
  • My suspension of disbelief is breaking. Why has it taken so long? What does this mean? I accept that the films and television of my youth were never really representative of me in terms of race and ethnicity. I absorbed so much of it that in my head, it’s the default so watching something mostly Asian or black or Latino seemed different. I’m changing now. I want more. Why is the current state of entertainment like this now? Why is there backlash if a comic book character is played by anything other than a white person? Or hell, if a comic book character is re-invented as a different race? Why is it considered lip service or catering to PC types to have a person of color cast in a production? Is it my fault for watching certain kind of shows or movies that they’re usually mostly cast by white actors? These are things I’ve begun to ponder…
out and about

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TWITL – week thirty-four – “keep having fun”

“Keep having fun”

I’ve known for a few weeks, maybe a month, that a friend from work was going to take that last breath then nothing more. Knowing she would be gone did nothing to soften the sorrow when the news finally came on Tuesday morning. I had to wait until after work to cry my tears.

She worked at one of our high schools and on Tuesday, I wore a shirt from that site for work that day. I had chosen it because it was clean but when I was told about her passing, I thought what a coincidence that I wore that t-shirt. It was also a sort of comfort.

I am sad that she’s gone. I am sad for her family and friends. I’m not sad that she’s no longer suffering but I wish she’d been able to be with us for longer and without pain.

I will miss talking to her almost every day at work about the craziness happening at her site. I will miss her sarcastic asides and big heart. She cared about her work, the students, and doing things right. I’m going to miss the slips she made into Tagalog, which always made me giggle. And I’m going to miss how she ended a lot of our phone conversations with “keep having fun.” I will miss her sunshine…


Last weekend’s thunderstorms lit the Bay Area on fire. The skies turned hazy and air smokey. The weather “cooled” down a bit (just under triple digits) but it didn’t help much. A couple of mornings had a strange, Mad Max sort of tinge to them. It’s unsettling and it has been this way until even now.

smokey skies

Even though it was still a bit smokey on Saturday, we spent a little time downtown. The farmers market seemed as lively as it would be on any other summer Saturday morning. Almost everyone was wearing masks (good on you all!). I didn’t wear my mask while I was drinking but I did wear it when I wasn’t.

wear your mask
I feel like a bandit

It was nice being out and seeing our friends. The air was a little harsh to be out even though the temperatures were nicer than they had been during the week. I took my old digital camera out with me (haven’t uploaded the photos yet so none to show here) to take some pictures. It’ll be fun to look at those shots later.

will I ever go to the movies again?
the Delta downtown…

I wonder when I’ll see a movie in the theatre again. What will the first movie I see be? I was hoping it would be Wonder Woman 1984 but I feel hesitant about sitting with a bunch of strangers in an enclosed area. We shall see…


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HC - blue

TWITL – week thirty-three – first week of school

The first week of school was certainly much different than in previous years but we still received a lot of phone calls and questions. It’s just that this time much of the questions were technology based. I tried to be as helpful as possible. It was certainly quite interesting.

Friday temps

We’re in the triple digits right now and last night (Saturday night), we had thunderstorms. We even had rain this morning. Oh, this wild, summer weather. I hope it doesn’t last too long…

CPN - 08-15-20
CPN chat Saturday night

Thank goodness for Aleks Paunovic! Because of him, I have these lovely friends from different points in the world and we can sit down and video chat for HOURS on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Our mutual adoration for him brought us together but our friendship binds us. I do adore these amazing women and I’m so glad we’re getting to know each other even better with these chats. My lovelies, it is possible to befriend amazing people from afar and become friends. And I am so grateful…


Well, Super Rugby Aotearoa ended this weekend. The Crusaders and Blues weren’t able to play their match because of Auckland’s lockdown and the Highlanders and Hurricanes played their match without the fans in the stands. I was bummed to not see the Crusaders play their last game but I was glad for the season they did have so I shall not complain too much…


The A’s have been having a great season so far. They swept the Giants this weekend, which I won’t gloat about too much. It’s nice to see the A’s win, no matter who their opponent is.

mmm, sushi
Sushi goodness

I love being able to order sushi for take out. So spoiled, I know! It’s such a great way to try out different restaurants in the area and I’m always glad to try out sushi. The other night I ordered from Enishi Kitchen (meal pictured above) and it’s probably my favorite because the restaurant is basically around the corner and so arrives to me so fresh. Again, I know, I’m super spoiled.

reading a book
the latest book I’m reading…

I’m reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Yes, I was inspired to read it after watching the musical Hamilton. I need to read more. Rather, I need to actual finish the books I start to read. I think I’m going to finish this one…

this nine
this nine

So many birthdays in August in my family, as well as with my fellas! The pattern above shows four people with birthdays these past couple of weeks. It’s fun to see how many I remember. Simon saw my IG story wish him Happy Birthday and he might have liked my comment on his post? Charles replied to my tweet, which was so lovely of him. I love when the fellas respond! And yes, I know I’m lucky when they do…


