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15 February 2018 @ 12:25 pm

It’s been an awesome week or so for me as a fangirl. Tyler’s song “The Difference” is getting a lot of play and my Strike Back boys will be appearing in the last two episodes of the current season. Huzzah!

Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton
Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton doing that Strike Back thing again…

But first, a little housekeeping.

Apparently a person I was following on Instagram thought it would be cool to block me from viewing her public profile. This is someone I do not know. I have never met her. I started following her because she began appearing in one of my fella’s posts and since I like seeing my fellas, I thought why not follow her too since she’ll probably post pics of him? I commented a few times and liked a few of her posts and I watched her instagram stories and I enjoyed seeing my fella in her posts.

Then Thursday morning this week, I checked my instagram, saw the fella posted and decided to check his lady’s account and LO, I was no longer following her AND her page showed a “No Posts Yet” message. You know what that means? It means that she BLOCKED me.


I make sure that when I post about my fellas, I am respectful and adoring and I constantly worry that I might be crossing the line but I know that I have definitely seen much much worse from other so-called “fans.” I’ve only been polite and admiring to this particular fella so I’m not sure why his lady felt it necessary to block me. And how did she even know to block me? What made her single me out from seeing her posts? If you look back at my recent instagram posts, I haven’t really posted much on this fella in the last week or so. (Tyler and the Strike Back boys have been commandeering my attention of late.) So what exactly triggered her to make this move?

I’m at a loss. I really have no idea.

Here’s the thing– I get it, it’s weird that I’m a fangirl. I’ve learned to embrace this part of myself and it brings me more joy than not in so many different ways. I’m not super obsessed with just one actor or singer or whatever. I spread my fangirl love to lots of people. I love them in different ways, on different levels, but I do live in the real world. Whatever I put out there online is just a piece of me, not the whole of me. And I choose to be adoring and loving towards my fellas because it makes me feel good and I’m sure they don’t mind the attention. I strive to be supportive and loving and as inoffensive as I can be. When my fellas have ladies in their lives, I’ll follow them too if they’re public. I’ve even been lucky enough to befriend a few of them (fellas and ladies) and we get along quite well and they actually consider me a friend. I’m a nice person or at least try to be, whether online or in “real life.”

But hey you, stranger in another country, go on and block me from seeing your public profile. I was really only there to check out my fella, someone I admire for his talent and such. You have justified my first impression of you.

As for the fella, I still adore him. I hope he does not follow his lady’s example because that would be utterly disappointing…

ANYHOO! Onward to more awesome things like…

TYLER RICH – My lovelies, click on this link and listen/buy “The Difference.” I promise you, it’s a lovely song and he sings it so well. I’ve been listening to it every day and I love it each and every listen. He has a gem of a song. It has some cross genre appeal too, if you’re into that. Truly though, it’s a great song and I think everyone should listen to it…

Smiles on Philip & Sully

STRIKE BACK – OH MY GOODNESS, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are going to make an appearance on the latest iteration of Strike Back. It was announced this week and I went into fangirl overdrive! Even now, the thought of seeing Philip and Sully as Michael and Damien again is enough to make me weep. I AM SO EXCITED. I want just two things – 1) to hear Sully say “F**k me” at least once and 2) for Scott and Stonebridge to make it out alive. Simple, right? I’m sure I’ll get number one more than once but number two? Fingers crossed!

Black Panther – WOW! I watched the first showing on Friday and I thought it was rather amazing. It spoke to me on so many different levels. I loved all the technology, the kickass royal guard, the drama, the humor– I loved everything. I loved the ferocity of the warrior women so much. They were so awesome! The movie was deep in some parts for me but it was also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see it again!


I think the annoyance of being blocked could work its way into one of my stories. Turn this weird energy into something else, create something from the negativity to put it in its place. Until that moment, I’ll end this post with a fun shot of Sullivan Stapleton:

Sully being cheeky

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“The Difference”Tyler Rich

Tyler’s single “The Difference” dropped on Friday, February 9th and OH MY GOODNESS, I’m already in love with it. I bought it as soon as I could on iTunes (2101 hrs) and listened to it on repeat until bedtime. It’s catchy and sweet and I LOVE IT so much. I am so happy the song is amazing and it feels like it’s gotten a fair amount of momentum. Tyler was SiriusXM The Highway’s Highway Find the same day the song released and he performed at Margaritaville for Music Row Happy Hour later that day. SO AWESOME!

Do I love the song merely because it’s Tyler singing it? Umm, no. I would not be this enthusiastic and high on the song if it wasn’t something that has already seeped into my soul. I love everything about the song and I cannot wait to hear him sing it live. I will say it’s a little startling to hear him sing a song that’s gone through the production process. It’s not overly produced but it’s not acoustic either. Still, his voice shines on it and the slight vocal manipulations will likely not be noticeable to most. I love the lyrics and the story the song tells. It’s personal and relatable on different levels. The person in the song wants to be the difference and I know Tyler wants to be the difference to the listeners too.