  • Chocolate chip bagels – Who knew that was a thing?
  • Thunder and Lightning means Thor was visiting us, right?
  • Good books can still draw me in…
  • Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ is funny and touching and intriguing…
  • The Great on Hulu might have me half hooked…
  • I now own the Blindspot series on digital because the seasons are on sale on Vudu…
  • I have a bit of poetry that starts “the blush of youth is mere memory upon my cheek” or something like that…
  • Asian Americans on PBS is fantastic! We watched three episodes and DVR’d the last two. Can’t wait to finish it!
  • Lovecraft Country on HBO was fantastic! I’m already hooked and I’ve only seen one episode so far!
  • The next iPhone needs to be super fantastic because I might have to really consider going Android…

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StrikeBack - Damien drink

TWITL – week thirty-two – last week of break

My latest Funko arrived this week. It’s The Child (aka Baby Yoda until someone reveals that little critter’s name) from The Mandalorian. I actually bought two so that I could bring one to work. He’s so cute! I might have to bring home a Funko or two from work. It might be getting a little out of hand…

The Child keeping me company at work


LIVE AT HOMETyler Rich (EP) – Tyler’s latest release dropped last week and for some reason I forgot to mention it in my last post. What the heck?! Bad fangirl. This EP of five songs were recorded at home and of course, I love it all. It’s just Tyler and his guitar as he sings live versions of the following:

  • “11:11”
  • “Feels Like Home”
  • “Leave Her Wild”
  • “The Difference”
  • “Rather Be Us”

I suppose it depends on my mood or time of day or whatever but I pretty much love all the songs. Part of it is that I just love all of Tyler’s songs and the other part of it is that the live versions remind me of sitting at the G bar and enjoying Tyler as he played and sang. Sometimes the crowd was loud (it was a bar, after all) but sometimes it was a quiet night and we could just appreciate him and his music. I remember those moments when I realized that Tyler was making that wonderful music we were hearing and it was just him and his guitar.

this pattern
this pattern


I seem to be fully committed to doing this whole Chris thing so why not drop some links? I will say that the IG is where the content originates. I push the posts to the other services:

Most of the screenshots will be between Hemsworth and Evans, with Hemsworth having more the edge. Maybe. It’ll depend on my mood. The tag line is “My Chris, Your Chris, Our Chris,” which means (from my perspective) Hemsworth, Evans, and Conrad. Pine is the rare one because I’m the only one who likes him.

Thor Ragnarok
Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok
Evans in Push
Conrad in Patriot
Hell or High Water
Pine in Hell or High Water


Super Rugby Aotearoa – My Crusaders won last night, which means they’re the winners of Super Rugby Aotearoa! They have a game next week so I’ll get to watch them play one more time. I’m so happy for them! It’s been a great comfort being able to watch New Zealand rugby. I love seeing the fans in the stands. They are living the dream– living in New Zealand, watching rugby in person, and being able to be close with fellow fans.

Baseball – My A’s are on a ROLL! They won their 9th game in a row today, sweeping Astros. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have had to postpone a couple of series because of being tested positive for COVID-19. Not sure how they’re going to finish the season. I’m really wondering if baseball in general will make it to the end of the season…


This past week was the last week of summer break as school starts tomorrow (August 10th). We’re starting the year with distance learning, which is utterly new. What are we going to learn from this? Will public education be re-invented by these crazy times? Maybe so, maybe so. It’ll be interesting to witness all of it. It can be an adventure, if taken in that context. I need to remember that bit when it all goes crazy…

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HC - Charles Brandon

TWITL – week thirty-one – it’s already August?


Jojo Rabbit – Is it weird to say that a movie about a young boy indoctrinated by Nazi ideology is rather sweet and heartfelt? I enjoyed this movie very much. It was funny and ridiculous and gut-wrenching and hopeful. Very well done…

Doctor Sleep – We watched the director’s cut of this movie, which added about thirty minutes to the theatrical version. We hadn’t seen the movie at release so not sure what was extraneous but I was hooked throughout the whole movie. Sure, three hours for a movie is a long time, but oddly enough, it never seemed too slow in parts. I thought it did a good job of explaining the past and incorporating The Shining in parts.

Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Friday was my last day off during summer break. I feel like I should have taken more days off but such is life, I suppose. I don’t even know what it’s going to be like when school finally starts again. What will work be like? It’s not going to be the same. I wonder sometimes, will it ever be the same?

this pattern
this pattern

I have done so many screenshots since the whole Besotted by Chris adventure started. It’s been fun. I feel like I’m staying out of trouble of sorts. It certainly gives me something to do. Being such a fan girl is a lovely distraction from so many things.

I also did screenshots from Fringe. Nope, still haven’t quite let go of Listworthy 5. I am still posting to our fan IG as well as the twitter. I know I need to let go but it’s not as easy thing. I’m not sure why…

for my collection
for the collection

My latest Funko arrived this week. Thor! Of course. I also finally received my Wonder Woman face mask from Love Your Melon. I’ll have to wear that one soon. I have another Funko order on its way– The Child from The Mandalorian. Very excited about that one. I bought two so that I can take one out of the box. Yes, I’m one of those people…

Let’s end this with one from Knives Out. Chris Evans and the sweater.