Make “The Difference” one of your musical buys at your favorite digital retailer. If you listen to the radio, request the song. If you’re on social media, give the song and Tyler a mention whenever the mood hits you. If you stream your music, add him to your playlists and spin the song on repeat. And while you’re at it, check out his other music.

“Barely Friends, But with Benefits” – The more I listen to “The Difference,” the more the song seems to relate a bit to this story. My characters are barely friends, skirting the casual kind of dalliance arrangement but they definitely want more and the fella in the story has decided to make his move. I find is amusing how Tyler’s new song has bits that relate to my latest story…

“The Little One” – I actually worked a little on this story this past week. Nothing too substantial though. I don’t think I even got a page’s worth of story written on it. So slow!

“Off the Top Drama” (vignette) – No, I don’t have a better name for it. This is so far just a scene between a couple who are on the brink of calling it quits. He’s accused her of doing something she hasn’t done and she’s trying to end it even though now he’s realized his mistake. Does she forgive him? Does he really truly show her he’s serious about his apology or is it merely closure for him? I don’t know yet but it’s fun trying to write a bit that has some drama and tears in it…


The busy time at work has been busy but I don’t mind it. I need to catch up on the logging of requests but otherwise, I think it’s been fine so far. One of the schools has WAY MORE requests than the other schools so hopefully they all get approved nonetheless because it’s just easier on me. But we don’t do all of this to make things easier on me so we shall see what happens…

Crab feed
crab feed goodness

We went to a crab feed last night. SO MUCH CRAB! It was fun eating all the crab and catching up with our friends. For some reason, the place wouldn’t allow for open flames so those folks who like to melt their own butter had to be sneaky about it or depend on the butter the organization was providing in small little cups. I don’t dip the crab in butter, thank you very much. I love eating crab and getting my hands all food dirty. There was tri-tip as well, which was different but yummy. Didn’t stop me from eating way too much crab, I tell ya.

noble ones
hey, look, we took a picture together!

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04 February 2018 @ 10:07 pm

I think I’ve officially hit that “pause” in my writing. None of my stories are really calling to me and I suppose I’m meant to step back and just think of other things…

My busy time of work started this week. It hasn’t been too bad so far. I am trying to remember to practice a positive and pleasant demeanor even as I answer the same questions over and over. The real challenge is keeping everything organized and such. I have gotten particular about the way I want to keep things…

Girl Scout cookies! There are a couple of people at work selling cookies and I managed to not buy any during the week. Then we went out yesterday and there were Girl Scouts in front of the place we visited and I just had to buy a few boxes before we left. No worries, I’ll buy from the people I know as well. I just love the Savannah Smiles much too much…

Twitter frustrations! For some reason, I stopped receiving SMS notifications from Twitter. I don’t know if it’s the short code not working or if it’s my carrier. My carrier has cleared the lines twice (or so they tell me) but still NOTHING. I am able to get other short codes so I’m seriously wondering if it’s Twitter. I’ve tried contacting their support but THEY SUCK with their non answers. I seriously do not know if it’s actually my carrier but I’m tired of dealing with it so I switched to my GVoice number. The most frustrating part is the fact that I don’t get to hear Sully say, “Hey Valerie,” whenever I get a text notification from Twitter…

Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot
Sully on Blindspot

We hit the outlets on Saturday and it was so fun walking around and looking through the different shops. We didn’t buy too much and I actually refrained from buying anything at Coach and Michael Kors even though both stores were having a killer sale (hello, 50% off!). I did buy some undies and a pair of shoes…

And Sunday was Super Bowl LII. It was a good game! I’m so NOT a Patriots fan so I was rather excited by the end of it. We watched at our friends’ house and had a great time. I even won one of the boxes. I have money for Girl Scout cookies! SO JOYFUL!…

lumpia at the super bowl party
the lumpia was so good!

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26 January 2018 @ 10:29 am

Inevitably, the tide of my fangirl love changes. Time and more knowledge of the object of affection works to erode the heat of that rush of discovery. Sometimes the adoration turns into something steady and sweet, soft and comforting. Sometimes the adoration crumbles into a memory, usually pleasant and easy. In rare moments, the adoration gives way to something opposite, striving for indifference after the dislike.

I am a loyal fangirl. I talked about Ryan Gosling a fair amount of years before most people knew his name. I can tell stories about meeting Karl Urban that still make people laugh a little. I will check on Mark Mulder even though he retired from baseball years ago. I will promote my favorites– their acting gigs, their shows, their albums. And I do so because it makes me happy to spread joy and to share the awesome and lovely.

So the current state of my fangirl loving has shifted a bit. My other favorites are drawing my attention again in different ways, as if reminding me that they’re still there and that I still adore them. And I do still adore them all. It’s definitely delighting me seeing Tom Hardy and Taylor Kitsch post on instagram. I was really surprised about Kitsch. And it looks like Tom Hardy is/was in San Francisco filming. SO CLOSE! How could he be so close and I didn’t know until now? I would LOVE to meet him. Alas!


  • We took the 4K plunge! Now I can watch the two 4K movies I’ve so far purchased as well as the 4K movies in our iTunes library. Glorious! It’s going to be fun finding 4K stuff to watch. Now when I actually buy movies, I’m going to have to go with 4K discs. Fun times…
  • I upgraded my iPad! Now I have more space for apps and media. Super cool. I might have to carry it around and really put it through the paces. I downloaded some movies as well as some music just to have something on it in case I don’t have any WiFi and such. I loved my other iPad but it only had 16 GB of space and I could only have so many apps on it…


“Barely Friends, But with Benefits” – I started filling between the dialogue but it’s slow going at the moment. I think I’m at that point of losing creative gas with all of my on going stories. I’d like to finish this one. I think it’s more of a short story or novella. We shall see…

“The Little One” – Quite stalled on this one but I am determined to finish it…

Falling Into Place – I’m still in the editing stage with this story. I think I want to definitely change stuff towards the last third of the story but whenever I start reading through it, I like it. Ugh!


Sully on Blindspot

My busy time of year starts this week. Hopefully I’m prepared for it. I’ll have to say the same thing many times a day and hopefully sound pleasant when I’m saying it.

Jordan Davis is going to be in San Jose on Wednesday and I won’t be there. Alas! It’ll be a good show, I’m sure, and he’s going to make some new fans for sure. Hope my friends get pictures with him…

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Devin Dawson – DARK HORSE – I had pre-ordered this album and it finally dropped on Friday. It is so good. I find myself liking this song but then no, that song. Truthfully, I think I have some kind of love for all the songs. I am really digging “Symptoms,” “Secondhand Hurt,” “Placebo,” and “Second to Last.” I bet next week I’ll have different favorites from the album. Go get it. You’ll find something to love, I promise…

Jordan Davis – HOME STATE (pre-order) – I pre-ordered this album, which comes out March 23rd. OMG, I cannnot wait! The tracklist was in an article and I know six of the twelve songs. SUPER SWEET! I usually pre-order the digital album but I wanted a signed CD so I have to wait for the actual CD to arrive. It’s going to probably kinda kill me unless he’s going to offer a digital code to go along with the physical CD? I can dream, right?

Tyler Rich – “The Difference” – Tyler is teasing his upcoming single and OMG, I want to hear it NOW. It’s coming out soon. Very soon. Y’all will know when it comes out because I’ll be talking about it on twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, and wherever else I might be. In the meantime, if you haven’t gotten his EP Valerie, you might want to do it soon. Not sure if it’ll stay up once his single drops…

“Barely Friends, But With Benefits” – Sometimes stories just pop into my head even if I’m already working on something else and this one is one of them. Apparently Sullivan Stapleton is tired of me using Simon Kassianides in my stories because the first line of this story is:

“I knew you’d come back to me.”

And it just goes from there, this story starring Sully. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell the story in 1st person or 3rd person, so I posted a poll on my twitter. I had a very decent response. Even though it was even (12 votes), it was 67% to 33% for 1st person. Of course, by the time the poll was over, I was about a dozen pages into it with just dialogue. It’s been a great exercise in writing because I don’t really think this hard about writing in just the character’s spoken words. It’s usually a fair mix and here I am just writing dialogue for this story. It might just be a short story but I’ll just keep going and see what happens. Or maybe I’ll keep it all as dialogue. Would that be weird? It might be.

“The Little One” – This story is at a pause but I do intend on working on it whenever the other story lets me go a little. The main characters are on a date so the “little one” isn’t involved at the moment. I love this story a lot and the little one in the story is just so adorable. He’s the one driving the love (it is a romance, after all).

Falling Into Place – Still trying to do some editing on this story. I think it’ll be a good thing to step away from it for awhile and let it settle before trying to tackle any editing. Of course I say that and I’m sure the next thing I do is take a look at it and fiddle with it.

I commented on Sullivan Stapleton’s instagram post and he LIKED IT! I woke up in the middle of the night and checked my phone (I know, what the hell?!) and saw the like. I thought I’d wake up properly the next morning and find out it was a dream. Nope, not a dream… I love getting the likes and replies by my favorites and even better when it’s just so random and unexpected. It helps when certain favorites just don’t respond anymore. I always love any response from Aleks Paunovic (he’s so sweet!) and I’m super tickled when Luke Mitchell clicks that heart on my tweets.

Likes & replies

I love the sunshine that comes my way and sometimes I just have to share. 😉

Oh, and here’s a poem I wrote this week…

maybe it’s time to drift apart
dream different dreams
before you break my heart
maybe it’s time to let you go
eye another smile
before you knonw
maybe it’s time to forget
let it fade
before it turns to regret
maybe it’s time to pretend
this was just a moment
always meant to end

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14 January 2018 @ 11:44 pm

School started up this week after winter break and now we’re having a long weekend! It’s really pretty awesome working for a school district, I must say.

Let’s do a bullet rundown of random stuff! (I know, exciting!)