Knives Out

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TWITL – week thirty – summer sunshine and a bit of laughter

I’m at the end of my long weekend. I spent a lot of it doing screenshots of this Chris and that Chris. It’s a little out of control but I do like having choices when it comes to posting to the Besotted account.

Justice League

I also did some Justice League screenshots and the one above is probably my favorite of the bunch because I love the look of it. And as much as I love the MCU movies, my one true superhero is Superman, especially as played by Henry Cavill. I hope he gets the chance to play him again because he really is my favorite version…

I'm Only Joking
Jack Whitehall – I’m Only Joking

Jack Whitehall – I’m Only Joking (Netflix) – So happy to watch something new of Jack Whitehall! He’s a funny lad and I enjoyed his latest special on Netflix. If you want to laugh about silly things, Jack is just the trick.

Bubble Waffle Sundae
Bubble Waffle Sundae

We had Sip and Scoop for breakfast today and I ordered a Bubble Waffle Sundae. SO GOOD!!! I think this is the first time I’ve had a sundae for breakfast. A bit decadent, eh?

Thor Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Someone I know is living her last days and my heart is heavy for her pain and her family’s impending loss. It’s just no fair that someone with such a good heart and a caring soul should be departing from this world much too soon. I know she has her loved ones at her side and I hope their love eases her into the next world when it’s time. And I hope she knows that I will always think of her with a smile and miss hearing her voice…

this pattern

I’d write more but it’s almost bedtime and I have clothes to put away. A good week to all of you! (Does anyone really read this?)

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TWITL – week twenty-nine – this and that

I took a couple of days off this week but it still felt like a long work week. It just feels so unsettled and my usual ways of settling myself are a bit out of sorts right now. It’ll pass, I know.

summer hair
summer hair

School isn’t going to start in hybrid fashion as before decided. Distance learning for all! Hopefully it’s not for the whole school year. I’m sure the reactions out there are mixed but most of the calls I’ve gotten have been more worried about the safety in the students going back to school in person than not. I can empathize with all sides of it. This is truly an unprecedented time in our lives…

sushi dinner
sushi dinner

One of the very few bright spots of these days is being able to DoorDash from different places in the area. When I have to fend for myself for dinner, I order sushi. I’ve been able to try out sushi from various places and most of my orders have been delicious! I really do enjoy having my food delivered to me. Does that mean I’m spoiled?

Fantastic Four
Chris Evans as “Johnny Storm” in Fantastic Four


  • Rugby – My Crusaders didn’t play but I did watch the other New Zealand teams this weekend. Good games! The Chiefs v Highlanders game was NUTS! The Chiefs seemed to have the game in hand but the Highlanders came away with the win. So wild.
  • Writing – Slow going with the one story I’m writing. Sometimes the creativity just stalls and it’s so frustrating. I might have written one or two paragraphs this past week. So stalled…
  • Besotted by Chris – I’ve been doing a decent job of posting at least once a day for the new fan account. It helps to have more than one Chris as a focus. We have a few followers but for now, it’s pretty much for me and my friend.
A Lady in Hades
Chris Conrad & Erik Thomson as “Jason” & “Hades” in the Young Herc ep “A Lady in Hades”

Here’s to a good week for all of us. May there be bright spots…

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TWITL – week twenty-eight – back to work

Truth be told, I’ve been working this whole time. Three of the weekdays was working from home and the other two days, I was in the office. Still, it was an adjustment going back to work everyday. It felt like a long week– a bit slow and though not quite uneventful– because it is summer break and summer break is usually the time the staff likes to take time off.

wear a mask

We have a somewhat solid first day of school date and I’ve decided to take some vacation days. I’m taking a couple of Fridays off because then I can stay up on Thursday nights for rugby. I know, a fun reason to take off, right? Well, it’s not like we can go anywhere at this point.

My passport finally arrived! Again, not that we can go anywhere at this point but if we could, I have my passport at the ready! I am not digging my picture AT ALL but what can you do?

the pattern
the pattern


Greyhound (Apple TV) – Nicely done film. I do enjoy certain sorts of wartime films and this one falls somewhere in the middle. Tom Hanks did a fine job. The story was easy to follow. There was something quiet about it and that’s not a bad thing…

The Old Guard (Netflix) – Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses and I love her best when she is kicking ass. She got to kick lots of ass in The Old Guard and yet there were the great character moments interspersed throughout the movie. Fantastic movie and I definitely recommend it unless action and violence isn’t your thing.

Army party

Our friend’s daughter is going into the Army and the family had a party this past weekend. We practiced social distancing for the most part and I wore my mask early on but after awhile, I took it off, especially while outside. It was so hot! This was only my second time being around people other than the husband and co-workers. It was nice to be out and to talk with other people…

with our favorite little fella
with our favorite little fella

Here’s to a good week, even though we’re experiencing setbacks on the pandemic front. Alas…

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