  • I met Aaron Miles, former MLB second baseman. He’s from the area and we saw him at one of our locals the other night. He commented on my A’s jacket (ha!) but I didn’t get to say much to him. Maybe next time?
  • Got my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows waxed. I always love seeing my stylist. I asked her about color (highlights) because those gray hairs are popping up on my head. I was holding out for waiting a few more years before coloring my hair but it could happen sooner rather than later. Bummer!
  • I don’t know why I watch football games when I don’t really care about the teams. It’s fun when teams you don’t like end up losing but it makes me feel a little bad that I delight in such things. Maybe I just need to watch sports in general (or at least have it on in the background). Maybe I’m just waiting for my Super Rugby to start.
  • Reformatted the Mac Mini and it’s now my computer. This is the first time I’m using a Mac as my home computer. Crazy! Some things I definitely like:
    • I love the way all my devices are interconnected. I can unlock the Mac with my Apple Watch!
    • I know I’m going to need to learn some different things but it feels pretty easy so far. My last macOS computer was a PowerBook, so this isn’t so very alien.
    • I just love having a computer again! (As I type on my Chromebook…)


  • IT – This was a good movie! Creepy and uncomfortable and scary in parts. I didn’t know the story so it was new to me. I enjoyed it even though it was disturbing on so many different levels.
  • The Limehouse Golem – I liked this one even though I pretty much figured out the identity of the golem. Still, it was quite well done and intriguing. Definitely recommend it for the superb acting, great atmosphere.

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Happy 2018 one and all! Did everyone have a great New Year’s Eve? Mine was as lowkey as you can go in that I was asleep at midnight for the first time in a very long time. I think it’s probably because of being sick after Christmas. I can’t remember the last time I was asleep for the change in the year. Shame, eh?

I’ve only worked two days so far this year (ha!) because I decided on long weekends for winter break as opposed to taking the first week of break as vacation. It would have been a good plan except for being sick. I had things I could have done at work, darn it! Working two days this week was very nice, especially since the office was quiet and people probably thought we were closed like the schools. It was a good way to try and get back into the swing of things. And now it’s my weekend!

So this time last year, I had started on a new fella, one Simon Kassianides. And to no one’s surprise at all, I’m still in it for him. It reminds me of the one time I told myself that I would just concentrate on one fella for a whole year and by February I had a new one on my list except this time, I really did spend the whole year with Simon at the top of my List. (Well, he technically didn’t make the top of the list until spring time but was on the list at the beginning of the year.) I don’t know if I know more about him after a year but I know I still have a long way to go in watching the breadth of his work. I like not really knowing much though. I like discovering him in new roles. He’s still rather mysterious to me and who doesn’t love a darkly handsome mystery? Plus oh my goodness, he makes for a GREAT book boyfriend.

I know I’m quite besotted because I can’t seem to use any of my other fellas at the moment for my current stories. I have at least three stories which feature men who look oh so like Simon. It’s easier when writing (for me at least) to imagine a real person as the character. Actors are great for that because if you’re lucky, you’ll see them in all kinds of different scenarios in their work. Sullivan Stapleton, for example, is a GREAT book boyfriend because I’ve seen him in a variety of situations as his different roles so I can use bits of those moments in my writing. I haven’t seen Simon in as many roles but he has played different kinds of characters so it’s not to difficult imagining someone who looks like him in my stories. It has actually been quite inspiring, especially in regards to my National Novel Writing Month novel, which was just over 70,000 words. Even now, I started another story (short story, maybe?) to take my mind off the arduous editing process of the long novel and the main fella in this new story is once again played by someone who looks like Simon. Being besotted means being inspired, I suppose.

Even though I still haven’t figured out why I started following Simon on social media, I do know the first time I mentioned him on twitter— January 3, 2017. I was awesomely forward and posted a screenshot of my watch face and directed my words to Simon. He actually liked that first tweet (yah!) and this year, when I realized the date, I took another screenshot of my watch face and used it in a tweet to him. It was my way of marking the moment. I was even goofy enough to screenshot my watch face at the same time I did last year.

fangirl me is a bit nutters
no really, he makes for a GREAT watch face…

I don’t know why I keep writing when no one else reads my stories but I do it. I do it because it is my compulsion. Also, it’s a great way to imagine my fellas in romance novels. Hello! And really, I just like to write and why the hell not?

“The Little One” – This one is the maybe short story. Georgie’s papa meets the pretty lady and with the help of ice cream, grandma, and the pretty lady’s niece, the two single souls feel something unlock in their hearts…

Falling Into Place – I’m mostly pleased with this story and I like it enough to want to actually edit it so that I can let people actually read it. The ending is a bit clunky and needs some work…

Last weekend we caught up on some movies and here are the ones I remembered…

Blade Runner 2019 – This movie was gorgeously shot. Of course I thought Ryan Gosling was amazing in it. The movie was long and felt it, the pacing excruciatingly slow in places. It felt more like a mood piece at times, unnecessarily so. All that said, I did enjoy it and wished it had been a bit tighter. It was a feast for the eyes to be sure.

The Dark Tower – I wanted to like this movie and I mostly did. I felt as though they didn’t explain enough about the characters and this one would have been better served as a two-parter. I’ve never read any of the books but I bet the books were better than the movie. I did enjoy Idris Elba in it. He rocks in whatever he does.


“Take On Me (2017 Acoustic)” – a-ha – I know, an old song but go find the acoustic version online. It is simply gorgeous and haunting and if you liked the original, this one will add to that love in a different way.

“Shoot Me Straight” – Brothers Osborne – A few people I follow online mentioned this song and after listening to the teaser, I just had to get it.

“Symptoms” – Devin Dawson – I pre-ordered Devin’s album Dark Horse and this song popped up this week. It’s haunting me a bit…

I’ve decided to stay with The Week in the Life format for my blog but I might post randomly during the week as well. We’ll see how I feel about it. I almost wish I had the discipline to post daily again but since I’m trying to work on my stories, I think I should focus on them more than my blog.

Strike Back
because a random shot of Sullivan Stapleton from Strike Back is never a bad thing…

It’s almost been a week of 2018. How has it been treating you?

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31 December 2017 @ 01:05 pm

Wow, where has 2017 gone?! It’s almost over and this last week of it has me sick. I started with a definite cold on Christmas Day to full on not eating for two days and only working a couple of hours on my one of two days I was supposed to work this week. Thank goodness it’s break time because the last time I was this sick, I was off from work for three days. I don’t have to work again until Wednesday so fingers crossed that I feel better by then!

I’ve been spending these past few days not eating then eating very little, drinking lots of water, playing games on my phone and iPad, and reading Harlequin romance novels. The romance novels have given me the chance to stay awake yet keep still. I’ve read four novels so far these past two days and oddly enough, the male leads in all the novels were Greek. Interesting, right? Well, I found it interesting. Of course, the female leads were always a bit young for my taste and inevitably golden haired or what not. Only one of the females had dark hair and she had a makeover in the story before the male really looked at her as a woman. It was enough to make me roll my eyes but I went along with it because I always do with these novels. They were fun, quick reads for me, which I always love…

But I’m not here to regal you with my thoughts on Harlequin romances (I LOVE THEM!!!). No, it’s the end of year edition of my blog, the time to look back a little and look forward with hope and resolutions. I’m ever filled with hope. The resolutions are usually broken before January ends but they’re still fun to make.


2017 Best Nine on Instagram
My Best Nine of 2017 on Instagram

Is it a surprise that my Best Nine on Instagram features lots of Tyler Rich? I was hoping the one of me with his lady would also find its way to my Best Nine but alas! And as much as I posted Simon Kassianides, he did not make my Best Nine. But I bet if we look back on those 300 plus posts I made during 2017, we’d find that the majority of those posts were Simon. (No, let’s not go back and look because the potential embarrassment would make me hide.)

2017 saw me FINALLY meet Jacob Davis as well as his cohorts, see less Tyler Rich (alas!), buy too much 1888 Design pieces, purchase my first Love Your Melon beanie (which led to more beanies and a baseball cap), NOT attend Sam Hunt’s headlining show (I know, what the hell?!), discover a new fella (more on him later), meet Jordan Davis (Jacob’s brother), get a new tattoo, get a new phone (iPhone 7 Plus), became more politically aware (how could I not?)… 2017 also saw loss in the death of my cousin and as well as the mother-in-law (which led to renewed contact with the sister-in-law). Neither were quite unexpected but it still made for a heavy heart… I kept my one resolution of drinking one new IPA a week. I mostly just made a run of drinking as many different IPAs until I hit 52. I think I got to 60 or so?

FANGIRL ME – My regard continued for the fellas and 2017 bestowed upon me a new Listworthy in the form of Simon Kassianides. I still don’t know why I ever started following him but I’m glad that I did because lo, the inspiration he sparked in me is still burning bright. So thank you, Simon. I hope I haven’t been too much of an oddity… And of course I still love and adore my other fellas. They are number one in their different ways with me and some of them know and some of them don’t. My musical fellows (Tyler, Jacob, Jordan, Sam) have become the soundtrack of my life and my actor fellas (Sully, Henry, and the aforementioned Simon) are the faces in my stories. They’ve all inspired me in different ways and for that I am quite thankful…

WRITING – I wrote my first 70,000 plus words novel for National Novel Writing Month. I also started a few other stories and never finished them but perhaps they’ll serve as future writing fodder for me. The NaNoWriMo novel was my first foray into first person fiction and I’m still not sure if I like it more or less than the third person.

My usual resolutions – write more, read more (READ MORE!!!), eat better (right, that’s going to happen), drink a new beer (any kind this time) a week. Maybe I’ll cull my social media feeds, start muting or unfollowing the people who are spreading more darkness than sunshine. I’d like to get another tattoo but will I dare get one behind my ear? I’d like to keep a cleaner house (I’m so terrible at that) and maybe learn a new dish (again, terrible at that).

Most of all, I’d like to nurture my creativity and spread joy and love more often than not, even if it’s just online and a smile to a stranger. I hope every day brings a lot of laughter and only few tears. I hope those little attentions still bring a thrill…

Happy 2018 one and all!

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26 December 2017 @ 07:37 pm

I hope everyone got the chance to spend time with their loved ones, eating, drinking, and making merry! The kids are on break out this way, which meant my favorite workday of the year was this past Friday– the staff breakfast at the high school then our quarterly luncheon at the office.

The Winter Break day of eating

I love all the food we had that day and it was nice seeing everyone in a more relaxed mood. It was the end of the semester and the beginning of Winter Break. The breakfast is always fun because the FFA puts it on for the staff and the kids are great. There’s also a raffle and I actually won! Crazy!… The luncheon was lovely as well. The food was so good! Seriously, I feel spoiled on that last day of before Winter Break…

Christmas Eve day we went to the San Francisco 49er game! It was the last home game of the season and we had a great time tailgating then checking out all the club areas in the stadium. We only sat in our seats for less than a quarter (the first quarter) but we had fun checking out the different spots in the stadium. Oh, and the Niners won! I’m really digging out new quarterback. When they sign him, I’m going to get his jersey. Ha! Oh, and while tailgating, GM John Lynch visited to say hello to the folks in the tailgating area. SO COOL!

Game Day, 12/24/17

We had a good time at the game and I’m glad it was a win for the Niners. The weather was dry but quite chilly. Loved it!

I woke up Christmas Day with a sore throat and a sniffling nose. Total bummer! We cleaned the house and ended up ordering from one of the local pizza places for dinner. (I know, why were they open on Christmas, eh?) We did watch A Christmas Story, one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – My second viewing of the movie and I still really liked it. I get why people have a strong reaction to it but for me it hit all the right notes and I am invested enough in the characters to want to know what happens next…

Blindspot – So what the heck?! Weller did what?! I can’t wait to see how the latest revelation is resolved. Also, what is Roman’s long term plan? Is he actually falling for the gal? I hope he doesn’t do to her what he did to that Aussie guy. Yikes!

The Orville – I enjoyed this show! I’m glad it got another season. I wonder if they’ll keep the short season format. I don’t mind so much but I wouldn’t mind if it was longer. We shall see!

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It’s now been officially announced – Tyler has been signed by Big Machine Label Group and joins the Valory Music Co roster of artists.

Big Machine Label Group signs Tyler Rich

I am SO EXCITED for Tyler and cannot wait for the world to get to know this talented and amazing artist. He’s been rockin’ on stage but he can mesmerize you with just a guitar in his hand and his voice. I am so looking forward to his new songs and bigger shows but I do hope we get a few little shows here and there so I can say hello whenever I see him.

I am so proud of Tyler. His work ethic and good heart have served him well and will continue to do so. He’s one of the good ones and I am so glad for all the moments we’ve had together, all the shows I’ve been able to witness, and all the music he’s so far shared. Nothing happens overnight but he’s been on the steady rise and I’m glad to be part of it as a fan and friend. I will be there for him, buying his songs and going to his shows and spreading the word…

with Tyler Rich
the third time we met, the last time we saw each other, that show in Grass Valley

Cannot wait to see what 2018 brings to Tyler and his fans!

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – No spoilers but I must watch this movie again. I loved it all, it looked amazing. I seriously got teary-eyed every time Carrie Fisher was on the screen. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or almost cried as much during a Star Wars movie. This one had actual HEART for me. It was more than big space battles or lightsaber fights. It was the quiet moments, the breathless moments, the despair, the hope, the love. So yes, I must watch it again…

the time I saw The Last Jedi

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Okay, how funny is it that this is week forty-nine and we saw Tyler Rich Thursday night while I was wearing my 49er jacket? Also, we’re all San Francisco 49er fans. Coincidence? Sure. But interesting enough to note? Heck yes.

Tyler Rich on stage in Stockton

Thursday night’s venue was the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton. Dustin Lynch was the headliner with Ryan Hurd and Tyler as the openers. This is the closest to home that Tyler has performed so it was pretty exciting for me. No long drive or staying overnight just to see him. The drive was under an hour each way, which was great for the hubby.

We arrived early enough to walk down a couple of blocks to Taps Bar and Grill. We had a beer and dinner (BLT for me) then we walked back to the Bob Hope Theater, stood in line for a little bit while they checked us at the door. We’ve been to the Bob Hope Theater before (for Kevin James) and it’s a nice place. The seats are a little tight but for the most part comfortable. The acoustics were great as each act sounded amazing!

TYLER RICH – Tyler and the band were freakin’ awesome on stage! Tyler is really owning the stage now and he sounded so good. The band was great as well, of course! It sort of bums me out that I knew like two songs (and one was a cover!) but I loved all the songs he did, of course. Tyler, when are you going to release some new music?! (I always forget to ask these questions when he’s right in front of me. Maybe I’m just distracted? Who knows.) I really did love how his voice sounded (though I always do, to be honest). We weren’t very close to the stage, which gave us a view of the whole stage, which was nice. But am I spoiled when I say it’s a slight bummer that when he can’t see us from the stage? Yeah, that sounds sooo spoiled.

RYAN HURD – I know I’ve heard at least one Ryan Hurd sung song before last night but the only song I really knew was “You Look Good,” the Lady Antebellum song that he wrote. I was very much digging Ryan’s vibe on stage. He has very nice moves and a strong voice and great songwriting skills. He was a total treat to watch and I was so impressed that I bought his EP this morning. You should too. His songs have a sexy groove to them and watching him sing them just makes it all better.

DUSTIN LYNCH – We’ve seen Dustin before (when he opened for Luke Bryan last year) and as a performer he pretty much wants to party. I was on my feet and dancing (or what passes for dancing with me) for a lot of his set. I enjoyed his performance, though the music sounded great, and it made me appreciate the songs from his new album a bit more. He’s cute to boot too.

All in all, a great show!

During Ryan’s set, I saw Tyler’s friends walk up the other side of the theater and I thought, “Oh, those lucky guys,” because I knew they were probably hanging out backstage or in the green room with Tyler. Later, I looked over and they were standing on the other side and there was a third with them. When the hubby told me it was Tyler, I got up and walked out just to walk back in where Tyler and his friends were. I got to say hello, got a hug, said hi to his friends. I probably should have taken Tyler out to the lobby for a picture at that point since we had to wait later for him to come out after Dustin was finished. Tyler asked after the hubby (awww!) and I told him we’d see him later. After the show, we waited around because I wanted a picture with Tyler (of course!). It took awhile but he finally came out and I got another hug, a few words (he liked my Niner jacket), then a couple of pictures with him. And then we were off!

As always, it’s was great to see Tyler and have a moment with him. I’ve come to expect it and I will cherish every time it happens because one day, it just might not happen. And I hope I’ll be all right with that. I think I will be…

with Tyler in Stockton

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National Novel Writing Month is over!

Falling Into Place is the longest novel I’ve ever written (not including the still unfinished three-parter story I started a couple of years ago) and therefore the longest novel ever for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a first person point of view romance, alternating between the two characters. I hit the 50,000 word mark on November 21st then 60,000 words on the November 25th. (Whoa, did I write 10,000 words in four days? YOWSA!) I didn’t hit 70,000 words until November 30th at about 2230 hrs or so. I don’t know if anyone will read it but I have already started the editing process. I want to fix the grammatical errors and awkward phrasing but I’m finding myself already marking chunks I want to change or delete. Story-wise, I think I want to keep most of the plot points intact.

I had a lot of fun writing this particular story. Maybe it was because I was using a new muse for the main male character (thank you for the inspiration Simon Kassianides!). Maybe it was the challenge of writing in the first person. Maybe it was just all the plotting and outlining I did before November that just made me eager to finally get down to write this story. Maybe I just loved my characters so much. And I do love my characters. Hopefully my editing will make for a decent finished product.

me in my new Niner jacket
me in my new Niner jacket


  • New San Francisco 49er jacket! – I love my new puffer jacket. Got it for sale and I’ve pretty much worn it every day since I got it. It’s warm and cute. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Niner jacket (I have plenty of A’s jackets and the one All Blacks jacket) so here I am, finally declaring my football love.
  • Christmas Tree Lighting – We had our Christmas tree lighting on Friday night at City Park. I LOVE how we can walk downtown for city events. The tree lighting was nice. The performances were lovely, especially Iliana Viramontes (who’s apparently appeared on The Voice).
  • I had a dream just last night that I met and hung out with Prince Harry. He asked me to look for his fiancé. So I went off and looked for Meghan Markle and found her with her family. I was allowed to go to her and we chatted and she was sweet but had really small hands. When I woke up from the dream, I realized I could have asked her about working with Simon on Suits. What the balls!
  • Blindspot – Still loving this show! I do wonder if I would be watching it so religiously if Sullivan Stapleton wasn’t starring in it. Hmmm…
  • We see Tyler Rich this Thursday!!! I’m excited! It feels like FOREVER since we’ve seen him. Not seeing him at the G Bar is a good thing to be sure but it makes me feel a little sad that we don’t get to see him as often. I can’t wait until he releases some new music! I want new music!!!
  • Got a letter from futureme.org and it centered on my three months old regard for Simon Kassianides. I love doing the futureme.org letters. It’s weird to get a letter from myself that I wrote months or even a year ago. It’s like a time capsule.

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Sully on Thanksgiving Day
Sully on Thanksgiving Day

It was an awesome week off from work! I hit the 50,000 words on my story and am currently at about 63,000 words (and counting). We saw Justice League (thank you for the shirtless Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill!). We had dinner at home for Thanksgiving. I bought too many things online throughout the week because it’s too easy to spend money when browsing on the internet…

I’d say more but I want to write more of my novel. So there you go…

Oh, and I don’t really want to go back to work tomorrow but such is life…

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day 29 word count

I’m off for Thanksgiving week and I am utterly thankful for it! Last week’s highlights include:

  • Working on my National Novel Writing Month novel. I’ve slowed down in parts and I think I didn’t even hit the usual average one day but as of yesterday I was still quite above pace. My story is probably very likely going to be more than the 50,000 words and I’m shooting for 60,000. I think I have that much story left. It’s very interesting and fun writing characters who are played by people I know (and yes, obviously don’t know). I like to think that unless you know me, you can picture your own people playing the characters. I don’t know if I’ll let anyone read this particular story. We shall see…
  • FINALLY got my standing desk at work! Is it wrong to be excited about my work space? No, I didn’t think so. Anyhoo, the desk arrived on Thursday so I only got to “play” with it for one whole work day. I need to get the power strip mounted to underside of my desk then I’ll be set with bringing my desk up and down when I work. Oh, and I do want a wireless keyboard and mouse. Next on the list!
  • It’s great having the hubby work downtown! We both don’t need to drive to work, if we wanted. We can walk, if we wanted. Right now, we drive. I drop him off and mosey my way to my work. After work, we meet somewhere and then head home. It is FANTASTIC working five minutes or so from work.
  • We checked out the Holiday Parade downtown on Sunday evening. It was fun! It was long! And my cousin and his wife were in the parade! It was so weird seeing them. And nice too, of course! I broke the spectator line to say hello to them. I seriously love the little hometown feel of Brentwood.
  • I feel like the USPS has lost my latest buys at 1888design.com. I will be SO SAD if that is the case because I was really looking forward to having those pieces. 🙁  According to the USPS, my items have been on their way to Brentwood for the past five days. Grrr…

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My Listworthy 9
My Listworthy Nine = Jensen, Greg, Ed, Taylor, Philip, Sully, Sam, Tyler, Simon

A little love letter to my Listworthy fellas… (And my 50,000th tweet!)

Truly, my Listworthy posts are my love letters to you. But you knew that, right? And maybe it’s been years since I’ve written yours or perhaps just a few of months ago but they were done with all affection and adoration. It is my way of showing my regard as well as sharing the love and giving my little world the reasons for adoring you.

Sometimes I wonder how you took the post. Did it startle you? Did it freak you out? Did you think, “What the balls with this lady?!” Or were you flattered and happy yet still wondering what the hell?

When I posted your Listworthy, I had butterflies fluttering inside before I hit publish. Would you read it? Would you respond? Would you disappear? Would you tell your friends? Would you laugh about it, get teased about it, curse me to the heavens for the attention? Or would you even notice?

I don’t know if you’ve read your Listworthy (although I believe some of your family and friends have). None of you have ever really responded (and I never expected it at all). None of you have really disappeared. I always hope that you took it in the spirit it was written– something real and true, in gratitude for the inspiration you’ve wrought in me and the generosity you’ve shown to me if we’ve ever interacted. I will always adore you, whether I show it these days or not. I think we know the one I’m currently publicly adoring but it doesn’t mean I don’t still adore the ones before him and that there won’t be more after him. I’ll never say someone is the last because another one always comes along.

Maybe you didn’t even know I wrote a Listworthy for you (my early ones were before some of you were on twitter or instagram, so no way to tag you). Maybe you’re reading this now and thinking, “What the hell is she talking about?” Maybe you’re looking for the link of your Listworthy (I’ll post those at the end of this). Maybe you’re just bored and reading this because why the hell not?

I’ve been very lucky to meet a couple of you (which made it a little weird to even write the Listworthy) and thankfully we are a bit like friends. I truly treasure all our moments together and I hope that you always remember me with fondness because I know I will always think of you thusly. As for the rest of you, I’d LOVE to meet you someday and I promise to be delighted and adoring. Let’s make it happen.

Thank you, my Listworthy, for bestowing some attention my way. They are truly bits of sunshine to me and I am always grateful for any of it. I’m sure you think I’m a little off kilter but I like to think I’m merely perpetually boycrazy, in that innocent and cute way. Mostly. Thank you for the inspiration! (A few of you have played parts in my stories and maybe someday I’ll actually publish them and you can fight about which one I was using in this story or that.) Thank you for your time when we’ve talked. Thank you for being ever so lovely with me whether in person or online. It goes a long way with me…

keep me in suspense
and keep me at a distance
so here I will wait
still in wonder
if the right words slip soft
and you realize
nothing you want
is real until we meet
do I dare hope
even as you keep me
silent in waiting wonder

If you’d like to read about your fellow Listworthy, here they are:


name twitter instagram
Jensen Ackles @jensenackles @jensenackles
William Gregory Lee @willgreglee
Ed Quinn @edwardquinn @edwardquinn
Taylor Kitsch  alas, no twitter  also no instagram
Philip Winchester @philipwinchestr @philipwinchester
Sullivan Stapleton @sullygram77
Sam Hunt @samhuntmusic @samhuntmusic
Tyler Rich @tylerrichmusic @tylerrich
Simon Kassianides @simonkass @simonkass


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